1957 Series – Waterproof – 8″ Briar Pitstop Moc Toe – MAXWear Wedge™

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Enjoy the classic, hard-working style of mid-century America in our re-issued 1957 boots. Rich Briar Pitstop leather in these Built in the USA boots are a smart look with your work uniform or your favorite weekend clothes. Sturdy Goodyear Storm Welt construction means worry-free wear for years and easy re-soling over the lifetime you’ll own these boots. The MaxWear wedge outsole provides traction on slippery surfaces like mud and grass. A soft lining and waterproof, breathable membrane keep your feet dry, while the removable, memory foam footbed molds to your foot for maximum comfort. Classic styling for the modern man who appreciates quality workmanship.

  • Briar Pitstop, full-grain leather
  • X-Stream Waterproof
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption™ footbed
  • Fiberglass shank
  • MAXWear Wedge slip resistant outsole
  • Goodyear storm welt construction

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  • 814-3800
  • N/A
  • Work,
  • Composite
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Waterproof
  • 8"
  • Waterproof Membrane
  • No
  • MAXWear Wedge™
  • Briar Pitstop
  • Built In USA
  • Ultimate Shock Absorption™ Footbed
  • Non-Safety Toe


63 reviews for 1957 Series – Waterproof – 8″ Briar Pitstop Moc Toe – MAXWear Wedge™

  1. Joey Walker

    Great pair of boots. My feet aren’t aching like heck when I get home after a long day. I will never buy a different brand again.

  2. Mike hain

    Thorogood make the best boots. The best I’ve ever worn. So thank you.

  3. Nick George

    So far, no good. I bought a pair of 814-3800’s. Within 4 weeks the bottom sole began to separate at the toe. I returned to my local dealer and exchanged for another pair and they began to separate at the toe within a week in a half. Returned those and I’ve now been waiting for a month because they are on backorder. I emailed customer service and asked if there had been issues and was told no, but the dealer made a call and was told that there had been issues with this same problem. Somebody isn’t telling the truth. I’m hoping this new pair that comes in are good quality. I’m a proud union man (IBEW) and always try to buy union made in the USA products. Hopefully this issue has been addressed. I’ll be looking for another boot if not.

  4. Ruben Benavente

    I’m an ironworker and I’ve tried many boots for my Trade.Red Wings, Timmberland,wolverines and Diehards. Thorogood by far is the best work boots. This is my third pair buying them and I never buy another pair of boots again

  5. Jeff Vanderlooven

    Most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn. But I’ve only worn them off and on for 2 weeks and the morning I was talking them up I found the sole separating from the toe at least 2 inches. Not what I expected at all from these boots

    • Brad Will

      That shouldn’t happen. Contact your dealer or our customer service team
      Monday – Friday
      7AM – 4:30PM CST
      Tel: 800-826-0002

  6. Walt Ell

    First out of Thorogood boots. I’ve had happy feet since I started wearing them. I recommended to anyone wanting a good boot. And union made.

  7. Nick

    So first off I have to say I am only giving 3 stars off the look of the products very nice looking boots. But quality is 0 I had these for 8 months and the sole wore down to nothing I work in a plant so it’s just concrete floors not sure why they wore down so bad It was like I didn’t even have boots on ROCK HARD with every step I paid 250 bucks for these and I regret it everyone told me to buy this product and I am extremely disappointed I would never EVER purchase anything made from them but like I said looks and style I give 10/10 quality a big fat 0

  8. Spencer gonzalez

    I love these boots super comfortable and no break in period I wish I could give 5 stars but I’m only giving three due to the fact that the sole wore out less than six months in to use and water started leaking in. Wish I could buy another pair but 300$ for a 6 month boot idk also thought about re sole bit idk it’s almost the same price as buying any other boot

  9. Burley C.

    Great craftsmanship and look. Used a clear boot dressing to protect and help break in. Very happy with my purchase.

  10. Bryan Spooner

    I’m a union pipefitter foreman. I try to buy American union made products. Bought 1957 extra wide. Break in was horrible could only wear half day and top of my foot was killing me. After 2 weeks to break start feeling better then sole separated from boot at the toe all the way across 2″ deep. Brought back to store they gave me new pair put them on had to take them off after 15 min. Top of foot killing me.

  11. Gabe

    Bought two separate pairs of these boots and returned both because the sole was peeling off after the first day i wore them. I had high expectations for these boots and was let down twice.

  12. Steve W.

    I bought the 8″ moc toe a month ago, so far they are the best pair of boots I have ever owned. I am a boot guy, it’s what I wear 95% of the time. I am very impressed with this boot. USA made, construction of the boot is superior, leather is excellent quality and almost no break-in time . WOW!! I can’t imagine buying any other boot from here on out! They seem true to size, I wear size 9 to 10 wide. I got 9 wide and they fit perfectly! Thank you Thorogood, I only wish I had got some before now!

  13. Edward Lamm

    Hardly any break in time and so far my feet are dry

  14. Bill Butterworth

    I’ve worn the boots for about a month through several different types of terrain. Through the first week there was some break in around the ankles, loosening up the the high laces helped. No break in with the insoles that I found. While oiling them tonight I noticed the sole is coming apart in the front. I hope I can mend it with some superglue, I shouldn’t have to do this so soon.

    • Brad Will

      You should contact your dealer or our customer service team if the sole is separating. They should be able to help you out. Thank you for your review.

  15. Armando E.

    I chose these over my usual redwing boots and I’ve never been happier, nothing wrong with the wings but I really needed a pair that was comfortable and needed no break in time and these didn’t disappoint! The stitching is well constructed and the briar leather tone is outstanding in my opinion. They are a little slippery when walking on wet logs and wet rubber roof tops but nothing that is at fault of the boot, other than that every surface I’ve come across as a hvac technician was no problem and comfortable to walk in. I’d highly recommend these boots to just about anyone, if you have a little bit wider foot, go for the wider size, it’ll be more comfortable.

  16. Koltin

    Love the boots. I literally have no arch in my feet and have had problems with redwing for that reason but I bout this about a month ago. By far the best decision I ever made

  17. Dustin Hemmesch

    I’m about 3 weeks into wearing these boots. They are absolutely amazing. No break in at all and super comfortable. Feels like I’m wearing a pair of shoes.seen some reviews about the tongue bunching up and being uncomfortable. Not my pair at all mine are perfect. Thanks thorogood 👍

  18. Larry O.

    This is my third pair of thorogoods and I had to purchase size 9 vs. the last two pair of 10’s to get the right length. I was just wondering if this was a fluke thing or what? Still believe this is a superior boot to most!

    • Brad Will

      They have been on the same lasts for a long time. Possible miss label.

  19. Jose L Torres

    Very comfortable great boot for working overtime.

  20. Jp

    Comfortable right out of the box, last pair was 3 years old and resoled twice. Quality boot made by people who take pride in their work.

  21. Dave

    Great boots. Very comfortable. Seem like they are well made. Time will tell on the longevity. I do not mind spending extra money to get this quality.

  22. Dave

    Great boots and very comfortable. Took little time to break in. Seem well made with great materials. We will see on the longevity. So far so good.

  23. Len

    Just bought these 1957s and they were a perfect fit and feel awesome!!! These are my second pair the first pair lasted all of three years! I’m a Union Ironworker and Thorogoods are by far a superior work boot much better than Red Wings. The break in is zero you can take them right out out of the box and work 12 hours and they feel great! The soles last a lot longer than I would have expected ( 18 months easily) although I only wish the boot shops could get Thorogood soles the second sole barely lasted a year. I’ll never buy another brand of boots these are definitely the best and they are Union made right here in the great State of Wisconsin!!

  24. Geoff D.

    Second pair of these c
    Same style boots very comfortable, very durable boots, great that they are made USA. Quality!

  25. Jeremy M.

    Short break-in period, very comfortable, and durable. American made and two-thirds the price of Chinese made Red Wings. I’ve made the switch for good. Thank you, Thorogood, for your commitment to quality!

  26. Daniel S.

    Not worth the money soles have pieces breaking off already. Not what I expected for the price.

    • Brad Will

      Sorry you had a bad experience. All our boots have a one year warranty. Please contact them at csd@weinbrennerusa.com or Tel: 800-826-0002

  27. MB

    I wore USA made Redwings 1412 for 12 years. We get a boot allowance every 9 months. The 1412 would last at first 2 years wearing 7 days a week 5am till 9 at night. The last 2 pairs had my back and knees hurting after 9 months. So I decided to make a change. These new Thorogoods have made me a believer. Union made in the USA and they fit like a glove right out of the box!!! I’m a union pipefitter. They get put to the test!

  28. Jeremy W.

    Best boots I have ever owned! I have tried multiple boot brands over the last 20 years and these are by far the most comfortable .

  29. bob

    Excelent boot,When I was roofing in the 60s and seventies i wore the roofer boot,would go thru two pair a year.They were an excelent boot also,tough to break in,but when they were broken in they were like slippers.

  30. James Greblo

    Great Boots. Look, style and comfort. They hit on all levels. Best part, they are made in the U.S.A.

  31. Trace

    These boots are a game changer for me. After years and literally thousands of dollars spent trying to find a pair of boots that agree with my foot shape I have finally found them. Leather breaks in almost immediately. The sole takes a couple days before it starts flexing real well at the ball of the foot. A little warm on those 90 degree days but its a small price to pay for a perfect fit. No more spending 300 bucks on redwings and then another 50 on Insoles just to make them “ok”. I had to go down a half size in these. Thanks Thorogood.

  32. Brad Davis

    These boots are the best. They stay waterproof for longer than any other brand of boots.

  33. Red Kerusso

    The best boots ever! The break in period is instant and the quality is outstanding! By far the best boot I have ever worn! It feels like you are walking on air. All pressure points are covered! You can tell this company has a tenacious drive for quality and customer service!

  34. Todd Harris

    I just bought my third pair ,2 years later after the 2nd pair ,I’m an ironworker and I love them,I’ve had no problem with durability, they are confortable,by far the best pair of steel toed work boots I’ve ever owned

  35. Alex Lyttle

    Best boots on the market ! Never buying Red Wings again.

  36. Mike

    These boots look so good, and they’re so comfortable! However I’m not happy with the durability. I’m a residential roofer and as such I put my shoes through a lot. I figured a $200 pair of boots would last longer than a $7 pair of shoes from goodwill. And they have, only slightly. Nowhere near enough to justify the price. The waterproofing has been solid, the problem is with the leather on the toe and the soles. Almost immediately the soles rubbed down. The warranty doesn’t cover anything other than manufacturing defects so I guess I’ll just go back to goodwill shoes when these boots have worn through. Would be really great for any other trade.

  37. Frank Gallegos

    These are my third pair of thorogood moc toe boots & been wearing work boots for 15 years tried out different brands I decided to try a military boot the Belleville flight was my go to boot after all the other work boots didn’t keep up then seen a store that had a variety of thorogood boots so I tried these on & however I wear a size 10.1/2 wide they were small then I tried on 11 wide they fit perfect took only a day to break in bought the other 2 pairs from Midwestboots the dirty brown moc toe in size 10.1/2 wide fit perfectly the Belleville flight I wear a size 10wide so each brand and model will fit differently so keep that in mind when buying the thorogood water proof models so you don’t have to spend the time of shipping back for your right size & now thorogood is the only brand I wear now for work & home all in all great water proof boot that will get the job done

  38. Phil

    Best boots I’ve ever bought extremely comfortable

  39. matthew menchaca

    Great pair of boots! Wore redwings for 20 years and thought quality was going down. Coworker turned me on to Thorogood and won’t go back. Comfortable, tough and well made. You can’t go wrong . Third pair and still loving them

  40. Masonman

    1st pair of thorogoods…..and last pair……made it 3 months….hole in the leather….and sole completely pulled away from boot…..3 months…..and there in the garbage can!!

  41. Ben

    These are the best boots I’ve ever had. Comfortable as tennis shoes. I’ll never wear anything else.

  42. Michael E Jones

    Honestly the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned except getting the tongue broke in to where it needs to be but I’ve had that problem on every new pair of boots I’ve ever owned

  43. Nate brasher

    3rd pair. Love these boots. Pile driving puts me in a lot of different terrain and weather. My thorogood boots never fail. Great product built by good Wisconsin union people!

  44. Curtis Koch

    Wore Danner Power Foremans for about 10 years prior to finding Thorogood. I am now on my second pair of waterproof 1957 series. Best boots ever, super comfortable right out of the boxing I got more than a year out of the first pair.

  45. Justin Howard

    Best boots I’ve ever owned. Supple out of the box but tough. Very well constructed and a price that is very well correlated for what you receive.

  46. Rip

    These are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. The lining makes them very snug fitting. I wear them in a lot of rain and recently almost 2′ of snow and my feet were dry the whole time.

  47. Ray Carner

    The best boots I have ever worn. I’m impressed. This is my first pair of Thorogood boots. Buy American.

  48. Scott S.

    I was able to wear them for a whole day without any discomfort and I have sensitive feet. I am impressed.

  49. David Hernandez

    Best boots you’re ever buy!!!

  50. John Martin

    Most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn. Looks really sharp and feels like something is hugging your feel from the first day you put them on. I’ll still prob buy the aftermarket insoles.

  51. john clark

    As usual, Thorogood boots were comfortable right out of the box. The best boots you could ever buy! And thank you for the gift, it was kick ass!

  52. Austin Morton

    Comfortable boots but sole has started to separate a little in just a few weeks of wear probably going back to the redwing 411 it’s cheaper and never had a problem with sole separation

  53. R Sampson

    Switched from Redwings about a year ago after wearing Redwings for about 20 years. This is my second pair (my 1st pair is getting resoled). I like everything about these boots….easy break in, comfortable, made in the USA, etc. The only criticism is Weinbrenner should fix their QA/QC on the mock toe….2 out of 3 pairs I received had crooked mock toe stitching in comparison to the sole below….some crooked to the right, some to the left, one crooked, one not….not a big deal, but you brought it this far, why not make it perfect?

  54. Tim carty

    Had the boot for two weeks now and the sole of the boot came apart at the toe, I’ve been having the same problem with all maxwear soles from Thorogood boots I’ve been wearing Thorogood boots for 13 years and thinking about switching brands.

  55. Jeff polick

    Good comfortable boots my first pair lasted about 2 years. Well worth the money and your buying American.

  56. Ryan Henson

    These boots are stellar. My only issues was why haven’t I bought them sooner. Super dry and just as comfortable!!

  57. Andrew Pacheco

    This is my first pair of thorogood boots. I went from wearing timberlands for years to giving these a try. I’m so glad I did because these are amazing. They are so light on your feet that it feels like your wearing a pair of converse but way more comfortable. They also fit great and is very durable with all terrain. I’m a truck driver and work in gravle,mud,dirt and tile floors. No matter what terrain i walk on it’s beyond comfortable. You have a life time buyer and will definitely be buying a couple more pairs.

  58. Robert Eugene Darling Jr

    Absolutely the best out of the box boot I’ve ever worn. Telling everyone at work how great they are. I think you’ll be getting more customers. I will definitely be getting more in the future.


    The best boots I have ever worn. I can get 3 years of hard work out of each pair. Well worth the money. Thanks.

  60. Sean T.

    Fantastic styling in a very rugged wedge sole boot. I wish the 1957 Series was offered in a plain, non-waterproof version…. but until it is I’ll wear these even in hot weather!!! VERY comfortable!!

  61. Aramy Rodriguez

    Tough boot stands up to water and chemicals very well love them.Get a pair!!

  62. Jaime O Flores

    These are my 4th pair of Thorogood boots, I love everything about the boots. The craftsmanship , style, and the comfort is superior to any other boot manufacturer out there..in my opinion. The other reasons I love these boots is that their American made and Union made. Shout out to my brothers and sisters from UBC Local 547!!!

  63. Brian E.

    Absolutely the best boots I’ve ever worn. So comfortable. Broke in after about a week. Never going back to Redwings.

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