Thorogood moc toe boots are job-fitted for guys who need a reliable, hardworking work boot. The "U"-shaped stitching on the toe box provides added flexibility and increased comfort, and our models offer comp and steel toe protection options. While you can find a wide range of shoe styles with this design, moc toe work boots are especially popular with construction workers and others who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Several of our most popular series, including American Heritage and 1957, include moc toe boot designs, and you'll find a variety of leather colors, outsole types, and shaft heights. Need toe protection? No problem. Choose from composite toe or steel toe boots, as well as waterproof work boots for when you need extra protection. And if you're looking for moc toe boots that are made in the USA, both the American Heritage and 1957 Series are American-made in union factories. Check out our leather moc toe boot styles below and find a retailer near you (or online) to buy a pair today.