American Heritage – 8″ Tobacco Moc Toe – MAXWear Wedge™

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Like the person who wears them, these boots are built to last. They look good off the clock, too. And, tobacco oil-tanned leather allows your feet to breathe. These iconic boots are Made in the USA by union workers who know a thing or two about what it’s like to be in your shoes.

  • Tobacco Oil-Tanned, full-grain leather
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed on Poron® comfort cushion insole
  • Fiberglass shank
  • MAXWear Wedge slip resistant outsole
  • Goodyear storm welt construction

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  • 814-4201
  • Poron™ Comfort Cushion insole
  • Work,
  • Fiberglass
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • No
  • 8"
  • Unlined
  • No
  • MAXWear Wedge™
  • Tobacco
  • Made In USA
  • Ultimate Shock Absorption™ Footbed
  • Non-Safety Toe


86 reviews for American Heritage – 8″ Tobacco Moc Toe – MAXWear Wedge™

  1. Michael S Brown Sr

    The boot is very comfortable with very little break in time and my feet don’t hurt at the end of the day. Will buy again when these wear out.

  2. Mark Ladenheim

    I am very satisfied with these boots. I purchased them about three weeks ago and have worn them as much as possible. They are extremely comfortable and offer great support and my feet and legs feel great after wearing them for extended periods. Sizing was perfect. Glad I made the purchase. Five Stars!

  3. Tyler

    Best boots I’ve ever put on my feet

  4. Dave Ham

    Just bought a pair of these today been looking at them everyday at work I work at Berey Bros in Hammond Indiana. I have had a lot of guys coming in with Planters Faciitis which I have in both feet and they all said that there Doctor said to wear a wedge sole boot so I thought I would give them a try had them on all day and so far feet are feeling great.
    Plus I feel good that they are USA 🇺🇸 made and with the virus going on now we need to keep America working thanks for keeping them America made back you Thorogood 100% .

  5. Hogan Gilbert

    I woke up one morning, rolled over and place my feet on the cold ground. Uncomfortable, I searched for my leather moccasins to comfort me from the cold of the 70 year old hardwood floor. Beneath it was only a crawl space, and beneath that, only the cold ground of October in Canada.
    I decided, that day, that I didn’t want to put on my sneakers. I wanted a boot. But not just any boot; a boot that would help support an American family. I knew there was only one way to go. As a Union Ironworker who travels between a reservation in Canada to the city of New York on a weekly basis, I knew the importance of sticking together. We ironworkers travel together, work together and trust each other for looking out for each other. So the only way to go was with a union boot.
    I felt the cool breeze blow through my hair, the screech of a bald eagle in the distance. It was time.
    I crossed the border into Malone, New York and walked into the store that I knew would have what I needed. And what I needed was the 1957 American Heritage 8” Tobacco Moc Toe with the MaxWedge sole.
    As soon as I slipped that boot on my foot, I knew my search was over. I would never need to find another boot manufacturer ever again. Freedom flowed through my veins. Liberty and justice prevailed. The world was peaceful if only for a moment.

    A helluva boot fellas.

  6. Daniel vasquez

    Absolutely great boot very comfortable. I found boots that I will definitely purchase again from the union boot pro.thank you

  7. Robert Lovelace

    Superior construction and very easy break in.
    Thank you

  8. Jake Rodman

    Very comfortable and broke in within the first week

  9. Nick McKinney

    Most comfortable and easy to break in boots I have ever bought!

  10. Nate Moore

    Very comfortable

  11. Henry Zalewski

    Fourth pair. Never disappoint great boot.

  12. Pau Kaiser

    Excellent boots highly recommended

  13. Brian

    Thorogoods are the best boots on the market and made in the USA. Comfortable, durable, dependable, AMERICAN.

  14. Christopher lilja

    Best boots I’ve owned!!! 20 years of comparison. They are broke in right out of the box. Well done!!!

  15. nicolas rios

    Best boot I’ve worn in a while
    Most comfortable for long hours
    No breakin period
    The look is a plus for me

  16. Mak selvidge

    Ive worn the boots for a little over a month. They are definitely a very comfortable pair of boots. The break in period is not bad at all, but there is a break in period unlike what some people will say. Overall im very happy. Ive had georgia, justins, ariats, and these are my favorite.

  17. Robert Compton

    This is my first pair Thorogood’s So far The best work boot I have ever had They’re comfortable soft leather And light weight I definitely recommend these boots I wear them every day even on Sunday

  18. Dave

    The biggest deal about these for me, other than the quality American craftsmanship, is looks and comfort. They look amazing- handsomely rugged. I like them, and what counts more is my wife loves them;) That’s more than I can say about most the work boots I’ve had in the past. Also the comfort of the soles and leather and fit is great. They run true to size, so I’m a 9.5D Brannock, and the 9.5D fits me perfect.

    I only deduct one star because I prefer a little less structure in the toe on boots that don’t have a steel or composite safety toe. I find the structured toe of these to be slightly uncomfortable until break in is achieved. My advice would be to just make sure and get them sized correctly, and you shouldn’t have any issues. Your longest toe shouldn’t go past the moc stitching. These are the most comfortable right out of the box of any mass-produced boot I’ve ever worn.

  19. Ron

    I have had these boots for about 2 weeks now and love them. The first day or so I thought I should have bought the wider boot but after a few days of wear they fit perfect. I have had a few days of working on concrete for 10+ hours a day without any foot fatigue.

  20. Toran Lailheugue

    Like the style but hurt my feet pretty bad..Had mine for a few days and they are making a popping sound

  21. Myles

    First pair of Thorogoods. The fit is great and they stay comfortable even with long days on the jobsite. I would strongly recommend these to anyone wanting a top quality pair of boots. “American Made” says it all.

  22. Samuel Strothers

    Amazing boots. Great unique style. I get lots of compliments wearing these in public. I love to tuck in my pants inside my boots to show off the beautiful top grain leather and nice color. Though I much prefer to have a heel, that is not an option for these boots. I had to purchase these boots from an Ebay seller. I would absolutely give these boots a 5 star rating BUT the pair I have recieved has a defect and the tongues are made from 2 different types of leather, one is very soft and one is more stiff comparable to the rest of the boot.
    Pros: amazing style that is completely unique to thorogood, and nothing can compete with its style.
    High quality.

    Cons: Cant find in store and as a result I was sent a defective pair.
    No heel variant.

  23. Ejs jiw

    Comfortable boot

  24. Paul

    Easily the most comfortable pair of boots you can buy, they look great too.

  25. Frank S Arnone

    I’m a Union Laborer , jobsite is never a flat Terrain, I usually go through boots every 8 months to a year
    So far These Boots are comfortable and holding up
    First time buying thorogood’s

  26. Joseph Porcello

    These boots are incredible stylish and durable!! The stitching is perfect and I gotta say I’m proud to have an American made product. God bless America

  27. Michael S.

    After spending a lot of time at the boot store trying on many pairs of work boots with the help of a very knowledgeable, patient salesman. I decided to get the Thorogoods. This was my first Thorogood purchase and also my first wedge sole boot. And I must say that I do not know why it took me so long to try either. I have had these boots for a month now and I have enjoyed every minute of ownership. The right boot broke in easily but the left boot is giving me fits just above my big toe where the Moc rib is sewn into the boot. However, every day it gets a little better ! I wear these boots in a warehouse environment on concrete all day. I like the style of these boots so much I often put them on for weekend activities as well. I already have plans to purchase an additional Thorogood style so that I can rotate between the boots. I would definitely recommend these boots.

  28. Robyn

    Comfortable and light weight

  29. Andrew

    Great fit with little break in time. I’ve owned Thorogood boots for years and every pair has been great! I’m looking forward to many years with these!

  30. Bill

    This is my first pair of Thorogood Boots very easy on the feet. For sure they will not be the last.

  31. Wilson

    The boots seem to be a half size over even with thick socks. The leather is dry as I have oiled them 3 times and they still need more oil.
    I like the comfort and support these boots provide, but next time will buy 1/2 size smaller.

  32. allen

    soles on boots pops when walking ,,it sounds like the glue didn’t set proper ,but other than that they are best boots i ever had .i would definitely buy these boots agine ,and would recommend this boot … i am very hard to fit but these out of box was just right .

  33. Jim

    So far so good. I like not having a heel. Very comfortable boot

  34. JOHN

    This is my first pair of Thorogoods. I think to myself every morning why did it take so long to buy a set. Everything about the boot is top of line. Leather is soft and no break in period!

  35. Randel Lucas

    I have been wearing carolina boots for 21 years and finally bought a pair of thorogood boots. And I have to say they are great.

  36. Sd

    Great, on second pair I don’t for see changing brands any time soon comfort, fit, and longevity are great!

  37. Rick Burdine

    After years of struggling to find a boot that I loved, I’ve found them. After a few days of break in, I can honestly say that my feet havent felt this good at the end of the day, for as long as I can remember.


    That I know of this is my first pair of Thorogood boots. They great right from the start. The Maxwear wedge is very comfortable. I would recommend this boot. Thanks

  39. Hank

    Great looking boot. Fit is ok. I say that because the inside seams around the top of the Moc toe could use a thin liner of sorts to prevent the threads from rubbing through thinner socks.
    Wearing thicker socks isn’t the answer as I’ve much cheaper boots that have figured that out.

  40. Jeff Grayson

    Great boots, as always. No break in required. Great out of the box.

  41. Nathan c

    First pair, I love them! Also the first pair of boots i’ve had, that didn’t need extra inserts! The white wedge soles are hard to keep clean but whatever.

  42. Robert

    Best boot I’ve ever owned. Nice and light, holds up well. Feels like a slipper.

  43. Brian

    Super comfortable right out of the box!! The leather just keeps getting softer from week to week. I’m a cement mason and on my feet all day and these bad boys are super comfortable, a big step up from the Irish setters i previously had.

  44. Monty

    I’m on my fourth pair . Great fit and look, worth the money. No need to look elsewhere.

  45. RayGuzman

    Great work boot right out of the box very comfortable and very durable most important made in the USA

  46. Joe Conner

    Great boots period. Just bought my 3rd pair. They last longer than other boots I’ve gotten for work. Will definitely buy again.

  47. Brett N

    I have plantar fasciitis, and arthritis and instability from an old ankle injury.
    I need stable, comfortable footwear, and these boots fit the bill perfectly.
    They are supportive enough to prevent my ankle from rolling, and the wedge sole and footbeds are comfortable enough to not exacerbate the plantar fasciitis. They are more comfortable than any boot I have ever used, including hiking boots. Heck, they’re almost as comfortable as sneakers.

  48. Zacharie Petty

    Love these boots. They are my second pair. I’m having a problem with this one though. The sole on the front is coming apart from the boot its self. Hoping a little bit of shoe glue will fix the problem because I owned my first pair for a year ( working construction) in them almost everyday before I decided to get another pair of the same exact boot.

  49. Chris

    Best pair of boots I ever purchased, will buy more. American made can’t beat that

  50. Chris

    Best boot I ever purchased, American made can’t beat that

  51. Markus Nielsen

    Love my pair! Awesome boots

  52. Mike S.

    I just switched over from the Irish setters to the thorogood moc toe and I’m glad i made the switch I’ll never buy a different kind of boots again. Super comfortable and they look good.

  53. Adam

    Excellent boot. I grew up wearing only Redwings, but lately have had trouble finding good Redwing styles that are American made. This is my second pair of Thorogood boots and I plan to continue buying from them. Great boots.

  54. Victor Kovner

    My second pair and I hate to admit it cause I’m a life long Red Wing fan … but these boots are not only more comfortable but the break in is painless !! They’ll have my business from now on.

  55. Mark

    I bought these boots for work. There is a painful hot spot left boot only under ball of my foot. It is so uncomfortable, that I dread wearing them. If it weren’t for that issue, they would get 5 stars as the right boot is incredibly comfortable. At this point I cannot say if I would buy them again.

  56. Ryan Elledge

    Been wearing these boots for years, and will continue to wear them for years to come. Union made, no break in required, comfortable and last a long time.

  57. John D

    I run equipment for a living and these boots are super comfortable, not to mention they look great . From the northeast where unions are strong and buying American counts.

  58. Dylan

    A lot of people have their own choice for boots but since I got into Local 7 Ironworkers in Boston I’ve worn nothing but Throgood boots and am a big fan of them.

  59. Daniel Link

    Been wearing Thorogood boots for years. They are good quality boots,no break-in required.

  60. Joe

    Great comfortable boots,definitely not for wet conditions though.all in all though pretty happy.

  61. Mr. C.Wallace

    I love my Thorogoods. This is my second pair of these 8″ moc toe boots. So comfortable and Hard working. I actually look forward to putting them on in the morning. I work as a carpenter and I dont think I’ll ever buy anything other than Thorogoods for my work boot needs. Plus they’re a great looking classic boot. Generations of working men have rocked the moc toe. Love my Thorogoods!

  62. Chuck

    Love my boots!!! Ready to work out the box. Wore redwings for yrs, switched 3 yrs ago and “not going back”!!!

  63. MATT

    I’m diabetic and have to take care of my feet! And a friend of mine told me about thorogood boots, and luckily I worked for a contractor who had a nice boot allowance so I got a pair and have loved them ever since! I will only buy thorogood boots , because of their comfort,
    durability and amazing craftmanship.

  64. James

    Comfortable boots that broke in quickly! Much better quality in these boots than the competitions foreign made models! I’ll purchase them again.

  65. Larry

    Words can’t describe the comfort of these boots!!!! I have been wearing ariats and redwings for 15+ years, feet always hurt at the end of the day. I’m a big guy , 6″2, 280 lbs, on my feet 13-15 hours a day, 7 days a week. I decided to give Thorogood a try, man am I glad I did!!! There is no break in period with these boots, simply comfort, and plenty of arch support. Bye Bye foot pain!! Wished I had tried these several years ago, try them, you will not be sorry…

  66. Ryan

    Top notch boots. I have worn all types and brands of boots and I am very satisfied with my Thorogoods my only regret is not wearing them sooner. They are comfortable from the beginning and only get better with time. It only took about 4 days to break them in fully and now they are like gloves. These boots are excellent do yourself a favor and buy them you won’t be disappointed

  67. Tony Groll

    Excellent boots!
    Way more comfortable than I expected a work boot to be. All day comfort.
    Glad I found them.
    As a side note, I take a size 12, but I had to go to an 11.5 with these.

  68. Toki

    Amazing boot, quick break in, looks great, works hard. Thorogood always comes through.

  69. Troy Fuqua

    Amazing boot, quick break in, looks great, works hard. Thorogood always comes through.

  70. Mark

    My second pair. Best boot period. Great Company.


    Satisfied as usual! Thorogoods arrived on time, with their always soft and comfortable uppers, and solid, sturdy, and cushiony soles!! Can’t beat em’!

  72. Ryan

    I’m back after 3 weeks. This is HONEST TO GOD the most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever worn. I’m an iron worker/ fabricator, on my feet all day everyday. Come home and farm on the side. This is the first pair of boots I’ve ever owned, that I don’t rush to peel off at the end of the day.

  73. Ed Genna

    First pair there great.

  74. Ryan

    I usually don’t give reviews, but I felt inclined this time. Do yourself a favor and just do it!!! I’m a fabricator/ iron worker. On my feet 16 hours a day. They feel like house slippers.

  75. Matthew Muise

    Amazing boots. I had 3 pairs of Ariats before these and I am never going back!

  76. Keith

    Union ironworker, these boots blow the vietnamese Irish setters out of the water. Do yourself a favor buy them. I’ll never buy another boot for work

  77. Glen Griffith

    Fantastic boot right out of the box. Waffled a bit for a couple of weeks on price, but in the end, they are worth every penny!

  78. Michael Pariseau

    These boots fit great, are comfortable, break-in is quick, and they look great. Most of the time they have plenty of grip. I’m in Minnesota so everything is covered in ice in the winter. These soles are clearly not made for ice. Other boots I have had are better on ice than these. Other than that no complaints.

  79. Tyler Tripp

    I started wearing this boot a few years ago and I am on my third pair, I work in HVAC in Illinois and am on my feet all day, the best choice I have made is switching from my trusted Redwings to Thorogoods. I am sold on these boots. The leather is very soft right out of the box, and with the Moc toe it has pleanty if room for thicker socks in the winter. I recommend these boots to everyone!

  80. Andrew Pinneo

    Second pair I’ve owned and I’m sold. I love them and won’t purchase another boot. Keep America great and buy union made goods!

  81. Jason M Deese

    This was my 6-7 pair of thorogood boots 4201 moc toes and have always been a fan but this pair for some reason has had stitches come loose and I have contacted the store I bought them from ( boot barn) but it’d I return them I didn’t get a real answer as to when I would get them back..

  82. Chase Tone

    I’m a union plumber, on my feet countless hours throughout the workweek. These are THE ONLY boot I will ever buy. Period. Comfy right out of the box and well worth the price, and they are made by union brothers and sisters. What more can you ask for?

  83. Andy Tarter

    There is an uncomfortable spot right before the little toe where a bunch of layers of leather and stitching come together. I went from width D to EE and they stopped wearing holes in my feet. Buuut…now they’re broken in and too wide. I wear em every day and comfortable w extra insoles.

  84. Paul

    This is my first pair of Thorogood boots, They are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had , like wearing slippers . I install commercial duct work and I’m on my feet all day. This will be the only boot from now on.

  85. Dan

    This is my first pair of Thorogoods and they are pretty great. The leather is soft and no real break in period. They are comfortable right out of the box. Also are lighter than my last pair of boots so thats a plus also.

  86. curtis fierro

    these are a great fitted boot, I definitely recommend buying these ones

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