GEN-Flex2™ Series – 8″ Tactical Side Zip Jump Boot

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When you clock in, you never know how the shift will unfold. That’s why you need durable, lightweight, and flexible boots to respond to any emergency. The GENflex2® dual-density rubber outsole with multi-directional traction lugs guarantee a superior grip and resistance to oil and slick surfaces. The high shine leather at the toe and heel give these hardworking boots a polished look. And Goodyear storm welt construction and heavy-duty YKK zipper with Velcro® closure means these side zip boots will withstand daily wear.

  • Full-grain leather/high-shine polishable toe cap and heel counter
  • Removable single-density polyurethane footbed
  • Composite shank
  • GEN-flex2® ousole
  • Goodyear Storm Welt construction
  • ASTM F11677-05
  • ASTM F2913-11
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  • 834-6888
  • N/A
  • Public Safety
  • Composite
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • N/A
  • 3.32 lbs
  • No
  • 8"
  • Nylon
  • No
  • GEN-flex2® Outsole
  • Black
  • Imported
  • Removable Single-density Polyurethane Footbed
  • Non-Safety Toe


30 reviews for GEN-Flex2™ Series – 8″ Tactical Side Zip Jump Boot

  1. Nicole

    Love these boots. This is the second pair I have purchased so far. The first pair lasted me almost 4 years before I needed new ones. I work as a full time paramedic and also have two per diem jobs so I wear these almost every day for 12-24 hours at a time. I will continue to purchase these boots as long as they are making them.

  2. John

    It’s been a month and I made a wise choice. Recommended from coworker whose had them for over 2 years now. Comfortable from day one, no squeaks.

  3. Cal Field

    Boots are great, as a juvenile corrections officer I am on my feet a lot and I walk on concrete and tile and I climb stairs and these boots are comfortable. I have wore boots most of my life and these are the first pair I did not have get stretched or need a break in period. Another plus to me is that they will clear the security scanner. Overall great boots.

  4. Kevin Johnson

    Comfortable and well fitting right out of the box. This is my first pair of Thorogood boots but won’t be my last.

  5. Aaron Pataluna

    I’ve had two pair of these boots over the last three years, and overall I am satisfied. I have a wide foot, so the side zip is very convenient for me. The boots come with a somewhat pre-shined toe which make getting the perfect shine easy, and even easier to maintain. As far as comfort goes I wouldn’t say its any better or worse than similar boots I have ordered from other companies. My two complaints about the boot are that the soles squeak incessantly on the tile floors in our squad room, but that happens with a lot of brands. And the biggest complaint is that on both pairs I have owned the black sheathing on the laces have broken exposing a white string underneath. Once, this happens the laces won’t stay tied without double knotting them, and the white string really sticks out on the black boot if it happens to fall below the uniform pant hem. More surprising has been when I called Thorogood customer service to order another set of laces they told me they don’t sell just the laces, and when I asked if they knew the length of the laces so I could order some from another online retailer the customer service rep told me to just unlace the boot and measure them. Now I get that I could do that, but that’s not really what I expect from a customer service rep.

    Overall I like the boot and will order them again, but the laces issue really frustrates me.

  6. GH

    I am a member of emergency services and this is a very comfortable yet functional work boot for the job. It has a beefed up toe protector without being steel toed and there is plenty of ankle support without being too rigid. I highly recommend it for others in this line of work.

  7. T Smart

    Good quality boot for the price, and an easy boot to put a quick shine on when needed. I am having a hard time breaking them in though, even tried new insoles, but have yet to be able to wear them a whole shift.

  8. Lance K.

    Great fit. I work in a prison and my feet don’t hurt at the end of the day. It did take a week to really break in, but overall a great boot so far.

  9. Paul Beauregard

    These remind me of my Army boots. I had these for over 7 years and only use them when riding on my Motorcycle. Great sole that keeps me from sliding away when stopped on loose or wet ground. Easy to shine. I highly recommend these boots.

  10. Roberto J. Villarreal-rios

    Outstanding product, as an infantry Marine, Firefighter and Emt best boots i’ve ever wore. The lightest, strongest and most comfortable boots, never buying anything but These Throrogood jump boots ever again ! Love em! Great job

  11. Doug Keogh

    Good boot overall. Leather took a little long to break in and stop squeaking, but when they did break in they are quite comfortable. The foot-bed pad (or insole) ripped through on the left heel, had to replace with a pad from a different store since Thorogood does not offer new foot-bed pads but so far, no problems with the new pads. Can easily remove and replace with different foot-pads if needed. Sizing is about a half size big, so after this current pair I will try a smaller size before I draw any other conclusions about the foot-pads. No issues with the rubber soles ripping away from the leather boot. The extra rubber lip around the boot protects the leather more which has helped make my boots stay intact overall. Good boot for firefighter/paramedics.

  12. Russell Harris

    I love love love love these boots, they were gift from my dad and I’ve worn them almost everyday for the past 4 years, they are really comfortable and still hold a good shine even now. 10/10 would recommend!!!

  13. Jason

    Bought a pair for my wife who works at the prison after about 2 months the sole started to peel away from the heal, other than that boot is ok i wont be buying again.

  14. Jasen Hernandez

    Very comfortable boot, I have been ordering them for at least 5 years now, but for some reason this pair I got this past year the rubber soles started to come apart from the boot I had to buy some shoe glue to keep it from coming completely off, but I still on planning on getting another pair this year hopefully it was just a bad pair that passed.

  15. carlos ortiz

    Comfortable right off the back. A little quicky but overall great boots.

  16. Frank Watkins

    The boots are comfortable and not too heavy. However, the quality is absolutely terrible. The glue holding the soles together, started coming apart after only 6 months. It was only a small area. Now there is a larger area coming apart on the bottom of the boot barely over a year after purchasing. This is the third pair (all different types) I have owned , and the Wellington’s were the only ones to actually have any decent quality. I don’t think I will be buying Thorogood boots again.


    2nd pair,1st lasted for 4 years until zipper broke. Most comfortable work boots I’ve ever had. They stand up to the abuse a firefighter dishes out well.

  18. Andrew Koetz

    Very comfortable boot after breaking them in; only took about six weeks for the break in period. Way better than Red Wings comfort wise and I like the construction of these better than another pair of “tactical boots” I purchased only six months ago that have already started falling apart. I have yet to recieve an email from that company on their warranty.

  19. Rob

    So far this is the best boot I’ve ever wore for my field of work.

  20. Cody McNeely

    Great boot wore them as a duty boot now wear a suit and tie and still wear them the finish on the boot can’t tell I’m wearing a boot. Polished after a week and the squeaking stopped

  21. Gregory C Nozoe

    Very Comfortable Boots, stability. And at a good price , Since I walk 15 miles , 4 days a week. Thank you, my Foot Appreciate it.

  22. Carrie

    So far so good.
    Other than the squeaks they are very comfortable, and after 12+ hour shifts my feet are not aching. Loving my boots

  23. Scott

    Boots are very squeaky and haven’t seemed to be getting any better

  24. Timmy

    The boots came in with good shine on the boot. I work as a fireman and the boots squeak the entire time on shift. I have tried everything to make them stop. The first pair years ago was perfect. This time will be my last.

  25. Robert A. paige

    The complete heel & sole came off boot. boots were not abused. If I could send picture I couldn’t believe it.

  26. Robert A. paige

    The complete sole and heel came off my boot. very dangerous, and disappointed!

  27. Willi Ramph Jr

    Great fitting boots right out of the box. With the glossy toe & heel they are just like my jump boots I had in the army. Everyone comments on the shine.

  28. Auston

    difficult to break in and hurt my feet.

  29. Justin Chapman

    Best Boot around for the price. I just bought my 5 th pair. I am very hard on boots and replace them yearly. Have turned many co workers on to them.

  30. Mike MacDonald

    great fit, good-looking very comfortable right out of the box

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