SOFT STREETS™ Series – Safety Toe Oxford

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You’re on your feet all day, and these Made in the USA, Plain Toe Oxford Shoes bear the load like a champ. Our exclusive Soft Streets dual-density polyurethane direct injected outsole gives you time-tested comfort and flexibility. The removable, single-density Comfort 125 polyurethane footbed  contains a contour heel cup for maximum support and comfort. These full-grain leather oxford shoes are slip-resistant for added protection. These shoes don’t stop working until you do.

  • Full-grain
  • Removable Comfort 125 polyurethane footbed
  • SOFT STREETS™ outsole
  • Direct Attach construction

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  • 804-6905
  • N/A
  • Public Safety
  • Fiberglass
  • Direct Attach
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • No
  • Oxford
  • Polyester
  • No
  • Softstreets™ outsole
  • Black
  • Made In USA
  • Removable Comfort 125 polyurethane footbed
  • Steel Safety Toe


6 reviews for SOFT STREETS™ Series – Safety Toe Oxford

  1. Mike M

    I purchased my shoes (Thorogood 804-6905 Men’s Soft Streets Series Safety Toe Oxford)on (OutdoorEquipped) and received them in a very timely manner. The shoes required me to wear them a few times before they felt comfortable. I normally wear arch supports but the included insole made the shoes uncomfortable so I stopped wearing my arch supports. Fortunately, the insolds are high quality and I am not experiencing any pain from not using my arch supports. The shoes are very well made, heavier than most shoes but, they are steel toed so I expected that. The sole is nice and I have not experienced any slipping. My complaint is the shoe laces. The shoe laces, are very substandard. I thought I was tying my shoes with black dental floss. I ended up going to Walmart and buying a more suitable pair of shoe laces that fill the eyelet of the shoes. These are high quality shoes and you dorked them up with some jacked up skinny shoe strings reminding me of my military low quarters. If possible, I would have scored the shoes a 4.9 stars.

  2. William S

    This shoe make my feet feel like they are walking on clouds. Extremely comfortable.

  3. Ed Riess

    Wore through my brown pair after multiple years and had to buy the black (bring back the brown) great to see that the comfort and quality is still there.

    Worth the extra $$ to buy once every couple years while I watch others go through multiple pairs of cheap off shore shoes and pay more in total for shoes that do not look as good or as comfortable.

  4. Todd M

    I bought a pair of 804-6905 Soft Streets in January 2012 and, sadly, after 7 1/2 years of 9 to 5 desk duty, they’re finally worn out (even though the soles are gone, they still looked good from the top). I’m glad I bought a second pair 7 years ago based on comfort alone – I’m planning on getting my monies worth out of these too.

  5. Peter B

    For me, nothing beat these shoes. As the previous commenter noted, it appears that they have been discontinued. I’m indoors on concrete all day in a measurement lab and walk in and out of office areas. I can polish them up and they look presentable for a meeting. The dual density, long wearing, Soft Street soles are sporty enough to be comfortable during long brisk walks around the plant. They also have just enough ruggedness for those days where it’s necessary to climb around in oily machinery. The uppers were more foreman than tradesman though. There is a hole in the safety shoe market that this shoe fills. I don’t need construction boots, I don’t need executive safety loafers, and I really don’t need the new crop of trendy bright athletic shoes. These shoes go well with a basic pair of industrial work pants, a button up shirt with collar, shoe polish, and in my case, a shop coat. My advice if you bring them back… toughen up the upper heel area a little. The felt starts to give out first on these shoes. The awesome trip resistant shoelaces with the shape memory of a coat hanger wire are one of my favorite features and allow these shoes to be worn like a slip on. It think using them like a slip on shoe is hard on the upper heel area. My fault for misusing them, but I know I can’t be the only one doing it. It’s a great feature for anyone that’s put on 20 or more lbs. That probably happened after year two. I clipped it out and continue to wear them to this day. I have a couple other styles of Thorogood shoes and boots. I like those as well, but these just fit the work and the style. So, that’s my vote in favor of them. I encourage others to do the same if you’ve experienced these before.
    Good uses: Light industrial, office in production facility, storeroom/warehouse

  6. Michael Pearson

    These shoes are amazing!! I am a union electrician and have worn these shoes to work every day for 2 years and 4 months. They are comfortable out of the box , and did I mention that they lasted more than two years!!! Its great to have a quality product that is made in America that are comfortable and built to last. I am in the market for a new pair and was disappointed that the line seems to be discontinued. I have been wearing the brown oxford. Please bring them back… Continue the great work thoroughgood what a great product..

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