American Heritage – 8″ Tobacco Safety Toe – Plain Toe MAXWear Wedge™

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Strong on the outside, shock-absorbing on the inside. This Made in the USA boot is a job-fitted favorite.

  • Tobacco Oil-Tanned, full-grain leather
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed on Poron® comfort cushion insole
  • Fiberglass shank
  • MAXWear Wedge slip resistant outsole
  • Goodyear welt construction

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  • 804-4364
  • Poron™ Comfort Cushion insole
  • Work
  • Fiberglass
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • N/A
  • 4.18 lbs
  • No
  • 8"
  • Unlined
  • No
  • MAXWear Wedge™
  • Tobacco
  • Made In USA
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption™ footbed
  • Steel Safety Toe


49 reviews for American Heritage – 8″ Tobacco Safety Toe – Plain Toe MAXWear Wedge™

  1. Roger Sameshima

    These boots are almost broken in out of box! one to two days and they are just like wearing slippers!

  2. Andy

    Best boot I’ve ever worn. I’d rather wear them than tennis-shoes. Some days I put in 21,000+ steps at the mill and I’m good all day.

  3. Dan Gonzalez

    Most comfortable boots I have ever worn I hope they last !

  4. Clinton Lee

    Comfortable boots but they make my legs hurt when I walk alot in them. They also squeak when I walk and that drives me crazy.

  5. Rubes

    I wish I had listened to the reviews about the soles , the boots are extremely comfortable. They also look phenomenal. But the soles are already showing signs of wear. I have a small crack in the heel and it’s very concerning. I’m giving it 3 stars because I’m stuck in the middle. I love them but these early wear signs are a bit discouraging for a 200 dollar boot.

  6. Vic Delorso

    so far so good i have bought red wings for over 25 years and decided to change i am very happy to this point

  7. Aaron

    So far so good. I hope to find somewhere to try on before buying another pair.

  8. Jay V

    Excellent Boots good quality..Extremely Comfortable they’re very soft on the inside.

  9. Kurt

    Excellent boots. Fit comfortably, easy to wear all day.

  10. Michael Mcneil

    Great boot ! I buy them twice a year . But this pair came way too wide . Kinda bummed out but it’s not there fault. Also a little different inside. But I still would recommend

  11. wyatt

    Everything as I had hoped. Excellent boot that I have worn for years. I usually get three hard Boilermaker years out of them.

  12. Dave

    Nice quality boot, easy break-in, the dealer could have been more knowledgeable about the Thorogood line and more interested in fitting (no Brannock device in sight) but I was able to try several sizes and find the pair that provided the best fit.

  13. Walt

    Have owned these for a month. Very comfortable from first day.. I wore Red Wings for 20 years while in a steel plant. Tried this on a friends advice and don’t regret it. I do alot of walking inside a car factory now and thinking of buying another pair. Highly recommend!

  14. Rick Mcconnell

    Love mine have had them about a month just put them on and went to work never had a problem best boots I’ve had in 34 years of wearing Steel toe boots I will buy another pair.

  15. Dan T.

    Had for about a month eyelet broke completely off. Brought back to store 2 1/2 weeks ago they sent them to Thorogood.. still waiting to hear also told them to check soles they looked cracked to me . A lot of money to spend to be wearing my old shoes, wouldn’t have bought new ones if I didn’t need them. Called again today they told me to call Thorogood tomorrow. Feel as if I’m getting the run around. And yes the wedge sole seems to wear quickly.

    • Brad Will

      Sorry to hear that the dealer wasn’t able to solve the problem. You can contact our customer service team here.

  16. Mark Calevro

    Been wearing for a week hurt my feet but getting better how long does it take to break in these boots first pair that I’ve bought

  17. Justin

    Consistently a good pair of boots. This is my second pair of the plain toe wedge and continue to be impressed with the quality and comfort. Thorogood boots are hands down the best I’ve owned.

  18. Jerica

    So far these are the best boot I have ever bought and I think I’ll be buy them again in the future

  19. Brian Parker

    Outstanding craftsmanship, easy break in period. They’ve held up to snowy job sites and short hikes to get to them, I appreciate the comfort most in these boots.

  20. Joel

    So far so good. I do worry about the sole. I work concrete in the summer and snow in the winter. First pair of Throgood boots there was zero breakin period. I’ve worn Redwings for years hopefully these hold up as log as Redwings do.

  21. Joshua Hart

    First pair of thorogood boots I’ve ever bought. Been a redwings man for over 20 years.
    Out of the box, they felt amazing. No break in period needed. Just felt awesome on my feet.
    Unfortunately though, upon the second day of wearing them the sole started to separate on one (right one) of the boots. Have sent them back in, with no complications, to be reviewed and replaced.
    No complaints about the boot, overall. Just a slight manufacturing mishap….that happens. And so far their customer service has been excellent in fixing this mistake for me.

  22. Kenny Felts

    I have been wearing Thorogood boots far the last 12 years. I’m an Union Electrician and I couldn’t imagine wearing any other boot. Being Union and American made is what first made me try them. The best work boot money can buy!

  23. Jeff Bush

    Great pair of boots ,very comfortable,light weight ,and almost broke in when you put them on .

  24. Nick Mobley

    Very comfortable boot with zero break in time. I was previously wearing a pair of Wolverine Wellington style steeltoe boots but bought the Thorogood heritage 8″ for the ankle support. They are, hands down, the most comfortable pair of work boots I have ever owned (and I wore steeltoe work boots for 23 years while in the Navy)! I will most definitely be getting these refurbished when the time comes or getting another pair. Great boot with the extra added bonus of being made in the USA by American Craftsman.

  25. Joyce

    We bought a pair of these boots for our grandson who is an ironworker. The boots worked really well during the winter in order to dry them he put them on a boot warmer at night and then dried them out to wear the next day boot dryers evidently warped the toe Bending the hard surface that protects the toe down so that he cannot get them on his feet . They are literally warped. As far as the boot itself there is still plenty of where left in them as much as they cost I don’t feel they should’ve done that.

    • Brad Will

      Hello Joyce…Thank you for your review. I’ve never heard of wrapping before. Definitely something you should contact your dealer or our customer service team about, and hopefully we can see what happened, along with keeping your grandson’s feet comfortable.

  26. Larry

    Comfortable boots but disappointed in a boot that costs over $200.00…the soles are VERY poor and are worn worse than boots I’ve owned previously (Georgia Boot) for two years. Not sure I’d buy another pair if they won’t last longer than 6-8 months. Only two stars and that’s only for the comfort of the boot.

    • Brad Will

      Thank you for your review. Please contact your dealer or our customer service team to see if they are covered by our warranty. Most likely they will need to be inspected.

  27. Ben Rosenberger

    I just bought 8″ steel toed wedge soled Thorogoods. After two weeks of normal wear, the sole on one boot was detached from the toe to the middle of the boot, and the sole on the other boot was detaching from the middle out. The warranty is very unhelpful to the end user. After spending over $200, you expect the boots to last, or to be replaced.

    • Brad Will

      Sorry you had an issue with your boot. Please contact your dealer or our customer service team to see how they can help you.

  28. Matt

    Very comfortable, zero break in period, and the lightest work boot I’ve ever worn. But the white souls are the worst in a work book. They definitely dropped the ball here.

  29. J D Harrison

    Best pair of boots I’ve owned. I keep my boots through a couple of sole replacements before I buy a new pair. Had these since June of ‘13 and they are still stout. On my 3rd set of soles. Being on concrete all day, and using various chemicals to clean and resurface VCT and other flooring in the facility I work in, these boots have held up well. I recently purchased a pair of the Thoro-Flex quick release 6” inch and am very happy with them so far.

  30. Justin Taylor

    Bought a pair of these 4 years ago, and aside from the sole being worn to nothing, they’re still wearable today. However, I ordered a replacement pair, which the sole fell off the toe in less than a week. I sent those back. Now my newest pair arrived about a month ago, and one boot is significantly larger than the other, and they won’t do anything for me. It’s a shame because they’re very comfortable boots, but I feel the quality is going downhill fast. Really discouraging.

  31. Jon F iser

    Tough leather.
    Comfortable from 1st day.White wedge soul not so tough.
    These boots get abused.I’m a union heavy equipment operator working in asphalt paving now.I have to scrape off asphalt buildup on the soul and have lost several chunks of the soul.DON’T know if they will hold up the whole season

  32. Alexander

    Hands down greatest pair of footwear I’ve ever owned. I’m a structural steel welder in plants/quarrys and have completely abused these boots. I’m on my feet 10-12+ hours a day 5-7 days a week and these boots are the greatest investment I’ve made. They run large so I would order 1/2 size down.

  33. Chad Sandidge

    Very comfortable boot, not really had long enough to tell how they are going to wear. First pair thorogood I have bought,was really wanting to get a 6″ boot in this style but was told that don’t make it.would be good if did because I have wore this type of boot in 6″ redwing for years and thought I would try to compare.

  34. Trent

    Love them! I put them through the ringer cutting steel and welding 10-12 hours a day and can’t find anything to complain about. Solid boots, very comfortable, great look.

  35. Randy W Barker

    Great boot! I have worn these for years with no issues. (And they are made in the USA)

  36. Scott Bohmann

    Very comfortable work boot

  37. T.J. Lansdown

    It’s not a bad boot. I ended up returning them because the sole started to split near the toe after wearing them for 3 days. I would have exchanged them for another pair but I don’t think they will hold up in a mining/heavy fabrication environment.

  38. D.A.

    Very comfortable!!

  39. Union worker

    Very little to no break Time so comfortable that you think you’re wearing tennis shoes
    I have Never pay that much for boots before But I’m so glad I did and Also Made in America by union workers
    Makes me very proud to wear these ! Will continue to by Thorogood forever Made me a true believer because of there craftsmanship and quality

  40. anthony fargo

    In 25+ years of wearing Weinbrenner/Thorogood USA made boots of different styles I have never had any break in problems. The max wedge sole I have found to be more durable and longer lasting Vibram soles. GREAT BOOTS ,keep it up! IAM Lodge 66 brother .

  41. Cb

    After a couple of weeks. These are by far the most comfortable boots I have worn. Lot of concrete time. No problem.

  42. Johnathan

    Great boot

  43. Kevin Cox

    This is the second pair I have owned. The first pair was a gift from my son and this pair a gift from my wife. I’m having my first pair resoled for home. Great boots!

  44. Austin

    Great boot. Sole is not great. Not exactly what I expected for a 200 boot it’s been 4 weeks and I’ve conditioned and cleaned once a week. All in all its what you’d expect good leather just a bad sole. Wears out to fast for that much money

  45. DCP-5150

    I’ve been buying work boots for 22 years and these have to be the best pair I’ve ever purchased. I’m in the electrical/low voltage business and do everything from climbing ladders, walking large warehouses, dirt construction sites, you name it. These boots are cool on the foot and very good gripping soles. Thorogood will be my next purchase for work boots as well as this model.
    Union made boots in the USA!
    Fellow union brother here, Ibew 613.

  46. Daniel

    Very comfortable boot.

  47. Damian C.

    Two years in agricultural water district maintenance. These boots have been put through the ringer and they have held up better than everyone else’s boots. The sole is chewed up from slag, concrete, and lathe chips this is the only reason they are my new housework boots. Comfort and durability.

  48. Cody

    The boots are light weight and look good but they somewhat lack comfort. In the end though after long days walking on concrete I’m not sore afterwards and that was the goal when I purchased these boots.



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