American Heritage – 8″ Trail Crazyhorse Moc Toe – MAXWear Wedge™

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Trail Crazyhorse leather uppers are as  durable as the man who wears them. Made in the USA by people who know what it’s like to work.

  • Trail Crazyhorse, full-grain leather
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed on Poron® comfort cushion insole
  • Fiberglass shank
  • MAXWear Wedge slip resistant outsole
  • Goodyear storm welt construction

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  • 814-4178
  • Poron™ Comfort Cushion insole
  • Work
  • Fiberglass
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • No
  • 8"
  • Unlined
  • No
  • MAXWear Wedge™MAXWear Wedge™
  • Trail Crazyhorse
  • Made In USA
  • Ultimate Shock Absorption™ Footbed
  • Non-Safety Toe


22 reviews for American Heritage – 8″ Trail Crazyhorse Moc Toe – MAXWear Wedge™

  1. Gustavo Hernandez

    I love wearing Thorogood boots but for some reason the last pair I purchased was killing my feet. Top of almost all my toes were getting blisters, my heels and the top of both my feet. I don’t know what happened, I have always use the same size and style and never had any problems before. Breaking them in was never an issue but for some reason this new pair is stiffing up too much. I would rate a 5 star the Steel toe pair I bought on the same day.

  2. Erickoporto

    I was a die hard boot guy but just got my first thorogood boots I’ve been nothing but happy with the quality of the boots, took some mink oil to break them in but being flat footed they have helped me get through the work day with out my feet aching

  3. William E Pearson

    I love them very comfortable I highly recommend them.

  4. Jeff B

    Best boot, on the market. I’ve been buying them for years, haven’t had a problem breaking them in. As far as the soles they last longer than the ones that a local cobbler replaces them with. My last pair I just bought came with a Restoration card so I sent it in and will give it a try, for what they offer to do to the boots is about the same price as the local cobbler.
    Jeff from Atlanta, Ga

  5. Chris G

    I had to beat a couple rough spots Around the ankles with a spud wrench because they were digging in and giving me blisters. I’ve had these before and didn’t have a this problem. Can’t be having that problem being an ironworker.

  6. Nathan Wallace

    So far so good. Taking a little while to break in but the more I wear them the better they get. I’m flat footed and been searching for the past 15 years for comfortable boots and I’m hoping these are it. We’ll see but for now not bad. Kinda digging them so far

  7. Josh

    First of all it’s a great boot! I’m disappointed that the EE isn’t wide enough and doesn’t come in a wider size. Bright side is the leather is supple enough to stretch out.

    Great looking boot !

  8. Ryan

    2nd pair in 3 years. After breaking them in, They’re super comfy. Will definitely keep rocking them as long as they’re being made!

  9. Mark Robbins

    probably my sixth pair of Thorogood boots as usual took a few days to wear in but after that most comfortable boots you can own just wished the soles lasted longer I’ve had every pair resoled

  10. Dack Glover

    I first bought the steel toe version of this boot for work (804-4378). I went to a local store here close to the Refinery on my lunch break and bought them. I put them on in the store and was sold. Walked right out of store with them on. They are amazingly comfortable. So hell I decided I need this boot for working around the house, hunting, hiking, etc. I had to order them but shipping was really quick. Same as the steel toe version, very well built and very comfortable. Extremely satisfied

  11. Kevin

    Horrible had them 2 weeks and one of the eye came out called and aske to talk to manager and never called back

  12. Joe Kowaney

    Nice boots. Need to break in, but there nice.

  13. Vince Smith

    Been a Pipe welder for 30 years….the absolute best boot for a pipe hand.

  14. Marcus

    Best boots i have ever owned! I’m a structural welder, I wear these boots every day. I have two identical pairs currently. And sending one pair off to have the thorogood restoration done.
    These boots have been one of the best investments I have ever made and i see my self as a returning customer for many many years to come. Absoultly outstanding quality, extreamly comfortable, super tough. Just an all around amazing boot. I recommend them to everyone. Espically for those of you in the steel industry. Great grip on I-Beams even when wet, good traction in mud, and yes they are water proof (accidentally tested)

    I will be buying a third pair after my other comes back from repair and I will be buying many many more.

  15. Toby Reclusado

    I really think these boots are great, they are still in the break in period and the seem along the vamp can be really painful.
    But other than that they are super comfortable!

  16. DB Cooper

    Great boots, my 3rd pair in 7 years. I wear them everyday. Soles wear down before the boots so a resole is always an option.
    Minimal break in needed.
    The Crazy horse leather looks great and gets better with time.

  17. Brian Woodrick

    The only issue I’m having is the right boot seems to be extremely tight down at the first eyelet and cuts the circulation off,
    Toe boxes are too tight even for a d width foot. Was really hoping they would be as comfortable as my thorogood pull ons

  18. Ryan paasch

    I switched from redwing after having to replace the soles twice a year. It’s been about 60 days and can already tell these soles are much longer lasting. The leather is great and seems tough. They took about two weeks of everyday wear to break in comfortably but most of the discomfort was due to the leather folding on the tongue and bruising the top of my foot. Wore pretty thick socks to deal with it and now that problem is nonexistent. The one gripe I have with the boot is that the leather patch going up the heel of the boot seemed to be cut awful, it was frayed and looked bad from the first day I got the boots. My fault for not noticing when I purchased them though. Also if you’re in a state that uses salt in the winter months it’s a never ending battle getting all the white of of the boots

  19. Jeff George

    Second pair of Thorogoods. Also have a pair of the round toe tobacco wedge soled boots. Very little break in required. By the end of day one, these boots were already conforming to my feet. They are comfortable all day and I don’t take them off until it’s time for bed. I love the leather on this model. It has a lot of depth and variation in texture that will wear well and allows you to rub minor scuffs out with your hand. Used some Bicks #4 conditioner before first wear. Didn’t change the color or texture. Thorogood Made in USA boots are worth every penny.

  20. Mike Tinnel

    Tried these over replacing redwings. Wish I would have stumbled across these sooner. A little less expensive, wear better, and last longer. Very happy with the boots and have switched brands. The soles are non-marking.

  21. Jimmy Barraza

    Very hard to find a matching pair that is well built. Amazon seems to carry factory seconds as I have received serval pairs with crooked toes and welts that are not centered at the toes. Moc toe pairing is another issue. One boot is always longer or the box toe is noticeably mismatched. Just poor quality for a union made product.

  22. Adam Smith

    These boots were a little tough to break in. The boot leather has worn really well but the soles have worn out prematurely. Disappointed that I already need a new pair within 1-1/2 years.

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