American Heritage – Waterproof – 8″ Tobacco Composite Safety Toe – Plain Toe MAXWear Wedge™

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You spend  your time kneeling and squatting to get the job done. The ample room in these plain-toe composite safety toe boots means your feet can take the full weight of your body without complaint. The waterproof, breathable membrane in these Made in the USA boots keeps your feet dry and comfortable, no matter how wet the job.

  • Tobacco Oil-Tanned, full-grain leather
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed on Poron® comfort cushion insole
  • Fiberglass shank
  • MAXWear Wedge slip resistant outsole
  • Goodyear welt construction

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  • 804-4210
  • Poron™ Comfort Cushion insole
  • Work
  • Fiberglass
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • N/A
  • 4.20 lbs
  • X-Stream Waterproof™
  • 8"
  • X-Stream Waterproof™ Membrane
  • No
  • MAXWear Wedge™ Outsole
  • Tobacco
  • Made In USA
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption™ footbed
  • Composite Safety Toe


25 reviews for American Heritage – Waterproof – 8″ Tobacco Composite Safety Toe – Plain Toe MAXWear Wedge™

  1. Steven C LEWIS

    Took over 6 months to recieve my boots ridiculous. The eyelets snag on the laces prematurely fraying. In sole is a joke for how much these cost the insole should be better than a 10$ set from Walmart. The leather and sole are excellent though and no break in time for me.

  2. Ken S.

    Just purchased 8″ steel toe 804-43634, because ofnjob requirements. Previous pair were same but 6″ plain toe, also Thorogoods. I have to say, my Brand New steel toes, are just as comfortable as my 3 year old 6″ plain toe.
    I’ve worn many different brands being in the military (USMC), union ironworker (rodbuster 416 & structural 433). I have put my feet & boots thru ungodly beatings, Throughout my career in the military, as a steel worker and now as an inspector. Walking 10+ miles a day in crazy elements, a good boot could be the only comfort I experience during my long days. I have to say, these boot do not disappoint. I look forward to showing off my new boots at my next project. Thank you Thorogood. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Chris

    Hands down the best boots I’ve ever purchased. Comfortable, stylish and surprisingly warm for a non insulated boot as well. Break in was rough on the ankles but short. You’ve got a customer for life now. Best boots ever made.

  4. Chris

    Hands down the best boots I’ve ever purchased. Comfortable, stylish and surprisingly warm for a non insulated boot as well. Break in was rough on the ankles but short. You’ve got a customer for life now.

  5. George Desch II

    Are these boots electrical hazard. I see nothing any of your boot descriptions for it .

    • Brad Will

      They are EH rated. We got you covered, it should be in the SPECS

  6. Trevor Stillion

    American Made. The best boots I have found in my 30 years of buying boots

  7. Jim Z

    I’ve worked these hard for 2 years doing Sewer repair. The worst conditions you can think of for a boot. These have gotten caked in dry cement, wet cement, dust, mud, clay, sewage, sleet you name it. Wore them 2 years straight through 2 Cleveland winters. Feet never get wet and always stay warm and I only wear regular socks. The crazy part is that these still smell new inside and have never had an odor. My pair was broken in right out the box. I’m an 11 and I had to get 10 1/2 and was a perfect fit. I could get another 6 months out of the soles but I want to use get new ones before the old completely wear out so I can use them for reliable camping boots. Buying my second pair now and expecting another 2 years out of them.

  8. Saul

    Great American made work boot. Enough said.

  9. John Jenkins

    I used to buy the 804-4210, they were great boots for work, but the problem was the soles wore out way to fast, I contacted the company to have them resoled, and was told, they do not resole boots, that was a shame, the uppers were nice and broken in but the soles were worn out, last garage sale threw out 6 pair, have switched brands,

    • Brad Will

      Hello John, we do not resole at our factories, but we do have a service that is handling resoling of boots for us. You can find all the details here

  10. Scott

    bought first pair in 2016 , just bought my third pair yesterday most comfortable boots I’ve owned. short Break-in period and no sore feet! Red Wings don’t compare !!! buy these you will not be sorry

  11. Ernest Brown

    Best boots I’ve ever had alot of my union ironworker brothers wear them.

  12. Hector Heredia

    I have been an Iron Worker for almost 40 years and have always believed that you get what you pay for and since I started wearing Thorogood boots for work I knew I had purchased the right boot for not only me but for the job I do, you see it’s the most comfortable and durable work boot I have ever worn. If there’s anything I know about when I hear American made well these boots speak for themselves . And knowing that when my boots where being made pride.

  13. Patrick

    Might be the best boots I’ve ever owned! I’ve had red wings my whole life and these blow them away! Couldn’t be happier with them.

  14. Dan M

    I’ve had these for a little over a month now they were a little stiff around the ankles for the first Week but using some boot oil helped to soften up the leather and get rid of the stiffness the break in period is pretty short as they were pretty comfortable right out of the box.
    I work in custodial and spend 8 hours a day on my feet I have to say these are very comfortable compared to other boots I’ve had in the past. I love the width of the safety toe I have plenty of room for my toes to move freely and the wedge soles are great they have plenty of give and absorb the shock of walking on hard surfaces all day long although these are a little heavy they feel quite a bit lighter than most safety toe boots I’ve had the quality and craftsmanship is hard to beat this my first pair of Thorogood’s but will definitely not be my last!
    Thank You for making such a great quality product

  15. Jeff Blackwell

    The boots I replaced were 10M, I tried on a 10M Thorogood that fit. But I needed the 804-4210 for work requirements, when I ordered the 10D of the 804-4210, my foot wouldn’t even go into the boot. I then ordered a 10 EE in the 804-4210, which is great boot right out of the box. I believe the first pair was miss sized, as there should not be that much difference between a D and EE boot. Very little break in time. I work 10 hours and my feet aren’t killing me. Since this is my first pair, I am curious about durability, will let you know that on the second pair. I am done with these Chinese junk, before they cripple me. You get what you pay for.

  16. Christian

    I work in construction. These boots are sexy, comfortable (once broken in), warm, and waterproof. Experienced a ‘polar vortex’ recently where it got down to -15 with winds of 15-20 mph. Just wore normal cotton socks and feet never got cold. And it’s an 8 inch waterproof boot, so I never tippy toe around puddles. Just splash right through them.

    The 2 weeks-ish of breaking in were the most painful footwear experience of my life. God awful pain. No matter how tight or how loose or method of lacing I used, the stiff leather left me with bruises all around my ankles. Can not emphasize how painful this break-in period was. But now, the boots are very comfortable and I feel no discomfort in my feet while working.

  17. kevin teal

    Boots are very comfortable right from the start . Very little break in time. Keep your feet dry. The soles could be just a hair more aggressive because they wear fast in a concrete metal floor environment

  18. Frank K

    It is great to buy a good American made product that is worth more than what you pay for these days. So soft like putting on a pair of socks. No hot spots, no rubbing, broken in from day one. Great Job!

  19. Ralph

    Picked these boots up about a month ago, so far so good. Felt comfortable from day 1 have yet to wear them in heavy rain so unsure about that but otherwise no complaints and they seem to be much more durable than all the other brand similar style I have bought.

  20. Dannell D.

    The stitching is excellent. The leather is thick. Sizing is true to fit. The 3M lining is impressive. The image does not do justice to the quality of this footwear.

  21. Chase

    I have had mine for 6 years and There Still Awesome! Arc Gouging and Welding in the Harshest Conditions!

  22. Bruce Paugh

    Great boots. I will only wear Thorogood. Stay USA made and union made and you have a customer for life

  23. Erik

    I bought these boots about a month ago and they are hands down the best boots ive ever worn. I have gone threw dozens of other brands and none have come close to this boot. The waterproofing is unbelievable. Ive worked with them in rain and mud all day without getting wet at all. Craftsmenship and leather choice is the best ive ever seen. Also the most confortablef boot ive ever worn, and it was that way right out of the box. No break in time. My knees and back feel ten years younger now. I spend alot of time in equipment and i thought the 8” upper might hinder my pedal movements, but it hasnt at all. They have a new lifetime customer with me. Plus i love that they are built in my state!

  24. Josh

    I work in a aggregate plant where walking on stone is an everyday thing. We have 2 seasons, dust and mud. These boots have ample room and in winter time you can wear a wool sock. Love these boots!!! LONG LIVE UNION!!!

  25. Paul Fiebke

    Love them only wish came in 9 1/2 EEEE being diabetic having problems with feet the 2EE hard were somedays

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