OMNI™ Series – Waterproof – 8″ Brown Plain Toe

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When you work outside, bad weather can make for a tough day. The waterproof, breathable lining in these boots means your feet won’t get wet. Our lug outsole offers reliable traction, while bob lugs flex like independent claws on contact with hard surfaces. When your job requires you to stand up to Mother Nature’s every mood, rely on the firm footing of these Built in the USA boots.

  • Brown, waterproof, tumbled full-grain leather
  • X-Stream Waterproof
  • Removable single-density polyurethane footbed
  • Fiberglass shank
  • Omni outsole
  • Direct attach construction

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  • 814-3268
  • N/A
  • Work
  • Fiberglass
  • Direct Attach
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • X-Stream Waterproof™
  • 8"
  • X-Stream Waterproof™ Membrane
  • No
  • OMNI™ Outsole
  • Brown
  • Built In USA
  • Removable Single-density Polyurethane Footbed
  • Non-Safety Toe


6 reviews for OMNI™ Series – Waterproof – 8″ Brown Plain Toe

  1. Mike Whitney

    Most comfortable boot of three brands ordered off amazon. All are narrow and not shaped like human feet. I normally wear 13eee. I had to order 14 of these to get a triple E. A 5E would probably suffice if available. I know yall have the ability to make a good boot. Thanks

  2. Dennis

    Too narrow, the boots hurt my toes. They are supposed to have a 30 day comfort guarantee. I must not understand what that means because they would not take them back. I did wear them to work for a week hoping to break them in, so they got some wear and tear but a guarantee is a guarantee… right? They sent them back to me after I paid for shipping because they couldn’t resell them, what!?, they sell used boots? That doesn’t seem right to me. I will not order from them again, I’m not going to recommend them to my coworkers either.

  3. Dan Patton

    I’m a commercial plumbing contractor and I have worn-through, out and/or destroyed many American made Thorogood OMNI boots.
    I keep buying them because they are well built in America and they meet all of my jobsite safety requirements.
    From a practical standpoint, I can get two years of daily jobsite use out of them and they are just as comfortable the day I chuck them as they were on the day I baught them.
    Anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet, whether on fresh concrete, in ditches or in the office should give the American made Thorogood OMNI a try. You’re welcome.

  4. Gary Kolb

    Great fitting comfortable boot. Had to return first pair because of like others lace hooks pulled out. Was given a new pair and these have been very good and lace hook problems 10 months in.

  5. Trevor A

    I loved these boots when I bought my first pair in February 2018 and had no problems. The second pair I bought (Both pairs bought at Farm and Fleet) has the same problem as the other guys review. The eyelets are popping out one by one. I’ve had them for less than 3 months and two eyelets have popped out. Unfortunately I have lost the receipt for them.

  6. Joe Alexander

    I would not recommend this boot. It is a dangerous and nearly cost me my life. However, I found this boot to be very comfortable right from the beginning. Everything was great on the boot. The sole stayed attached and did not come unglued like many other brand boots that I have had in the past. This was the third Thorogood boot that I have purchased. There was a very disappointing part to this boot though. – the metal rivet D-ring that you run your laces through started to pop out down near the toe on the second week of use. I thought I could live with it and decided to not go through the hassle of returning the boots for it. Then another one popped loose at about a month and a half. I again thought I would not return it for this as I could not afford to buy another pair of boots for my commercial roofing job while they were being returned.
    A total of 4 or 5 metal rivet D-rings popped out of the leather and one or two of the speed lace hooks popped out at the top in the 6 months that I owned them. Because I had to take up the slack caused by them coming loose I ended up with longer laces two tie which caused large loops that hung to the ground. I should have cut the laces but I did not. This resulted in me nearly falling off a 5 story building because the large shoestring loops hooked around the speed lace hooks at the top while I was taking a step forward. This caused my feet to lock together resulting in a fall to the face at the edge of the roof.
    After tripping in this manner a few times I decided that I had enough and sent the boots in for a return or repair to Weinbrenner. They did have a good amount of wear on them at that time, but I decided anyway to send them to them simply because this boot should not have done this. I have resoled many of my boots in the past and was able to keep on wearing them. I decided to pay 30 some dollars to send them in to the Weinbrenner instead. Their response was the following. We have receive the footwear returned to us for inspection. After thorough examination and review, it has been determined that the existing problems do not stem from manufacturing defects or the quality of the materials used. Therefore, this footwear is not covered under the Weinbrenner warranty…

    I took pictures of the boots and their problem and sent them to the company before I went through the expense of shipping them back and was told to ship them. I did understand that they could deny the credit due to wear; however, I thought that they would through examination see that the rivets were popping out of the leather and would stand behind the product. I was wrong.
    I personally believe that the rivet D-rings were coming out because the leather that is used for this boot has been tumbled to make it soft for a nice no break in period. Maybe if they used two layers of leather for reinforcement where the laces are this would not have happened or just used plain round eyelets. From my determination it definitively a manufacture defect as pertaining to the lacing system because it started right from the beginning and I was like the frog that stayed in a pot of water that was being slowly warmed up on the stove and did not try to jump out until it was to late at six months of owning them.

    • Thorogood®

      First and foremost, we are all thankful you are safe. At Thorogood® customer safety takes priority. Thank you for your review. We have forwarded your concern to our Management and Product development teams. On the first run of OMNI™ Series boots we did experience some instances of the speed hooks pulling out of the leather as you experienced. Since that first run we have made improvements to the structural integrity of the hooks, while maintaining the comfort you experienced when you first put them on.

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