American Heritage – 6″ Tobacco Composite Safety Toe – PLAIN TOE MAXWear Wedge™

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If you have to rub your toes after a hard day’s work, then you’ll like the wider Emperor toe box. To add to your comfort, these composite safety toe boots are lighter in weight than steel while offering the same level of protection. The memory foam footbed conforms to your feet for maximum comfort on the job and off. We don’t have royalty in America, but if we did, they’d be wearing these Made in the USA boots.

  • Tobacco Oil-Tanned, full-grain leather
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed on Poron® comfort cushion insole
  • Fiberglass shank
  • MAXWear Wedge slip resistant outsole
  • Goodyear storm welt construction

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  • 804-4655
  • Poron™ Comfort Cushion insole
  • Work
  • Fiberglass
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • N/A
  • 3.80 lbs
  • No
  • 6"
  • Unlined
  • no
  • MAXWear Wedge™
  • Tobacco Oil-tanned Leather
  • Made In USA
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption™ footbed
  • Composite Safety Toe


7 reviews for American Heritage – 6″ Tobacco Composite Safety Toe – PLAIN TOE MAXWear Wedge™

  1. John Cox

    I’ve been wearing this boot for the past five years. I’m ready for my third pair. I can’t find any 10.5 D anywhere. I hear you won’t have them until next year. Please say this isn’t so! Please hurry and make more.

  2. Josh Torrence

    These boots are amazing. I’ve been proudly buying thorogood boots for 20 years. When they came out with these emperor toe boots I couldn’t be happier until I went to my dealer the other day with cash in hand and found out they stopped all production on these. So disappointed. Why would you do this to me!? 😩

  3. David A Valencia

    Great boot second pair. Like the extra room. Fit is good seems more true than the moc toe. I like the fact that there is limited stitching opposed to the moc toe. Wedge sole last but for me I can run through these ina year. The sOls are soft but the leather stay and no hole in the toe area after months of layout. None the less I’ll be getting another pair. Year or not they are that quality grade and comfortable.

  4. Jim Radzienda

    I love the new boots, so very comfortable and no more sore feet. I added arch support because my feet need extra but the shoes are more comfortable than any I have previously owned. They are a little bit slippery on slick ground because of the smooth sole but still very nice.

    I had a thought since I just received the Buff cloth for my new Thorogood boots that I’d share my idea that I think is a step up. I’ll probably loose the cloth before I know it just because it will blend with other stuff in the shop, then magically disappear. Nothing bad intended with my comment just reality.

    On the other hand, if the cloth was a bandanna I could use it to keep the sweat out of my eyes while working in my new boots, I could use it as a handkerchief, I could polish my boots with it and I would likely have it for quite a while. I think this would be a good promotion for an excellent pair of boots.

  5. Myles Mathes

    I came from a standard size (not wide) competitor boot 13d. The thorogood 13 2e was kinda tight on the sides of my foot at metatarsal area. I’d be happier to repurchase if they can make theses wider or offer a wider size than 2e

  6. Simon Sharpe

    Awesome boots.

  7. Jeff Wisniowicz

    I love these boots. They look good and feel GREAT! Best boots I have ever owned.
    I will Never buy Red Wings ever again!!!!

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