American Heritage – 8″ Trail Crazyhorse Safety Toe – Moc Toe MAXWear90™

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When the job conditions are rugged, these safety toe boots keep your feet out of harm’s way. Yet they still look stylish enough to wear on weekends. The Goodyear Storm Welt means you can resole these shoes over the years, making these Made in the USA boots a smart buy.

  • Trail Crazyhorse, full-grain leather
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed on Poron® comfort cushion insole
  • Fiberglass shank
  • MAXWear 90 slip resistant outsole
  • Goodyear welt construction

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  • 804-4378
  • Poron™ Comfort Cushion insole
  • Work
  • Fiberglass
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • 4.20 lbs
  • No
  • 8"
  • Unlined
  • No
  • MAXWear 90™
  • Trail Crazyhorse Leather
  • Made In USA
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption™ footbed
  • Steel Safety Toe


120 reviews for American Heritage – 8″ Trail Crazyhorse Safety Toe – Moc Toe MAXWear90™

  1. Clint lee

    They are comfortable and very well made. But they make me walk different. By the end of the day my legs and calves are killing me.

  2. Caleb

    I’m an industrial maintenance technician of 9 years. I am a bigger guy so I bought the EE width. The boot fits my foot great and is comfortable all day long. My only small complaint is that the uppers on the EE boots need to be bigger to fit a bigger person right. Still very comfortable, just doesnt come together at the top for proper coverage.

  3. Scott Wilson

    A boot not only is appealing to me but fits and wears very well and I’m proud to be from the great country where they are made at, God Bless America. And thank yall for offering such a wonderful and appealing boot.

  4. Joey

    Great buy love these boots still in the break in stage but so far breaking in good my feet don’t get tired at all as with my other work boots love them so much going to purchase another pair soon so I highly recommend to anyone who is looking into buying good quality boots made in the USA to buy these boots

  5. Joshua E Spikberg

    Excellent boots, fit perfectly, comfortable all day. Would highly reccomend these boots every day of the week.

  6. Jaime

    Not what I expected, I’ve just bought my first pair and they are not as good as they said for a 12 hour shift, they’re good but not what I thought, I can get a pair of Wolverines work boot for 90 bucks which will have same comfort.

  7. Barry

    Wow!!! I am 58 and have worked for our local CATV for 10 years and am currently with the telephone co for 20 years and have wor every boot imaginable, these boots are amazing, true fit and comfortable out of the box, I am sold on thorogood boots , I wish I would have made this move many years ago, awesome boot

  8. Vincent Myers

    Fabulous boot,wear mine as many as 14hrs. a day at work. They feel like house slippers on my feet.

  9. Mickey Whatley

    Very impressed and comfortable!

  10. Zachary

    I’ve owned these boots for about 8 months. The boots are exceptional other than the soles. Soles are worn bad at this point and started to get flat after only a few months. For the price, I wouldn’t buy them again.

  11. Anthony M

    My first pair of Thorogood boots, I ever worn. Most comfortable boots I have worn, right out of the box. Breaking them in has been a breeze. I will continue to buy them anytime I need a new pair.

  12. Dustin J

    Only pair of boots I can wear 16 hours straight with no complaints. Wether working or wearing around the house.

  13. Alex j

    Great boots. Comfortable and sturdy

  14. Nelson

    Very comfortable. Made a switch from a setter brand and was not disappointed.

  15. Russell

    Most comfortable boots I have ever had. Hold up to the hard wear and chemicals I work around.

  16. Alex

    Giving it a 3, but 6 months ago it would have been a 4, and 2 years ago a 5. Been wearing these boots for 7 years and they typically last a solid 2 years before it’s time to get new ones. 2 pairs ago everything was perfect, after a while i found i had to glue the bottom soles because they kept peeling off. Then 6 months ago it was time for a new pair. I bought the same size that was always a perfect fit. But NO, these weren’t the same for some reason. Had to tighten them up to where the sides meet, and in less than 3 months both soles started peeling quickly.
    I decided to make a brand change, and may one day return to these. But for right now, I’m just a little upset about the decrease in quality from this last pair.

  17. Steven Larsen

    Top quality boots. Well made. I am slowly breaking them in. Rotating them out every other day. If I wore these every day, my boots would start to stink. Got to give the leather a rest. Im thinking about using a boot deoderizer spray just to keep them fresh.

  18. nick troxel

    First pair and I love them

  19. Jason

    First pair. Love them

  20. Nick

    Great boots! I’ve had them a month now working concrete and have not been let down.

  21. Dale Ellsworth

    My 3rd pair very comfortable I will continue to buy them thank you thourogood

  22. Jeff

    Great classic style boot. Very good fit. After reading reviews I ordered a half size smaller than is usually worn. Good arch support and the right amount of cushion from the sole. American made is important for my money. I’ll buy them again when these wear out. Thanks from Kentucky.

  23. Blue Collar Dad

    Decent boots, don’t like how the white soles turn color at the first sight of dirt (I know these are work boots but I don’t think white is a good choice for work boots, probably my fault for buying) the other complaint is concerning the tongue. I’ve owned a lot of boots from Halls, Wesco, Whites etc. I’ve never had a harder time training the tongue to lay flat like I’ve had with these. Seems like no matter what I do it’s doubled over and killing me above my ankles. Seems like a bad design on the tongue. Other than that they seem decent. Up in the air about buying again.

  24. Scott Riley

    I have never been more disappointed in a product. I returned the boots and went with a better brand. The boots continually pulled my socks off my feet and about 5 times a day, I’d have to unlace my boots, pull my socks back up and relace the boot. I bought them snugger than usual being how they’re designed with no liner in them. The first week they made my feet and back hurt…..the second week, after having to relace them 3 times before I ever left the house for work at 5am was the final straw and I took them back to Cavenders. They’re not waterproof either which really sucks. I have never been more Thoroughly disappointed with any boot like I am with these because they are so good looking…..really good looking, but they fit like crap. Just not for me. I would give them zero stars but the survey won’t let me.


    Best boots I’ve ever had. After trying many boots these are by far the most comfy even after working 12 hour days and they hold up great.

  26. Mark Mannix

    Excellent boots. 100% satisfied

  27. Chris Jocoy

    I bought a pair of redwing and I hated them. So I went back to wolverines good boot but not American made I saw these and I tried them so far the best pair of boots I’ve ever had so far.

  28. Joey

    I love my American Made Thorogoods!! They were comfortable right out of the box, and I could see myself buying them again in the future. I have tried every kind of boot out there, and very seldom buy the same pair twice. These do everything I ask of them, and my feet feel good after a 10hr day of work. I work in a Refinery, so my boots get put through all different kinds of surfaces. Hopefully they hold up for more then 6 months like most of the boots I have tried.

  29. Christopher Clegg

    Great boots 20 years of thorogoods and I have never been disappointed
    10 years ago I purchased everyone on the crew a pair as a safety reward
    To this day everyone still buys this model of boot

  30. Zack

    These are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever wore for work. I work a 12 hour day factory job and am on my feet for 90% of that and these boots are great.

  31. Sam W

    Fit true to size, if not just a little snug. Break in was short. They keep getting more comfortable the more I wear them.

  32. Dennis Davis

    Bought these boots on advise from a co- worker, he was right they are great

  33. Bruno S.

    Great Boots, having feet problems especially on my right ankle. these boots have help so much that its a breeze working 12 hours in these boots. Great support , very comfortable

  34. Larry Salazar

    These are the best work boots I own . plus most comfortable ones.

  35. Gary M. Jr

    So far these boots have been great like my other pair. Only downfall of the boots is. It’s taking them a little longer to break in then my other Thorogoods. But other then that they’re quality union made boots for a union maintenance of way railroad foreman.

  36. Lake

    I’m going to be honest. They are killing my feet don’t understand why. Last pair were great

  37. Rick B.

    Best and most comfortable pair of work boots I’ve ever owned.
    American made !!
    I’m proud to keep Americans working!!!!

  38. Troy A Cunningham

    Most comfortable and light weight boot I have ever worn to work. Perfect for working the 16hr shifts on my feet in the mill. Can’t wait to see how they hold up throughout the year.

  39. Travis Mathis

    I’ve been a long time redwing user. More specifically any model they had with the supersole 2.0. I bought these hoping for similar comfort but a little less money. That’s not my experience. I have a bad ankle with hardware in it and it’s sensitive for the last 15 years. Anyway the sole is rock hard which is a plus for some but my ankle can not seem to handle it. It also makes the heels on both feet hurt while standing. I feel like there’s an imbalance in the heel height compared to forefoot. Like the heel is 1/4” short or the forefoot is to thick. I’ve tried different insoles with no success. I will say the upper is fantastic and comfortable. The sole is just to hard for my fast paced automotive job on concrete all day.

  40. TJ Key

    I work building maintenance for a fair sized Southern city. We are required to wear steel toes. I usually wear lineman’s boots, but the place I got them at stopped taking the city boot vouchers. I have worn contractor type boots before, so I went with the Thorogoods because they are American made. First off. if you do any kind of ladder or climbing work, do not get this style of boot. Get something with a steel shank, that is made for climbing. Also if you do alot of spade or shovel work, get something with a harder outsole. After a month of use, there are little nicks in the sole that I hope don’t become hunks out of the sole. In addition, this style of boot at least for me runs narrow and small. On the plus side, break-in time was nil. These things were comfortable from the showroom on. The lightweight and soft sole makes it feel like I am wearing cross trainers. The 90 degree heel makes these boots stable on all kinds of surfaces, from roofs to rocks. The price at my local boot store came in right a $200.00. That is a fair price for the quality you get. I am a boot whore, and take my footgear seriously. I would recommend these boots as long as you know their design limitations. I am thinking of buying the soft toe version of these just for kicking around the house. If I am willing to spend my own money on them, that tells you something.

  41. Ashley Mieras

    Great boot! I work on hard concrete all day, and walk an average of 8 miles, these boots keep my feet feeling great and I don’t have back issues anymore. They were a little hard to break in, but now they are perfect. I would recommend to anyone, and the fit was perfect for me. I wear a women’s 7.5 and went with a men’s 6.5.

  42. Kenny Larson

    Some of the best boots i have ever owned. Wear them 12 hours a day. Would highly recommend!

  43. Ryan

    Most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. Obviously well made and great styling too. I’ll never own a different boot.

  44. Adan Serda

    I usually go with the wedged boot in walnut, for some reason this crazy horse feels stiffer and the heel is uncomfortable. I should’ve stuck with the wedged sole.

  45. Dominic

    Had high hopes for these and love to purchase products made in the USA but these boots have been a disappointment.
    I’ve worn these for the past 6 months for landscaping 10-12 hours a day, 5 days a week and they haven’t held up well at all. Stitching in the leather started coming loose within the first month and by the second month chunks of of the soles started coming off simply from digging holes with spades and round shovels.
    They are great looking boots but I think these belong in the “lifestyle” section and not with the work boots.

    • Brad Will

      Thank you for your review. All our boots have a 1 year warranty. Please contact your dealer for information.

  46. Kyle

    It’s almost like wearing a tennis shoe. Comfortable from early in the morning to late in the day.

  47. Josh

    I have my first pair of thorogood boots after always being a fan of the other brands. It’s safe to say I’ll never buy a different brand again. After Working in these boots all day my feet aren’t tired or sore. These boots are worth every penny spent! I look forward to buying a new pair of boots!

  48. Zach

    Still new but so far seem like a great pair of boots. Sole more comfortable than any boots I’ve worn. I could do without the eyelet hooks up half the boot. Other than that no complaints so far so good. I’ll be back in a year for the real review

  49. Jacob Walls

    I absolutely love these boots it’s my second pair and I will continue to buy them throughout my career in commercial HVAC. Local 66 I’m union proud and proud to wear a Union made boot! Thank you Thorogood!

  50. Murphy

    Best boots I’ve ever owned. Been working in Oil and Gas for almost 15 years and these are more comfortable and durable than any other boot on the market. I will most definitely be a return customer from now on.

  51. Alexander Crosby

    Purchased about a month ago. They did need some break in time but are comfortable now. The toe part of the sole on one side has split in half already. Pretty disappointed in them for the money i spent on them to start splitting within a month

  52. Julio Cesar Muela

    Very nice shoes

  53. Shane C

    Hands down the only boot that I will ever purchase for work. I tell everyone I know give them a chance you won’t regret it. I also have the 8” wedge for the plants that allow those.

  54. Roshun D. Flores

    I’ve owned this style of thorogoods for over 6 years now. I’ve tried other boots, but they fall short to the comfort and durability I’ve grown accustom to. I will only buy thorogood work boots til the day I retire.

  55. Nate F.

    3 weeks of ownership thus far. and very impressed by comfort vs. my Red Wing Pecos once they started to break in.

    The first few days the fit was not great, especially at the top of my left big toe at the seam, but the right foot was good from the get go.

    I switched to a set of work boot socks and the extra padding helped take up the extra space around the arch of my foot from the medium width. I have always worn narrow width where possible.

    These are just now starting to match my foot better, but they have a long way to go to feel as nice as my 13 year old Corcoran jump boots (size 13B).

    Hopefully I can get as many years.

  56. Leonard mayo

    Very good boot I like them better than red Wing I wish that I found them a long time ago

  57. Todd

    These are well made boots and after I finally got them broke in, they have become more comfortable. I have a very narrow foot, so it’s tough to find boots that fit. These fit well, except I’ve had to add another thin insole to take up space in the boot. This has caused a small issue in the toe of the boot, not giving me quite enough room.
    I want to love these boots and maybe after a couple more weeks, I will. I wish more companies offered narrow sizes in their boot lines

  58. Jonathan Malone

    Best boots I’ve ever put on my feet.

  59. Robert K Hamilton

    I love my boots. They are durable and comfortable. The safety toe is required for my work, yet these boots are not too heavy or stiff. Wearing my second pair and always felt I’ve gotten my money’s worth!!
    Great Made in USA product

  60. Robert Mork

    Best boot bar none. As a union pipefitter I have tried them all. Zero break-in time, great support, long lasting uppers, great looking, best of all Union made! I put many miles on these boots daily i would highly recommend them.

  61. John

    Comfortable, great boot, no break in time.

  62. Jed

    This is the second pair that I have had. They are good boots, very comfortable. I will continue ordering the exact same boot until they let me down.

  63. David Hoppe Jr

    Excellent boots!
    Fit is spot on right out of the box. Zero blisters or Soreness.

  64. CA Harris


  65. Steven

    Super light weight for a steel toe work boot. The most comfortable work boot I’ve ever had. Very fast, 2 day, break in period. This will be the only lace up work boot I will purchase from here on out.

  66. Anthony Wylie

    I’ve had my pair for almost a year, they are holding up good. As a Merchant Mariner, they hold up on slick decks, Non-Skid, long hours, and lots of abuse. I will be purchasing more in the future, and I’m also a Union guy so I will support Union made products as well!!

  67. Kyle Stanley

    Best work boots I have ever owned. These are all I wear

  68. justin ledford

    Not worth the money spent. Bottom is already wearing out after just the first month. Can find many other cheaper boats with better comfort and support. Would not purchase again.

  69. Bradley Baker

    As a feild service mechanic I was forced to get lace-ups for work after years of slip-ons. After trying on multiple brands I settled on these. These are super comfortable and very flexible. The best compliment I can give is that I will be buying a pair of non-steel toe shoes to wear outside of work.

  70. Rick B

    Im from canada working in the states i needed a new pair of work boots and alot of guys at work suggested thorogoods so i bought a pair and im not dissapointed they are very comfortable and light ill for sure buy more and they are union made

  71. Paul Gabucci

    Excellent pair of boots. Comfortable and durable
    I would definitely buy another pair. Especially for the summer months

  72. Brandon

    Top notch work boots. Great support and comfy soles. Highly recommended.

  73. Jim

    I like them a lot . They were very comfortable but the sole came apart after a month of wear. I took them back and the dealer said I was allowed one pair to return. I think that if there is something wrong from the manufacturer that I shouldn’t be punished if it happened again. I’ve had this brand of boots before without any complaints and I hope this was just a fluke

  74. John

    Love my boots. They hold up very well and are comfortable. On my feet for 12 hour days, 7 days a week and my feet never hurt when I wear these.

  75. Israel T.

    Went through two other work boots till I got to these. Didn’t take long to break in, maybe about a week or so. Loved them so much I had to get me a second pair to wear outside of work!

  76. Jimmy Talbert

    I work industrial concrete as a safety supervisor and I’m on my feet a LOT. This is my 8th pair and I WILL NOT buy any other brand of boots because these are the best of them all. If you take care of them they will last forever with STYLE…

  77. Greg

    Bought these boots and they ran big. Wore them to work for 1 day and was told by 2 different employees that I could return them and I had a one-time refund for them. Went through all the work to return them and got the exact same pair back due to them not being “resalable.” Called and told my half and was told I could sale them on my own and buy a new pair from them. Boots might be amazing, which they did seem comfortable for being the wrong size, but can’t afford, literally, to take another chance.

  78. Bill D

    2 weeks into wearing the boots and no problems. These boots have helped me forget about the daily pain from a heel injury. Very comfortable and easy to walk and stand for extended periods. No fatigue in my feet at days end. Pretty remarkable as I used to look forward to getting my boots off at the end of the day but now I don’t even think about it, falling asleep with them propped up on the footstool. The safety toe feels comfortable while stooping without crowding the toes. Heels and ankle very comfortable as well. 5 Stars – spend the money – its like good tires for your truck – your feet will thank you

  79. chad

    By far the finest work boots made I have bought 6 pairs every one fit perfect and wear excellent for me and as others have stated made in the USA and union made as well keep up the good work and keep making these I will and I will keep buying them!

  80. George Gardner

    I did some research and these boots showed up as the ones to buy I’ve had them for 2.5 months and I’m picky about my boots so ive been very disappointed since they are still hurting my feet not for sure what to do with them but they look good and are made in the USA to bad i can’t wear them but i would buy another pair but will have to wait till i get some money saved up and hope they work out since I don’t need two pairs of door stops

  81. Chance T.

    Had the boots for about a month now. Still holding up very well. These are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. These boots arent waterproof, but I got into some mud at work today and no water soaked through. Definitely will buy thorogood again

  82. Samuel Gibson

    Love these boots, I work with Soda Ash and that stuff reeks havoc on anything if it sits on it long enough, and admittedly I have taken very bad care of these boots as far as upkeep, (cleaning, polishing etc..) but these boots have still held up very well, the few bad reviews on these boots must’ve gotten a defective pair, I came from buying nothing but pull on boots and have to say, for a pair of work boots, will probably never go back to pull ons.

  83. Shannon Parks

    Made in USA what more can you ask for, comfortable and just wish the style was waterproof

  84. Curt spears

    Best boot hands down

  85. Ricky R

    I have had these boots for about a month now, and I really like them. They are good for people with long narrow feet. They are very comfortable, and there was no break in time. I do wish they made them in an even more narrow width though.

  86. Eduardo Ortega

    Bought the boots 2 months ago and the boots came apart. The outsole came off.
    The boots were not put through any harsh environment.

  87. Dylan Melvin

    Absolutely love thorogoods and these particular boots. They do take a minute to break in but 100% worth it. I’ve worked on steel barges for the last 8 years and these are by far the best boots I’ve ever worn! And a huge plus for me is that they’re American made. No better craftsmen in the world 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  88. Ryan M.

    I bought these four months ago, they look good and fit amazing but besides that I am very disappointing with this pair. I work new construction plumbing and on one boot the welt is cracking in three spots and sole is peeling off on sides and front and is chunking off. Other boot is only coming unglued in the front. Ohio winters are harsh but for the money I paid for them I was hoping they would last longer. This is my second pair and my first pair I only use to ride, they are holding up but I don’t work in them. People seem to have good luck with theirs but I would not recommend Thorogoods to anyone. I’ve had Walmart boots hold up better. Leather is good, welt and sole are garbage. I have to see if there is any type of warranty, but at this point I would rather go to a local shop for resole.

    • Brad Will

      Ryan we have a one year warranty on our boots. Please contact your local dealer or our customer service team for details.

  89. Michael

    Comfort, quality and durability..Always willing to pay for American Made. Just wish ALL the parts where made here also.

  90. Carlos Converse III

    Always wore pull up boots but after buying these i don’t think i can go back. Super comfortable! Plus to other comparable brands the hooks make it super easy and much quicker to lace up!

  91. Kyle

    Very comfortable, but unfortunately they are not puncture resistant, or up to csa standards

  92. Armando

    Worth every penny. Proven heavy duty commercial work. I just recently bought another thorogood boot.
    Thank God for Thorogood

  93. Lee

    Great boots my second pair, first pair lasted almost 2.5 year this pair not so much, just as comfortable but the toe of the sole started to pull apart after the first couple of weeks of wear…. but all in all good boots

  94. Brian

    Like everyone else says, best pair of boots I’ve ever owned. Carpenter and in them 10-12 hours a day, comfortable and durable and MADE IN THE USA!

  95. Anthony Davis

    2nd pair great boots

  96. John

    Comfortable. Look good. Lightweight. Sole came unglued after 1 week. Exchanged for another pair. We will see.

  97. Tommy

    Nice to have a American made work boot at a price point a working man can afford. Just bought them today, however have been wearing Red Wings, Justin’s, Rockys, Timberland Pro and Georgia Boots in no particular order for 25 years. I can honestly say best feeling boot I’ve ever put on right out of the box. I wanted the soft toe but I can say I had the soft round toe style on my right foot and this one on my left could not even notice the feel you typically get from a steel toe. I ordered the wedge today. To have 2 quality and stylish pairs of boots made in America by Americans for less than $350.00. I will take that deal every day.

  98. Tim

    Great boots! I refuse to buy a boot unless it is made in the U.S.A. I have had Red Wings,Double H, and Chippewa boots. These blow all three out of the water. They did seem a tad snug at first but fit perfectly after about two days. I got none of the break in discomfort I assumed was normal for new boots. I will only buy Thorogood boots from now on.

  99. Andrew Perchikoff

    The greatest boots I’ve ever wrapped around my feet. I can’t say enough about them other than I’m a die hard Thorogood fan now. Will be buying a second pair to wear outside of work.

  100. Tyler Briner

    Amazing quality will purchase again.

  101. Chad

    I have owned three pairs of the exact same boot. I will never ever own a different pair/brand of work boot! I am getting ready to send an old pair back to have new soles put on them. I will write a review once I get them back.

  102. Chris

    Love the boots hard to find a good comfortable and durable boot have always wore the Red Wings boots until I was told about these one thing I wish is that they were a little more water resistant doesn’t take much rain water to start feeling wet socks I will buy another pair of them when they wore out

  103. Nick

    I’m going to give these boots a 5 star rating even though the soles wore out in about 8 months. I work for the railroad as a machine operator and the rock (ballast) the we used is so hard it destroyed the sole of these boots. That being said, it is the most comfortable boot ever and the craftsmanship ship is unbelievable. I bought a different style of thorogood boot that had a harder sole and is going on 2 years of wear!!!! I’m going to get these boots resoled and wear them around the house.

  104. Will Fifer

    Best boots I have ever had.
    USA made and proud to have them!!

  105. B Trayler

    Will never buy red wings again . These are the most comfortable pair of boots I’ve had. Wish I knew about Thorogood boots a long time ago.

  106. Jerod Correa

    Best boots period! I love how light and versatile these boots are. Great overall look and comfortable aka the “Cadillac of work boots!” Needed Especially when working on your feet. Been doing construction as a Fire Sprinkler Fitter for quite some time. The best work boots. Thorogood- you have a reliable customer for life.

  107. Kyle Snipes

    First pair of Thorogood boots and so far I love them. Break in time was minimal. Boots were comfortable right out of the box. Judging from my coworkers that own them, I should be enjoying them for years to come.

  108. William Schwarz

    Best pair of boots I ever bought. Wish I had these while playing GI JOE….

  109. Tucker Holland

    I have a pair of these and one pair with the wedge sole. Great boots. And want to buy my dad a pair but he wants them with a black outsole. Haven’t found any yet.

  110. Eli

    My first pair of Thorogood boots and hands down the most comfortable boots I own to date. Built well, and in America! Great comfort I feel like I can stand in them all day the quality is astounding. I wear them every day.

  111. Kyle Harper

    My second pair of Thorogood boots. I am very pleased with them. Great quality. Very comfortable. Thorogood is the only brand I will ever buy again.

  112. Daniel Campbell

    I have worn pull on boots for years. My back and knees were killing me. The first day I wore then it stopped hurting. I probably should have got the 2e width but are great boots anyhow. My favorite thing is that they are made here at home by Americans.

  113. Joel

    Excellent comfort, durability and a quick break in. Writing review as I am shopping for another pair!

  114. Dylan Benford

    Very comfortable boots with an easy break in period.

  115. Marco gracida

    Best work boots I’ve ever bought.

  116. Pete Woody

    I’ve had many workboots through the years. And I have to to they Thorogood is thee best hands down!! From a fellow welder I recommend these 110%!

  117. Kyle royal

    Best boots I’ve ever had feel great right out of the box

  118. Guadalupe Gonzales

    Good boots very comfy out of the box. I’m officially moving from red wings to this brand.

  119. Keith M.

    My first pair of Thorogoods and I’m super pleased. The break in process was the most comfortable I’ve experienced, and every time I put them on they form to my foot better and better. Excellent quality, will be purchasing again!

  120. Hailey Phillipw

    Bought these boots about 2 months ago, very pleased. A little stiffer break in than other Thorogoods, but much better than the multiple red wing 10877 I’ve worn. Now they’re very soft, don’t feel heavy on the foot even though they’re steel toe. Seem to run a little big, so I would consider dropping a half size, maybe even a full size down. Soles seem to be holding great considering I walk on rough concrete all day in a mechanic shop. Great boots, so far, I recommend them to anyone!

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