GEN-flex2® Series – 6″ Black Composite Safety Toe

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You’re the go-to guy in every area of your life: work, home, and play. People depend on you to lead the way, and in these slip-resistant, lightweight, and comfortable boots, you can. These composite safety-toe boots are up for any challenge, every day.

  • Brown or black tumbled, oiled, full grain leather
  • Removable single-density polyurethane footbed
  • Composite shank
  • GEN-flex2® outsole
  • Goodyear storm welt construction
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  • 804-6444
  • EVA Cushion Flex Insole
  • Work
  • Composite
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • No
  • 6"
  • N/A
  • No
  • GEN-flex2®
  • Black
  • Imported
  • Removable Single-density Polyurethane Footbed
  • Composite Safety Toe


20 reviews for GEN-flex2® Series – 6″ Black Composite Safety Toe

  1. Mark

    Great looking, great fit, no break in period, love the boots, I walk alot at work and these boots are great, thanks, I was a redwing fan, but now Thorogood

  2. Mark

    I have been wearing these boots for several weeks now and they still hurt my feet. They don’t break in very well. ( made in China !!! ) These will be the last pair of Thorogoods that I buy.

  3. Anthony Edwards

    Super quality with great shape and style. Great fit.

  4. Tim Abell

    I end up buying a pair or two a year and have not one complaint so far. After 10 or so pair I will continue to purchase them. I’m a contractor and they are great for my line of work.

  5. Jay Powers

    Love the boots but after only 3 months I’m having to buy new laces. Not sure if there is a defect in one of the eyelets or maybe in the lace itself but it’s irritating

  6. todd k

    been wearing them for 3 weeks 11 hour days in a machine shop cement floor so far so good

  7. Brian Crawford

    I’m very dissatisfied.
    I don’t believe it’s worth what I’ve read. I should have bought “made in the USA”. If I would not have worn them outside I would have immediately returned them.

  8. Scott Schroepfer

    Just bought my 2nd pair. Had my first pair for 1 1/2 years and loved wearing them the whole time. Most comfortable boots I’ve every put on my feet. My only small issue is my feet get hot in the summer.

  9. Randy Brown

    I have been wearing this same style boot for several years. It is by far the most comfortable boot I have ever worn. Some nights I even hate to take them off.

  10. Michael Zeitler

    I’ve been wearing them for three weeks now without too many complaints. Very comfortable boot however my feet tend to overheat and sweat a little. So far so good.

  11. Chris Winkel

    Been wearing them 2 weeks. So far they are great!

  12. Christopher Newfelt

    Over all very comfortable but maybe not the best match for my line of work as they started losing big chunks of tread off both boots and the rubber covering the toe has a whole on one and both are cracking and starting to come apart after only 4 months maybe a little less.i do work around many different chemicals as I work maintenance in the aircraft industry so I’m constantly in oil ,hydraulic fluid, coolant, metal chips etc but I do feel lile for $150 they should be able to hold up for longer than a few months. I for one wont get this model boot again but that doesn’t mean I will write off the entire brand as they are extremely comfortable with very good ankle support.

  13. chris haywood

    The quality of boot is not their pay $165 for a boot wanted arrives the stitching is coming apart the glue is coming on part and the boot is just falling apart brand new not a very good first impression


    Perfect work boot. Light wear can’t even tell it’s composite toe. Thanks

  15. James Palermo

    I’m writing this review to update from my previous one in May 2019. I’m now on my 3rd pair in about 4 months because of the same issue. The outer edge of the sole separates from the boot to a point you can see the interior padding of the sole. I’m going to give this one more chance with a 4th pair. Main reason is I really love the look and feel of this boot and want them to work out. I really hope this 4th pair works.

  16. James Palermo

    I chose these boots because the last style, from another manufacturer, were discontinued. I liked the look and when I got them they also felt good. Problem, is that with only 3 weeks worth of us the soles have begun to separate. Specifically this is on the right heel. I’m a truck driver and this is where my foot rests on the floor while I’m driving. Not sure if that is it or not, but my last pair last for 1.5 years before they fell apart from use. I’ve already started the process to get another pair but if they don’t work out I’m definitely going with someone else.

  17. Jesse A Schwartz

    The’re awesome

  18. Frank

    Just got a pair of these from my bosses at work i could’ve gotten just about any brand and they covered up to 150$ so i just got a pair of these because I figured they looked like pretty cool motorcycle boots and go with my ninjas nicely anyhow lol i just hope they last till i get my new ones this time next year lol

  19. Matt

    Very comfortable boot, super nice styling as well. However after about 9 months of what I consider light duty work the stitching began to fall apart and the pieces of leather separated form one another making them less comfortable, and ultimately not safe to wear anymore. I was very hopeful these would last at least 2 years, but they did not and for the money they cost, it does not compare with a Timberland Pro product in the same price range.

  20. Eric

    I have had the gen flex 2 in brown and I loved them. Soft yet durable and lightweight. Unsure how or what happen with them but I wore them in Puerto Rico and they just started started to fall apart and rot. Truly they are a great boot and yes I am buying another pair.

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