American Heritage – 6″ Tobacco Moc Toe – MAXWear Wedge™

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Like the person who wears them, these boots are built to last. They look good off the clock, too. And, tobacco oil-tanned leather allows your feet to breathe. These iconic boots are Made in the USA by union workers who know a thing or two about what it’s like to be in your shoes.

  • Tobacco Oil-Tanned, full-grain leather
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed
  • Poron® comfort cushion insole
  • Fiberglass shank
  • MAXWear Wedge slip resistant outsole
  • Goodyear storm welt construction

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  • 814-4200
  • Poron™ Comfort Cushion insole
  • Work,
  • Fiberglass
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • N/A
  • 3.71 lbs
  • No
  • 6"
  • Unlined
  • No
  • MAXWear Wedge™ Outsole
  • Tobacco
  • Made In USA
  • Ultimate Shock Absorption™ Footbed
  • Non-Safety Toe


151 reviews for American Heritage – 6″ Tobacco Moc Toe – MAXWear Wedge™

  1. Robert

    Great pair of boots. My third pair and have no complaints. Best part is that they are “Made In America” and really cost the same as the other big name brands that are made in China. Or imported as the shoe chain store call them. I’ve worked in the gas fields for 41 years so please support Thorogood and keep jobs here at home.

  2. Geoff Decker

    Boots are very comfortable and quick to break in. Buying experience very pleasant. Gripe comes from the fact that triple stitch at insole of right boot completely failed within 2 weeks of buying brand new. Will definitely give Thorogood a second chance as I loved the boots otherwise and am sure it was a random manufacturing defect. However return policy requires me to return to place of purchase that in my area is over an hour away. Very inconvenient especially considering I registered my boots through Thorogood direct. Between my work hours and rest of life, this will make it a long time before I can return for warranty. Like I said though, boots were comfortable and seemingly well made in all other regards so will give a second chance. If you are contemplating a purchase, I would say do it. This was likely an outlying event.

  3. Josh

    By far the best boot I’ve ever owned. Good bye Red Wing.

  4. Jesse martinka

    Am very happy with boots so far. First week was a little rough on my feet but not too bad. Boots only came with one lace but they quickly sent me a new pair. Thank you!

  5. Craig

    Great boots! Very comfy and I love the soles as they don’t hold mud and dirt. I bought them to replace a thirty year old pair of Red Wings. Union made in the U.S.A and I bought them from my hometown locally owned business – Palace Shoe Repair in Rockford, Illinois (they repair and resole Thorogood boots from all over the country so look them up).

  6. Joe Garcia

    Great Quality Top of the Line Great costumer Service

  7. Sean Arnold

    Took a good week to break in, but once done most comfortable boots I’ve ever had. Leather forms to your feet and the wedge sole is brilliant

  8. DarellL

    Since 2014 I’ve worn mostly Red Wings. My son bought a pair of Thorogood, liked them so well I bought these. Most comfortable work boots I have worn, plus slip resistant and electrical hazard rated, which I need for the job. Very satisfied so far. They were expensive, but my feet feel better at the end of the day. Glad I made the purchase.

  9. Nick

    Great boots, fit true to size and are comfortable right out of the box, I’d recommend these to anyone working construction

  10. Brad T

    These are the most comfortable work boots I have ever owned. Zero break in time! I ordered them online from Thorogood. Excellent customer service. The boots arrived on time. Company follow up was spot on!!! Thorogood is now my “go to” show company for work wear.

  11. Bryce

    I have worked on concrete for 20 years I wish I’d of found this boot years ago!! Swelling in the ankles has gone down considerably and my feet don’t hurt near as bad now at the end of the day. Expensive but worth it!!

  12. Luke Benjamin

    pretty effin comfy. these are more comfy than my suede sperry’s. look great, feel great. leather looks, smells, feels great. switching from a $20 pair at walmart to these is a YUGE step up. Just been New Boot Goofin’ since i got em.

  13. Jeff Richardson

    I’ve been wearing these in for several weeks and so far I’m very pleased with the fit – even for my Fred Flinstone feet. The quality Is excellent. I plan to purchase a second pair of same model work boot to leave at a second residence.

  14. P Manning

    i see no reason to buy any other shoe,very comfortable,make you feel like dancing

  15. Larry L

    These boots are the best boots I’ve had In my time I’m 65 years old so I know I’ve had a lot of them I’m a heavy equipment mechanic/welder and these are tough fit perfect right out of the box no break in time I used to have to take my old boots with me with other brands because halfway through the day I had to switch out to my old boots because the new ones were tight but not these these are great I recommend him highly I will from now on Buy these boots I did waterproof them the first day of rain they do not leak good threading well built well put together and of course US union made

  16. Jonathan Haynes

    these are my first pair of thorogood work boots i love them i could not believe how comfortable they were right out of the box i work on concrete for anywhere from 8-12 hours a day so its hard to find shoes or boots to not hurt your feet at the end of the day but with these boots after a 12 hour day my feet fell amazing and they are light weight to so after 12 hour i feel like i could go another 12 hours and they look amazing we will see how they last only complaint is the leather is really soft so i scuffed the right boot thorogood change the leather to some that is tougher and these boots will be even better but i highly recommend these to anyone looking for some boots i will never buy another brand of boots then thorogoods boots and i love that they are made in america

  17. Donald

    My first pair of this brand of boot 814-4200. Comfortable right out of the box for me , i stand and walk on concrete min 12 hr. a day no issues. Made in the USA the only way to go after what china has done to this country. Will purchase again.

  18. Rusty

    Very pleased , however wish more cork, or cushion in ball of foot area. Great boots, pretty easy break in. Will buy again!!!

  19. Andrew

    Everyone said they were the best boots for ironworking, and they haven’t disappointed. Broke in fast, super comfortable, look great, and so far durable. These will be my go to from now on.

  20. Brock Glover

    Ive been searching for a good pair of comfortable boots for a while, I read alot of hype about Danners boots and bought a pair online waste of time and money wore them 3 times and both started ripping, and not to mention it was the most uncomfortable piece of footwear I’ve ever worn. Before this I had my eyes on thorogoods but with the price I couldn’t bring myself to do it, finally my lady talked me into it and money well spent. Comfortable, great looking, American made, and tough. Regularly clean and mink oil them and they look new Everytime. Found my go to.

  21. rich klasna

    I really like these boots comfortable right out of the box.probably will get even better with time.i wear orthotics and having the ability to put them under the footbed was a big plus.and made right here in the USA is awesome.

  22. Jay Myerly

    This is as good as it gets. American Heritage made in USA.

  23. Bobby A.

    Best money I ever spent very high quality of a boot.Can’t wait for my second pair to arrive. For a 6’5” and 320lbs man it’s hard to find a comfortable boot with all the bell’s and whistles! And most of all made in USA!

  24. DAVID A.

    These are my first pair of Thorogood boots and before these boots the best pair of boots I have worn were my Redwings. I am amazed on how quick it was to break these in took about 2 full days. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none and these will be my go to boots from here on out sorry Redwing.

  25. Keith Hughes

    Great boots. Very comfortable from the start and quick to break in. Couldn’t ask for better.

  26. Jarrod Everly

    I’m pretty disappointed in the way they feel inside not being lined, the comfort of the sole is really good . I can only wear mine a day then I have to wear my old boots because my feet hurt so bad from the pressure points of the leather inside the boots. Quality is not the issue, they are very well made. With that being said I really expected more out of such an expensive pair of boots

  27. Ronald

    Very high quality boots. They are comfortable and have excellent arch support. Extremely pleased!

  28. Lucas

    The boots are comfortable, but wore a hole on the inside leather. The hole was at the heel and caused by my sock rubbing on the heel. The boots only lasted 1-2 months before the hope became to larger to comfortable ware of the shoes. Overall, was disappointed in the performance of the leather.

  29. Eric Mauk

    Theses boots are handmade .. there not all the same .. unless you”re A riverboat gambler ??? you mite want to try them on before you buy them…. some time it takes 2 or 3 pair … great looking Moc Toe boot very comfortable on my feet 10+ per day keep up the great work guys customer for life …

  30. Sam bird

    Great boots. This my second pair of thorogood boots first pair are two years old and still going strong.

  31. Andrew

    These boots are fantastic. I work as a superintendent so I’m standing/walking for most of the day. I previously had another brand and I only lasted about 2 weeks in them before I bought these since the other ones were so uncomfortable. These are super comfortable and break in very quick. I highly recommend them and will certainly be buying another pair.

  32. Jon Bomia

    Best boots ever, this is my second pair now.

  33. Keith Pang

    Awesome 👍 boot very comfortable happy with my purchase keep it up thorogood !

  34. Mike Mudgett

    Awesome looking boots and comfortable as all git out. Love em. Ill be buying a pair of 8″ soon.

    If you are on the fence because of price or quality concerns, dont hesitate. This is a great American made product and worth every penny.

  35. mike rodriguez

    Absolutely no complaints here this model number 814 -4200 is exactly what I was hoping. It’s a nice comfortable fit no breaking in time and Can wear these boots all day long without the urge of taking them off.

  36. Noah

    I’ve tried pretty much every work boot on the market and finally landed on the thorogood moc toe after starting to lose feeling in my toes from other brands. I have a narrow foot so the width was perfect right out the box. Would definitely recommend to anyone who works on their feet on concrete all day. Easily the most comfortable boot I’ve tried so far.

  37. Seth Mulder

    These boots are so dang comfortable that I don’t even want to take them off. I’m only a few days deep wearing them at work (agricultural consulting), but I can’t see my opinion changing much in the near future. Only question is longevity. If they last half as long as the visible build quality implies (forever), I’ll be beyond happy. Buy them. Wear them constantly. You’ll be stoked.

  38. ALf

    Purchased these on recommendation of a coworker. We are Commercial HVAC techs. Up and down ladders, bending, kneeling, the full gambit of surface types etc. I buy boots every 6 to 8 months. Read the reviews saying they last and have superior comfort so pulled the trigger on a pair. I have had them little over a month maybe have 80 miles on them. They are still hard to wear. I am constantly lacing and unlacing them, taking them off at lunch or just swapping them out for another boot all together. I have no doubt about the build quality and lifespan of the boot. But the toe box is very narrow both width and height. My pinky toe looks like it is about to rip out the sides and the tops crush my feet. I have put oil on them weekly used a boot stretcher in them 4 times and no luck. Just constant discomfort. Really wanted these boots to live up to the hype since they are American made and able to be rebuilt. Still give them 2 stars on those features alone. If the company can remedy the toe box issues they would make the ultimate work boots.

  39. Jeffrey King

    These boots are so good I ordered an extra pair just in case my original boots had to be sent in for repair, or if for some other reason they weren’t available.

  40. Cody Echerd

    I love my Thorogood boots! They are comfortable as well as stylish. I wear them every day and don’t want to take them off. They even feel great when I need to run in them. I think I may get a pair of black Thorogood boots to rotate with the pair I have now.

  41. Rich from Cali…

    Today is my 4th day in these boots and I absolutely love them! They are light and the most comfortable boot I’ve owned! I’ve been wearing boots for 35 years and these are by far the easiest to break in. If your looking for new boots try a pair on and you’ll feel what I’m talking about!

  42. Bob Noyola

    Simply the very best boots in the industry love that they are made here in the RED WHITE AND BLUE being a proud Vet and American to the bone I recommend these boots to anyone

  43. Lanny Ward

    Great Boot so far, looks good and are comfortable .

  44. Scot

    Very happy with my recent boot purchase. Love the fact that they are union made in America! Most comfortable boots ever!

  45. Steven M.

    I think the boots are made fairly well but I like a little more comfort in the sole. The soft leather is a plus for me with new boots. They seem to be well made and my first impression is they are decent boots. I will give them a full chance since they are still fairly new. I think if the sole was more to my liking I would have been extremely happy with the quality and price.

  46. Paul Graber

    I wanted a quality shoe that is made in the USA. The fact that it is made right here in Wisconsin is another plus. I’m sick of the crap that comes from China,etc. I will not buy a foreign shoe anymore unless I have no other choice! Thank you for making them here in Wisconsin. They are really comfortable too… right from the first day.

  47. Ed Kasperek

    I am really fussy about my boots…. spent most of my yrs as a back-country backpacker & winter mountaineer
    Had for about a month ….my feet are happy

  48. Steve

    Fit is ok. I stand on concrete all day and really wasn’t blown away with the support or the comfort you usually get from a wedge sole boot. The right boot was very uncomfortable after about an hour I almost felt like I was standing on the stitching it was like my foot was in the boot crooked. Went back to the retailer after only having them for 9 days and pretty much had to beg them to exchange the boots for another pair of the exact same size and model. I even had to pay them the $20 to ship them back to Thorogood for them to inspect them. For the cost of the boots and the complete lack of customer support after purchasing I doubt I will ever purchase again. The boots look great though.

  49. Alex E.

    This are great boots. Bought the boots cause they look good and will last a long time.

  50. David Finch

    Looks like these are going to be a great boot. I’ve been looking for a boot that will help my feet , because I walk 12 hour shifts on concrete floors. My feet feel great, only had my boots 3 weeks and I feel they get better the more I wear them. TIME WILL TELL

  51. michael m

    Ive been wearing these everyday for about 2 month now and love the way they fit. They have handled well with what ever ive thrown at them from roofing to hiking.I spend alot of long hours on my feet and these have been comfortable since day one.

  52. Ryan McCullah

    One of the two best boots I’ve ever owned.

  53. Mel McWhorter

    Great boots. These are now my go to shoes everyday

  54. Noah Maddox

    I’ve been wearing these boots for about a year and a half now. I’m a low voltage technician so I’m always standing on concrete foundations. Not a single time since I’ve worn these boots have I come home with my feet sore. There wasn’t even a break in period. I don’t think I’ll ever buy boots from anyone else.

  55. Brian

    I have a Neanderthal wide foot. The EE in a size 1/2 larger than my foot worked out. I have a custom pair of White’s boots. It took about 4 weeks to break them in. They have lasted 8 years and 3 sole rebuilds. Honestly I bought the Thorogoods because they looked good and the sale price was right. There was no break in time. Working on concrete all day was way better than the White’s. They might not las as long as the White’s but my foot comfort is more important.

  56. David

    They’re getting kudos from everyone for looks and kudos from me on how quickly they’ve “broken -in” (as sometimes it can take a while right?) and also just the overall fit and comfort is great. Made in Wisconsin is an added perk as I’ve had other made in WI products that were great. Way to rock it Thorogood!

  57. Chuck

    Love the look of the boots and the quality seems top notch however when I first tried on the boots the top cross seem behind my right big toe caused discomfort. I thought perhaps the boots run small so I had store send back for a wide in the next size up. These also caused discomfort in the same place and now were a tad too large. Did not want to send back again for another shipping cost so I will live with them.
    They have broken in somewhat and after the first five minutes are fine except for being a tad too large. Again, I love the look and quality of the boot but may have passed IF I had been able to try on before I ordered but there is no store that stocks these while I live.
    Given I am not the first to have fitment issues I would definitely try before I bought but they do look nice.

  58. Nicholas Fischer

    Purchased for work. Super comfortable right out of the box, minus a little discomfort near the left big toe. After a few days of breaking in, this went away. Awesome support and decent grip in the soles.

  59. Alfonso Aguilar

    This is a tough review because these boots look great! For the last 3 years I have been buying 2 pairs of boots per year. ( carhartt wedge toe). This year I wanted to try out the thorogood wedge toe since they have many great reviews. I must say I am very disappointed in the comfort of the boot. My right foot fit like a charm and the left foot way to tight for any type of comfort. After about 20 mins of walking I had to stop,take the boot of and loosen my laces. It Helped a little but not much I literally came home to take the boots off. Maybe one boot is smaller than the other not sure I hope thorogood can resolve this for me. I do love the look of the boot.

  60. Derek

    These are great boots. The boots build quality looks to be very good and the fit for me was true to size. I took them out of the box and wore them all day without issue. I’ll be a repeat customer.

  61. Josh

    These are my first pair of Thorogoods. Bought them after doing some research, and based on some recommendations from friends. Very happy so far. Break in has been relatively easy, they feel very well made, and look great. I feel like these are boots that will last.

    I was also able to find a local small business that’s a dealer on this website, which I liked. Was properly sized and fitted, and paid a fair price.

    So far, so good!

  62. Koltin

    Love em.

  63. Scott Whiddon

    In keeping with all the online reviews I had read prior to my purchase, these are the most comfortable boots I have ever put on straight out of the box. I immediately treated them with Obenauf’s oil and their heavy duty leather preservative to aid in waterproofing. Though several shades darker, I continue to get compliments on their appearance.

  64. Josh p

    By far the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. Like them so much I went back and bought another pair for at home. I would recommend these boots to anyone

  65. Dan Miller

    I bought my first pair recently after having owned similar Red Wing boots. I must say the Thorogoods are extraordinary, amazing leather, beautifully crafted & very comfortable. I’ll never go back to Red Wings again, these are far superior in my opinion.

  66. Jeff B

    I may still in the break in period, and hope they get more comfortable. The boots have a pressure point on top of my right foot that is very uncomfortable after a couple hours wearing. I’ve never experienced discomfort in that area with any other boot. The toe box seems a little narrow for my feet, both right and left. I’ve bought a boot stretcher that I hope will take care of these issues. The rear part of the boot is comfortable and I like the color and style of the boots.

  67. William h

    Great boots!!! The best boots i have ever had. Will tell everyone to get some

  68. Jay Burton

    Truly out of the box comfortable. My last boots, Chippewa, caused a lot of foot pain. I put on these boots and felt like my feet were given an opportunity to heal and continue working. I am glad I found them.

  69. Andra

    These boots are fantastic for roofing. On our blog (, these shoes are the star. With slip-resistant outsoles, superior comfort and maximum durability, the Thorogood American Heritage boots are ideal to walk on steep asphalt roofs and even on sleek metal inclines. Awesome 🙂

  70. Douglas G Fletcher Jr

    I need them

  71. Martin Wöchtl

    Finally the guy from Austria found a pair of very good quality and perfect fitting to his feet (always thought I need US sizes).
    The delivery was fast the shoes are exactly what was written on the website.
    Perfect in all aspects!

  72. James M. Colorado.

    I have a pair of the redwing heritage Moc Toe 1907 and have had them for over a year. Worn them off and on, (in between blisters on my heels healing…) and I have given up those damn things. I bought a pair of the Thorogood Moctoes and immediately, they were comfortable. No joke. These things are lighter and far superior in functional design and my thanks to the leather DEPT for not putting their customers through some kind of old school break in hell that redwings seems to take some sick pride in. Redwings are worse than my first few boot camp versions of combat boots in the early 90’s. Thorogood has my highest approval. Love the loop to pull them up, the quick lace hooks and the way the top of the boot is cushioned, and flares back slightly for comfort. Truly, someone is caring about our comfort.

  73. Alan Acosta

    They feel like they are part of my feet. Light ,comfortable and nice looking boots.
    Stop wasting money on other brands. I’m size 9.5 US but size 8 on these boots.

  74. Joe

    These work boots are a work of art. The craftsmanship is first rate the people making these boots should be very proud of their work. They may be a little pricey but I would rather keep my money in the USA and support our workers and families. When these boots finally wear out I will surely buy these excellent boots again!!!

  75. James Hibbs

    I’ve been an electrician for 32 years. Owned mt owen business for 25 years and have always bought what I thought was the best and continued to be dissatisfied….. Georgia, red wing, Irish setter. All are garbage compared to these. Perfect and comfortable right out the box.
    Well done sirs, they’re worth twice the price!

  76. Kaniela F.

    This is the first boot I’ve bought that is pretty much ready to use right out of the box. They’re lightweight and stylish. I work for a general contractor, so being on my feet all day is a must. Order a half size down from your normal shoes/boots. Boot may run a little narrow for most people, but for me it was perfect.
    I’ll never go back to red wing, wolverine or timberlands.

    I also recommend you pick up some mink oil to help loosen the leather and provide a waterproof coating. Apply the 1st layer, then let it sit overnight before applying a second coat.

  77. Scott

    I’ve worn this model for years. I’ve never had a problem with quality. Fit is always the same and they last a long time. I’m on my feet 12 hours a day and never have been uncomfortable in these. I’m only giving 4 stars due to the walnut with black soles are no longer available for some reason. I’d like to see that combination back.

  78. Mark Simms

    The 814-4200 MOC toe boots are all day comfortable! After a short break in period, they just get better. I have worn them everyday for a month now and the stability they provide to my feet are second to none.

  79. Clayton Mathias

    Very short break in period & extra comfortable afterwards. They ran a whole size large so I advise ordering a size smaller than you wear in sneakers. I typically wear an 11.5 and had to return my order in that size for a 10.5. Highly recommended these boots.

  80. David Beynon

    Great boot, no break in period. Great looking. Wish it had a toe guard. I instantly scuffed up toe. I would buy another pair.

  81. Doug

    This is the second pair that I have purchased. Can’t say enough about the quality of materials or workmanship. I wore Red Wings for years before I found out about these. I won’t be going back.

  82. Nacho corona

    Overall really good boots. Took about 2 weeks to break in the right boot. Was having tightness on the front area of the boot where the toe seam starts. Hurt like a mother the first couple days but figured id power through considering how expensive they where and how well everyone speaks of them. They also run about a half size smaller. Id buy again

  83. Tom

    I make my living in work boots. I’ve owned all the other big brands through the years. These are hands down the most comfortable boots I’ve owned. The leather quality and construction is also above the rest. American union made!

  84. Colton

    Excellent quality and comfort. My first pair of Thorogoods and will definitely get another when these wear out, if it’s even possible to do. Very happy with the purchase.

  85. Brian

    I’m typically a 10.5 in boots and 10.5-11 in athletic shoes. Ordered 10.5 normal width in the 6″ American Heritage Moc Toe Tobacco and perfect fit! They really are comfortable right out of the box like everyone says. I had a tad bit of tightness right before the toe box, wasn’t uncomfortable but you can feel it. I’ve wore them for a week and the tightness already softened up. I will be getting these resoled when the time comes. Buy American when you can and support our economy. When you buy quality you buy way less often and let me tell you, these boots are quality and well worth the investment.

  86. Nick Turner

    Good quality. I got the wide EE but it wasn’t wide enough. Wore them too long to figure it out. Next time I’ll order same boots, but special order the extra wide

  87. Jesus Carmona

    So far they are great, comfortable compare to other brands the only reason I gave 4 stars is because I’ve only haythem for a few weeks

  88. Ricky

    My second pair of 6 inch moc toes. As a mechanic thr first pair lasted me almost 2 years. Sole was still usable but the upper was nasty due to no treatment/cleaning and being exposed to coolant and other car related chemicals. Treated my second pair and frequently clean them so I expect longer use. Go half a size down

  89. Rob Early

    Love my boots. I have a different dress pair and these for work. Second to none!!!

  90. William Lohman

    The boots are great

  91. Cliff L

    They fit great and had almost zero break in time. The boots also look awesome, definitely would purchase again! They are super comfortable and the icing on the cake is that they are American made!

  92. Marc

    I had never heard of this boot before coming across them at Duluth Trading Company. They had a great look and tried them on and love them. I didn’t know about this company until after buying the boots and coming home to check them out. I have worn them only a few times so far, but seem to be great boots. The only thing to the negative, after coming home and looking at them on the internet was the price I paid at Duluth Trading Company. I wished I hadn’t seen the price on the same boot on the websites are $50 cheaper. I just hope they make up for it on durability. We shall see!

  93. Justin

    Great boot where it’s sewn is a little rough but will break in so all in all great buy

  94. William Swett

    Thorogood Team,

    My new 4200”s fit well, are comfortable, but the 4516, round toe model I’ve been wearing, now discontinued, never gave me a top of tone blister, as the 4200 does. I can only believe it’s the moc toe design vs the round toe. I’ve always preferred round toe also, as there are no seams at all up front, and the flat ,top area of a moc toe, seems to collect dew, etc., on damp days you may walk on grass or fields.
    And inside, the round toe had never rubbed too much anywhere.
    Quality is great as usual. Thanks. Keep it up!!

  95. Jesse

    Great boot, would definitely recommend to anyone. Wish that they made them in a non steel electric hazard rated safety toe!


    the best boot i ever owned hardly any breakin

  97. Miguel Castro s. r

    Very nice and comfortable

  98. simon p firth

    First pair of Thorogood boots I’ve owned & won’t be the last, comfortable & well made.

  99. Eric M

    I have 3 different colors of this boot and love them. They are so comfortable. I have replaced the sole on one pair with a Vibram but the boot feels different t now and not as comfortable. The Vibram sole is also not as thick. Are the Maxwear wedge soles available for purchase?

  100. Zach

    Comfortable boot
    Soft leather
    Good insole

  101. Miguel Castro s. r

    Confortable Boots

  102. Thomas

    I like to quality of the leather and the overall construction of the boot, however they have taken about 40 days to break in. The pair I bought had a sewing seem right above the knuckle of my big toe and if I tightened the boots to tight my feet would scream in pain. And there must have been a seem by my little toe cause the same happened. So to compensate for these defects I wore two pair of socks and since I am on my feet roughly 17 hours a day, new insoles. Well all of my compensation and the issues with the boots were worsened and I destroyed my feet. So I induced some of the issues I was having because the boots were uncomfortable in the beginning. I didn’t want to give up on the boots because I heard so many great reviews on the product, they were very expensive and american made. I figured they had to break in, and they did after 40 days and several hundred hours, but now I am experiencing what everyone is talking about, they are great boots. They just need a little break in period. So after all that my only complain now is arch supports, I have high arches an being on my feet make my arches sour. I want to get better supports for my arches but don’t want to change the boot configuration for fear of another break in period for the ach supports.

  103. Eddie Petrovich

    These are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had and the leather is so soft and feels pre broken in! I will never buy another brand of boots as long as I can buy Thorogoods!!!

  104. Laurence Griego

    The best work boot I have ever purchased! Hands down! Comfortable from the first time you wear them. Especially for working a 70 hour work week.

  105. Carl

    Excellent work boots. Great material and craftsmanship. Hard to break in, but once they do they are very comfortable. I don’t really care for the wedge sole and would like to see these made with a defined heel. I’ll most likely buy another pair once these are worn out.

  106. Jose

    The best most comfortable boots i own

  107. Troy

    First time wearing these boots. Have to say they’re amazingly comfortable. Have tried Redwings and a couple other brands but these are far superior. Not much of a “break in” period. A few days and you’re good to go. I’m a carpenter and walk on concrete, rocks and everything else all day. Only thing I did was swap out the insoles for a high arch one. Love these boots!

  108. Amanda

    My husband has had these boots for less than 6 months & already the sole is coming apart at the toe, seems a bit early for boots , finely crafted in the USA. I’m a bit disappointed , but otherwise he likes the comfort of the boots.

    • Brad Will

      Hello Amanda. Please contact your dealer or our customer service team. We do have a one year warranty on our boots. Either your dealer or our customer service team should be able to give you the details on that. Customer Service: 800-826-0002

  109. B. Surber

    Best boots I’ve ever owned. I work in the Auto Collision Industry and I’m on concrete 10-12 hours a day. After 2 months these boots still are beautiful and comfortable. Absolutely NO leg or feet pain. I would tell future buyers that they run about a half size big but with two pair of boots socks they are a perfect fit. Thank you to the The team that made my boots. Absolutely amazing!

  110. Chris

    Right out of the box they are super comfortable work boots. As an electrician working in a commercial construction environment for 30+ years I’ve wore out a pile of boots, mostly Redwings. After wearing the Thorogoods 814-4200 daily for a month I’m happy to say they are my favorite boots ever. They’re better built than Redwings, more functional, more comfortable and hands down a better value. I regret not trying them sooner.

  111. Ciaran Cunnane

    Great boots the best iv ever bought , just a pity they can’t be bought in Ireland so I could try them on first as they are a little big .

  112. Joseph Cicci

    The most comfortable boot out of the box I’ve ever worn. I’ve worked in Danners, Chippewas, Frye, Cat. Love these boots. Quick break in, easy to waterproof if you need that. I’m a Thorogood fan for life.

  113. Pablo Forns-Samso

    Very comfortable boots. I wish I knew about them before!! I wear everyday to work since I bought them.

  114. Dustin

    Best. Boots. Ever.

  115. Erik Lewis

    Most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever worn. I spent years wearing tennis shoes while always on concrete and my feet always hurt. I decided to buy some real boots on the advice of a friend. After extensive research I decided that I would give the Thorogood Moc Toes boots a try. Night and day difference in how my feet feel. I wear these boots all the time and feel like I’ve made one of the best purchases of my life.

  116. Paul R.

    Best Damn boot I’ve ever owned. Period.

  117. David Lewis

    I’ve tried the Redwings, Danner, Wolverines and they just dont fit me right. I bought the Thorogood 6” Moc in a 12 narrow since all the other brands were too wide and aren’t offered in a narrow. The thorogoods evidently run narrow, the the 12 narrow was too tight. Exchanged them for the 12 regular and they fit almost perfect. The right boot is perfect and the left boot is a tad tight in the width. So, I bought a boot stretcher. BUT, before I could even use the boot stretcher, they stretched on their own. After wearing them for only 2 days they both fit perfect. I won’t buy another boot again. Love the Thorogood 6” moc toe, tobacco !

  118. Kurt T.

    Only boots I will ever buy!!! At work or play. The easiest boot I have ever had to “BREAKIN”. Perfection out of the box.

  119. Phillip Rowe

    Excellent quality boots. Very comfortable to wear all day long. I get a lot of positive comments about the looks when I am wearing that casually.

  120. Mark Perrone

    The boots are great but came with a right defective footbed. It killed me for 2 weeks until I figured it out and replaced both with another brand. Otherwise the boots are very nice . A little disappointed about 30 dollar replacements on 180 plus shoe though.

  121. Daniel

    I got the 6” moc toe and fell in love. Right out of the box they were comfortable. I’ve worn them for about 1-2 months straight now and they are only getting better. I believe you get what you pay for in most applications and these boots are worth every penny.

  122. Bill Law

    Getting ready to order another pair when I noticed something startling in the above description. “These iconic safety toe boots….” must be a much overlooked mistake by many. My old boots are 814-4200 just like the above listing and I can assure you they are not safety toe boots. Yea I am being picky because if you skip down to the next description of these boots it shows toe protection as non-safety toe. However, why not clean up the error.

    BTW – love these shoes. Been awhile since I’ve needed a new pair and I was certainly holding my breath when I did the google search. Whew!!!

    • Brad Will

      Description is fixed. Thank you!

  123. Tim Bailey

    I thought long and hard before buying yet another pair of work boots. As a professional truck driver nothing makes me feel more sure footed the a new set of tires, and a new pair of boots. I needed something comfortable, and durable. As an unexpected bonus the amount of professional respect these boots have commanded has more then paid the retail cost. Drivers do yourself a favor get you a pair and step to the head of the line, and don’t worry if you step on a few flip-flop wearing toes.

  124. William L Crachy

    I’ve always bought the 815-4550. I was told it’s not made anymore so I tried these. I saw all the reviews of how it was comfortable out of the box. That’s how the 4550 was for me, but not this boot. I have been buying the 4550 since they were Lake of the Woods. They felt like moccasins. I can’t believe how uncomfortable these are and my socks keep getting sucked down inside. If I hadn’t scuffed them up I would have sent them back. Very disappointing.

  125. Steve

    Extremely comfortable boot, best I’ve worn. Took me 2 days to fully break in and even those 2 days weren’t bad, but you just need to get some creases in the leather. Ever since they’ve been extremely comfortable and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Classic look and great feel.

  126. Moon

    Good Boot I am comfortable wearing them all day.Hope they last

  127. Ryan

    Have worn these for years, got on a roof with my new pair and totally changed to contour of the boot, that and the eyelet came out, extremely disappointed,

  128. Steve

    I had to order my boots from a store in town. Received them in 2 weeks and was extremely happy. They looked awesome and were very comfortable. I was proud to be buying a union made US product. Unfortunately after 3 weeks of wearing them out and around the house, not at work yet, the left boot started clicking. Every time I stepped down it would make a loud click. I called customer support and was told that it sounded like the shank was loose and to go back and deal with the store I purchased them from. They said because it was under 30 days to tell dealer to replace them. Luckily the store I bought them from is sending them back and have ordered me another pair. Surprised Weinbrenner didn’t handle this. I had to drive across town to order and give them my defective pair only to return when the new ones come in. Hopefully when I receive the new pair this won’t happen again and is a rare event. I love the look and comfort and hope to update this review down the road with a positive experience and 5 stars.

  129. Mike

    Okay so I’m a research junkie, I hate to waste money on something only to find out it isn’t the best. So when it came time to replace my old boots I started researching for a few weeks. Over and over the name Therogood kept coming up and I was intrigued. Found a place that sold them 1.5 hours away but had to go check them out. The best decision of my life. Went back 2 years later and bought the exact same thing only 2 inches shorter. I cannot think of any reason my feet will ever see anything else for work. Thinking about getting some dressier boots for weekends but nobody near me sells them and I hate to spend the money and have to keep doing exchanges till I get them right. Great product. Customer for life.

  130. Muzzy

    Very comfortable boots i wear them everyday. Will definitely buy them over and over and over.

  131. Joe Hosey

    Been wearing them for a bout 3 weeks now. No issues, great fit and very comfortable. I clean and oil them once a week and every time they look almost new again. Worth every penny!

  132. Ron

    Love these boots!!! Best I have ever owned, comfortable straight from the box. Treated them with a little mink oil and they are holding up well.
    Great looking, quality craftmanship and perfect for what I need. I have owned Danner’s and Red Wings…these are now my favorite pair of boots yet.

  133. CJ

    One month in and doing great. These boots were comfortable right out of the box. Can stand all day with no issue. High quality build, and stylish to boot. I purchased these to upgrade from 6″ timberland earthkeepers and I’m not going back!!!

  134. Randall

    I have had these boots for about a month. Generally they are OK, but the left boot has developed a fold over the base of my little toe. It is very painful when I walk. Is there some way to fix this problem?

  135. Ryan G

    I bought my first pair of Thorogood Moc Toe Wedge boots last year and they have been great. Best boots I have owned , so I just ordered a new pair. I was extremely excited about the included registration card for the refurbishment program. Thanks so much for offering this service as I will be sending my first pair in for a complete restoration in the near future.

  136. Bob

    I have worn these boots for years, 6″ and pull ons. I purchased a new pair 6 months ago (wide width) and they have to be the worst. I’m not sure if something changed with build quality but they hurt so bad I cant even wear any longer. Thorogood please help! I honestly don’t want to go to another boot. For the money I would expect more especially since I have 3 pairs but have seen better days.

  137. William Wilmes

    I want to start of this review saying there wasn’t a lot of reference material online to research these boots. After some extensive research and watching the few reviews on these boots I have to say they are the best boots I’ve ever owned. I have severe foot problems and I needed a boot I could relay on day in day out. That is exactly what this boot is all about. All day comfort and support with great craftsmanship, that’s made in America by Americans. I want to thank Thorogood for keeping the American spirt alive in making these boots. I will continue to buy these boots for work and will be looking to buy another pair of their Casual boots for when I’m off work. If anyone is on the fence about if they should get these boots look no further because these boots are amazing. Thank you Thorogood so much for an amazing pair of boots made by Americans.

  138. Thomas A. Sherrill

    Comfortable right out of the box, broken in within the first day. These boots look great but are still tough enough for work.

  139. Newal Talley

    Very light and comfortable. Very little break in time.

  140. Randy

    Had them two weeks, I experienced the pinch on the sides but used mink oil and stretched them out with an air bag. I am also a runner and use to wear my running shoes all the time. Now I wear my boots all the time. They are so comfortable I am thinking about running a Marathon in them👍 Awesome boot

  141. Dennis

    A dream come true. Love my new 6 inch moc toe for Christmas. Followed your sizing guide and it’s perfect. Don’t size up/ down like some say. Just follow their chart and measure your foot. Extra pair of socks , mink oil, and lace do dad very nice touches. Very high quality and no issues found. Will take a few days to break in.

  142. Chip

    Comfortable right out of the box. Better quality than Red Wing. Best boot I have owned.

  143. Ryan

    I’ve been wearing Thorogoods for about 6 years now. Best boots I’ve owned! I won’t buy anything else.

  144. Sonny Tu

    Great boot, but they pinch on the side where it is sewed. Been trying to break them in for a month already but still hurts. They fit perfectly too.

  145. Lucius Silva

    I love these boots however I’ve only worn them 4 times and the sole has started coming apart toward the front of the boot… which is a huge Conner considering how expensive they were. None the less I love these boots.

  146. Mr. Guzman

    Amazing pair of handcrafted heritage boots. I’m a size 8.5- 9 and I bought these in size 8.5 and they fit like a glove. Do yourself a favor and get these on opticsplanet. They usually offer the lowest prices and give free returns/ exchanges if you get the wrong size.

  147. Bill

    Great boots they get more comfortable everyday. Best I’ve ever worn.

  148. Peter S.

    The boots are amazing. I wore the 6” moc toe wedge non stop for a year or so. In shorts and pants and undies. Kidding about the undies. they got beat up looking which is not a bad thing but I bought the exact same size and style in an 8” and it’s heaven. These boots are so comfy. Yes they are pricey for me but they are all I wear. I even lay down for naps with them on! I can’t say enough about them.

  149. brad

    the only boots ill buy. more comfortable than nike running shoes.

  150. Thomas Trocciola

    Been wearing them for 6-7 days per week for 60+ per week. They’re almost 2 years old and are comfortable as can be!

  151. Michael

    I am very happy with the 814-4200 MOC toe boots. The boots are comfortable all day long walking on concrete and the longer you wear them the better they look.

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