1957 Series – Flyway USA Waterproof 8″ Briar Pitstop

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A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Don’t miss your shot due to tired, wet feet in heavy boots clogged with mud. These 8″ Built in the USA Flyway boots exceed the avid upland bird hunter’s requirements: Cushioned removable footbed for all-day comfort, breathable X-Stream Waterproof® membrane to keep your feet dry and blister-free, a rubber midsole for shock absorption with every step, and Goodyear welt construction for years of durable wear. Tailor-made for the upland bird hunter’s needs, the simple yet effective “cellular wedge” directional pattern of the lightweight outsole resists mud and slipping so you can flush and shoot with confidence all day long.

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  • 814-4141
  • N/A
  • Outdoor
  • Composite
  • Antique Goodyear Welt
  • N/A
  • 3lb 9oz
  • Waterproof
  • 8"
  • Waterproof Membrane
  • N/A
  • Indy 6
  • Briar Pitstop
  • Made In The USA
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption™
  • N/A


27 reviews for 1957 Series – Flyway USA Waterproof 8″ Briar Pitstop

  1. Tony

    Boot quality seems to be top notch but as others said, the tongue has way too much material. Once folded into the boot it rubs the ankle bone bad. I’ve got about 10 hours in them and they are still super sore on the ankle. Hoping with oil they break in soon because the boots seem like they would be awesome

  2. Chris

    These are my first pair of Thorogood boots and I’m very impressed with the comfort and construction thus far. My only issue is the soles are very squeaky on tile floors. Not an issue for me but annoys the hell out of my coworkers.

  3. Jared Hendler

    The only thing this company needs to do better is market themselves. I had never heard of them, but this boot is outstanding. Out of the box, I went on a five mile hike in the mountains of Vermont. No blisters. No hot spots. This boot is outstanding.

  4. Ryan Pigott

    Money well spent! One of the best boots I’ve ever owned. Comfortable right out the box. Three weeks now and well broken in I wear them every day and don’t really want to take them off.

  5. James king

    Well I bought these about a month after I bought the 6 inch, and the six inch was horribly uncomfortable. I gave them to my nephew he seems to like them ,now the tongue is still a little wonky on the 8 inch boot , but is way more bearable than the 6 in boot . With that being said I am thoroughly enjoying these boots I have made them my everyday boot . Y’all have gained a customer for life . So now if you would just make the crazy horse 1957 with black sole in a soft toe version I would have me some Sunday going to church boots . Loving them still don’t take back what I said about the six inch boots ,but my nephew says there comfy too him . But he shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house without a helmet neither so I’m not sure I trust his opinions.

  6. Pat

    Bought these at Chucks boots. No break in time. I wear boots every day all day. Need the stability traction and support. Made in USA. Only problem is the tongue doesn’t lay flat. Has folds and I can’t get them to lye flat. Soft enough not to bother. In my head I guess.

  7. Shane

    Great boots so far. In just a few hours they were broken in and comfortable for 12 hour days.

  8. Erskine Funderburg

    Great looking, comfortable, and thus far waterproof. Lightweight boot, supple leather with a little bunching in the tongue. Very comfy hunting boot. Wanted American made. Will be buying other styles as well!

  9. SeattleJim

    I just purchased these boots and have been wearing them around the house the last few days. First of all, they are very comfortable right out of the box and appear very well-constructed. The leather is a great balance between supple and firm. I have owned Red Wing Heritage (more for fashion) and White’s custom boots (for landscape work), but I wanted a waterproof outdoor boot to wear both in town and in the wilderness. I suspect I’ll be quite happy with these. I should also add that they look very sharp, something I was not really expecting. I may switch out the insoles for ones with firmer arches, but these are probably sufficient for most. As some have said here, there is a bit of bunching along the tongue but I feel this should relax over time. It is great to buy a high-quality product made in the USA by union workers. Solidarity!

  10. Mark Schuster

    Boots are really well made.

  11. Matt M

    Love these boots! Comfortable right out of the box. Beautiful boots, I almost hate to put them to work. My first pair of thorogood boots and so far I am impressed!

  12. Doug

    This is my 1st pair of thorogood boots I’ve purchased. I simply love them! Having owned multiple pair of redwing boots, I can say unequivocally that these thorogood boots are far more comfortable! The waterproofing is better. Once my redwings truly broke in, they were no longer waterproof (approx 1 year). Leather on thorogood is much more supple and comfy…I work outside in the woods and can’t stand traditional logger style heels, so tried these fly way boots out seeing they were designed for outdoors. They work great and I will continue to purchase them…American made, union shop & most comfortable is hard to beat! I’m checking out midwest boots catalog now for my next pair!

  13. Mark Sturtevant

    I bought mine last season but did not wear them afield as I wanted to break them in first. Wore for casual walking around town and finally afield this October. Nice, well made boot and the fit seems good but they are tough to break in. Still not there after grouse hunting in them this season. The right boot still rubs my heel, particularly when climbing uphill. Its getting better so I think it is definitely a break in issue. Left one is fine now. I am going to try some moleskin in the right heel and some mink oil to soften the leather a bit to see if that makes it conform and stop rubbing. I like the support so I don’t want to soften them too much.

    I wanted an American made upland boot that would protect my feet, be comfortable and last. I think that is what I got, though it has to stop rubbing my right heel.

  14. Cody

    Great boot!! Fit like a glove, leather is flexible yet sturdy! They look great!! The American flag is a nice touch proudly made in the USA!!!

  15. Scott Patricks

    Excellent fit , very comfortable.
    Best boots I have ever owned

  16. Bill Dinkins

    My last four sets of boots were Danners(Pronghorns and Sharptails) I love them. However, I wanted to try a different brand. I narrowed my choices down to Irish Setter Wingshooter upland game boots and the Thorogood Flyways. The decision wasn’t close. The Flyways felt like they were custom made for my feet and the white stitching on the dark briar pit stop leather closed the deal. They broke in easily. The tongue was easily positioned where there wasn’t any Bunching or rubbing. I’ve had them about three weeks and they are so nice I almost hate to take them off at the end of the day. The lining is silky and adds just a little bit of warmth and there is plenty of room in the toe box for thick/ extra socks. The only thing I had to get used to was the outsole and welt protrude a small bit past the toe and heel (more than the Danner Sharptail) so the overall length of the boot is a bit more. So far, the best boots I’ve owned.

  17. Randy Zempel

    I live in Duluth Minnesota and if you don’t have good footwear you will suffer the consequences of everything Mother Nature can throw at you. I bought these boots based on the high ratings given all over the internet. The reviews were accurate because right out of the box the boots fit perfectly and feel good with every step I take. I am happy to own what thousands of users considered the best boot made in the world…made in the USA!

  18. Lex Lazarides

    I have had these boots for a month now. I love them.
    At first they were a little stiff and I worried about how they were going to break in. After about 2 weeks they loosened up and feel great. I can wear them for 14 hours/day without a problem. My only complaint is that they arrived with 2 different types of laces in them. The left boot has the brown laces and the right boot has gold laces. It doesn’t make any real difference, so I just left them that way.

  19. Gary Rogan

    Haven’t had them very long, but very comfortable and I have worn them cutting wood and fishing. They have been in the water a bit and my feet stayed dry. I love these boots and I love that they are American made.

  20. Chris Blose

    Best boot I’ve ever owned very well made very comfortable I will be buying thorogood boots from now on

  21. William Fuson

    I saw the other reviews talking about the tongue bunching up. Mine did too, the store got me another pair that was much better. I love these boots. I’ve never had a boot this comfortable on my foot and I mean it. I use them for fishing ponds that I walk to. They feel great and I’ve never had a wet foot once even though I’ve often stepped off in the water. Great feeling boot, I love them.

  22. wreckingball

    Good boot and breaking in well with lots of mink oil. One major problem though. Way to much material where he tongue meets the boot. It literally bunches and or folds up for about one inch in the bend of the ankle right under the lace eyelets and was extremely uncomfortable. There was no way to alleviate this. So I took them to the local cobbler and sixty dollars later, much better. They trimmed a bunch of material and were restitched.

  23. Jason

    I’ve had these boots for about 5 months now. They are holding up great and are very comfortable. It took about a week to get the tongue folded and softened where it didn’t hurt me. I keep them treated with obenaufs leather products. I wear them at work on the railroad and on my days off I’m in the woods hunting. Most days I put on 5-7 miles when I’m hunting in various terrain. The key to making them last along with any other boot is cleaning them and oiling them regularly. My feet haven’t been wet in these boots yet and I think they are very comfortable. I will buy again.

  24. Scott D.

    Very well built. Haven’t worn them much. Still breaking them in. Very comfortable other than the fold on the tongue need to soften. Wish they made them smaller than a size 8. As per other style Thorogood boots they seem to run big on size. I haven’t gotten to test the waterproof yet.

  25. Hans Christiansen

    First pair of Thorogood boots and less than impressed. Boots have been used 5 to 7 times and are now broken in. Broken is key…they leak. Thought waterproofing different than Gore-Tex would last longer because of issues with other manufacturers product after 8-10 months.

  26. Mike Richards

    Very well made and comfortable boot. Being an avid upland hunting individual I was skeptical of these boots because I have gone through so many others. My first impression is the conformity fit and durable tread and lasting rugged style. I have had these boots for two months and have worn them in snow, mud and water in SD hunting conditions and my feet were comfortable and warm and more importantly my feet did not hurt one bit. I just worn these boots hunting Quail in SE Arizona in the very rough, mountainous terrain and my Thorogood boots were fantastic, they kept my feet comfortable, protected and secure on the uneven surfaces. I would recommend these boots to avid outdoorsmen or outdoors women who need a solid boot and rely on a boot to get them through any hunting conditions in any environment for that I give a solid 5 star rating for what I have put these boots through and will continue to count on them day after day in the field.

  27. Paul Fuller

    Outstanding boot. Very well made and very comfortable. So well made it may be the last upland boot I’ll ever need.

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