American Heritage – 6″ Tobacco Safety Toe – Moc Toe MAXWear Wedge™

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Like the person who wears them, these best-selling boots are up to the task and built to last. They look good off the clock, too. And the stylish, tobacco oil-tanned leather allows your feet to breathe, and the MAXWear wedge™ outsole keeps you from slipping on wet or muddy surfaces. These iconic boots are Made in the USA by union workers who know a thing or two about what it’s like to be in your shoes.

  • Tobacco Oil-Tanned leather
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed on Poron® comfort cushion insole
  • Fiberglass shank
  • MAXWear Wedge slip resistant outsole
  • Goodyear storm welt construction

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  • 804-4200
  • Poron™ Comfort Cushion insole
  • Work
  • Fiberglass
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • N/A
  • 3.86 lbs
  • No
  • 6"
  • Unlined
  • No
  • MAXWear Wedge™ Outsole
  • Tobacco
  • Made In USA
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption™ footbed
  • Steel Safety Toe


93 reviews for American Heritage – 6″ Tobacco Safety Toe – Moc Toe MAXWear Wedge™

  1. Gabe

    These are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned. Virtually no break in,
    too. I’d been wearing US-made Danners, which are great. These are just fit me a bit better, & the leather seems even higher quality . The MaxWear soles are more durable, too.

    I just wish the round &. composite toes were more readily available. For the money, these are a great value. US & Union made !

  2. Alex

    Best work boots I’ve ever purchased. Made in the usa which is a big plus. Only pair of boots I’ve been able to just put on and wear. Best investment I’ve made in a long time!!!!

  3. Royce Scales II

    No break in period whatsoever. Absolutely most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned

  4. Jordan W

    I had a recent herniated disk in my back and I’m flat footed. My old double h boots used to make me feel like my legs and feet where beat with a bat at the end of the day. These boots feel extremely comfortable and very few shoes in general have ever felt this good to me. I can stand and walk all day with very little to no discomfort which it’s a 10/10 in my book. The boots also don’t cause any aggravation to my back pain they might even help it some. Will never buy another brand of boot.

  5. Dave

    I don’t and I won’t buy any other boot!

  6. Jordan B

    This was the first time I’ve ever purchased a pair of Thorogood’s, I did so because they are made in the USA. Very comfortable, will purchase again.

  7. Christian Manzanilla

    I’m a contractor and suffer from pain in my feet. I’ve gone through many boots and even tried using tennis shoes thinking I needed something lighter until I bought these boots. I don’t have anymore pain. I guess they have the support my feet need. I use them even out of work. I’m very surprised with their flexibility. Customer support was very friendly, shipping was fast and they really are true to size as they advertise. I definitely recommend this product!

  8. Richard Lockman

    5 🌟 quality. The only boots I will ever buy

  9. Larry T

    The most comfortable and toughest boots I’ve ever worn. I will never buy anything but Thorogood boots.

  10. Michael D Barley

    Very pleased with these american made boots. Take a lottle longer to break in but well worth it.

  11. Mark

    Great boot but the only thing I could ask for is that you make a better insert with a thicker pad and have a high arch insert option. Very comfortable boot out of box well made , I’m a union member of the IA motion picture grip and put lots of hours on my feet. please let me know when you have a better option on inserts union proud

  12. S Brown

    BEST BOOTS I’ve ever owned! I bought mine from Duluth Trading so I have the extra advantage of the No Bull Guarantee. I don’t think I’ll ever need it though because these boots are made well and the break-in was non-exsistant. The leather was glove soft right out of the box. I normally have to get a 13, but a 12EE fits perfectly and the thick felt liner makes the steel toe comfortable. I really like the resole program too. Hopefully, the toe leather will stand up. I put a couple of lawyers of shoe goo on to protect it.

  13. Carter Moore

    By far the most comfortable boot I’ve ever owned! Hardly any break in period! Took maybe 2 days for me to break them in. Plus being made in America by union workers is hard to beat! The quality and craftsmanship that goes in to these boots is top notch! Pretty sure I’ve found the only boots I’ll ever purchase again when these wear out. No one in the boot industry can come close to being as good as my Thorogoods!

  14. Bruce Jones

    By far the most comfortable boots I have ever bought right out of the box!

  15. Pat Mann

    Do not have one regret about buying these boots. I did not want to spend that much but they are worth it-feel great,do not pick up mud from the barn yard,they felt like old broken in boots from the start- recommend they with out hesitation.

  16. Chris Robertson

    Easily the best boot I’ve EVER owned! Little to no break in time, comfort in the toe box, sole is extremely comfortable! I work on concrete floors all day and I have zero foot fatigue. Thank you Thorogood! And made in the USA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. Tully Fowler

    Ive tried wolverines timberland pros ariat ect and these are hands down the most comfortable boot ive ever worn in my 31 years on earth. Only problem i have with my pair is that one of the moc toes stiching/arch is much wider on the right boot than the left. I purchased these at a boot barn store and they werent on sale because of the defect and were the only size eleven they had so i bought them anyway. Hope the next pair is identical or close to the same. Anyways ill never buy another boot but these. 🇺🇸!

  18. DRH

    Wasn’t used to having ankle support, so took a week to get comfortable. The insoles that are in the boots are fantastic, the boots felt like they where broken in on the first day. Cannot explain how comfortable they are. Very impressed. Love them!!!

  19. Steve S

    Best boots in the world. Just like a farmer outstanding in there field

  20. Randy

    These are the best boots I’ve worn hands down. For a steel toe they are light. Right away they were comfortable and stay comfortable after long days and they are made in the USA. I will be a life long Thorogood customer. I wish I would’ve known about these boots a long time ago.

  21. Johnny

    I bought my first pair of Thorogood boots 2 months ago Very happy with these boots very light and comfortable wish I knew about them sooner I’ve been telling all my coworkers about them.

  22. Dan

    Been wearing work boots in different styles for 30+ years, starting in construction then onto the army then more construction and warehouse work. Been wearing these steel toe Thorogoods every day for about a month and I can say without a doubt they are the best boots I’ve ever owned. For one thing they are just so well made in every aspect. For another, they come with a really great set of insoles that you have to pay extra for with other boots. I normally wear between a size 12D and 12.5D which is a real pain to find. Nobody makes a 12.5D so I either get a normal size 12D and deal with painful toes or I clomp around in a size 13D which are always way too big. These run just a shade big so they fit my foot perfectly. Every other pair of steel toe boots I’ve owned made my toes sore from them rubbing the inside edge of the toe cap. With these it’s like there is not toe cap. I never feel it, which is the way it’s supposed to be. I’m so happy to have found these but sad because the foreign made things I’ve been putting on my feet all these years were only about $40 cheaper. If I’d known Thorogood made such an awesome product I’d have definitely paid that relatively small amount extra. Can’t wait to get some non-steel-toes for casual wear. I will NEVER go back.

  23. Rudy

    Best boots on the market. I’m on my 3rd set. They take a little bit to break in but once they do you will never want to take them off. Great craftsmanship and quality. Made in the USA which is a must for me. Sizing is always consistantly spot on.

  24. Devin

    These boots were definitely an investment, but a great investment so far. Bought insoles right away with the boots just in case, so there was no break in time really. My feet took so adjustment really to get used to the boot since I was wearing heavier boots. These are the lightest steel toe I’ve worn so far in my career. Great boot, couldn’t recommend them enough.

  25. Kevin S.

    Had a week or so of break in pains, but after that I’ve been nothing but impressed. Looking forward to being a long time customer.

  26. Sam W

    Great boots. Excellent comfort and fit.

  27. Tyler Eberle

    Ever since I was 17 I’ve had a job that requires steel toe boots and year after year I always bought the big name brand boots. Justin,dr. Martin’s, CAT,Wolverine ETC. I got a new job almost 4 years ago hauling oversize loads in the natural gas industry and have a life long friend that works in our crane division and he turned me to thorogood boots. Instantly I wished I had known about thorogood boots my whole life. I am now on my 4th pair. And I wont be looking back anytime soon. I’ve never worn a more comfortable/ durable boot. I always refer new hires to buy thorogood and that they wont regret it. Best boots money can buy. Keep putting out quality products.

  28. Steve

    Picked these up as my first pair of boots (besides winter boots) ever for my new job. Trust me, I was not very excited to wear boots everyday being formally very athletic and used to wearing the lightest and comfiest running shoes. Living in WI, I have heard about Weinbrenner/Thorogood forever, so decided to give it a try. It is definitely not a bad thing to wear these boots everyday, I actually look forward to wearing them. They’re very comfortable, pretty light for being a boot, and I just love how bulky tough they feel meanwhile still being as comfortable as they are. Not sure how a boot could get any better to be honest.

  29. Jacob

    Great boots! You can tell how high the quality of the boots are as soon as you take them out of the box and feel them. Leather is strong and the sole is soft but durable. Break in period wasn’t too bad and once they’re broken in the comfort is incomparable. So glad I decided to try these and move away from my usual work boot brands.

  30. Peter Godoy


  31. Daniel De La Cruz

    My feet, are thanking me … these boots are very comfortable, I’m wearing the wide EE .. I like them so much i want to get some to wear casually ..

  32. Keith

    Fantastic boots! Very comfortable and very reasonably priced especially when the job picks up a $100 of the cost. They will truly be put to the test once I’m in the shipyard full time after training. Will submit second review in a few months

  33. Buck Brandow

    Best boots ever. A must for union members. I’m proud to wear them!

  34. Raul

    These are the most comfortable work boots ever! The first week was rough to break in the shoe, but after that these shoes are the softest work boots I have ever had. My field of work is working with hydraulic systems, and these shoes have turned out to be great. The thick heel has helped me from completely flooding the boots in areas flooded with leaking oil. The leather is thick and has prevented my feet or socks from getting wet. I have had other steel toe boots that were heavy to walk in. The 804-4200 is comfortable to walk in and I have no problems when having to walk up stairwells.

  35. Edgar Luis Roman

    I’m on my second pair because I loved the fact that after I ran my first pair to the ground they were still more comfortable than my best pair of jordans

  36. Kevin

    Why can’t I leave 100 stars. My Lord these are by far the most durable, comfortable-out-of -the-box work boots my happy hooves have ever experienced in nearly 40 years, by far! Many, many, many grateful thankyous to all of the workers, designers, etc. up there in Wisconsin putting these together!!! For the rest of my days these are my workboots!!!

  37. Jason K MacKay

    I love these boots so comfortable and well made they are my work boots but I will clean up and wear as my casual boots as well

  38. Jeff H

    My main reason for buying these is that they are Made In The USA. I’m on my feet all day and these boots are very comfortable, supportive and tough. I’ve had previous pairs and they’ve each lasted MANY years, can’t go wrong with American craftsmanship! Keep up the good work folks, you have a customer for life.

  39. Brad

    The most comfortable steel toe work boot I have ever owned. No more heel pain. They are very easy to walk steel in and have superb traction despite looking the contrary. Highly recommend them.

  40. Nathan F

    Extremely comfortable and lightweight. Definitely an upgrade from the Carolina brand boots I had been wearing

  41. Jimmy Vargas

    Great boots right out of the box, very comfortable. I would suggest these boots to anyone. I will be purchasing nothing but Thorogood boots form this point forward. Keep it up AMERICAN made!!

  42. Joel Lord

    After (too) many years of working in manufacturing and construction, I can honestly say these are by far the most comfortable work boots I have ever owned. Even better that the are made in the USA!!!

  43. Kevin Mullins

    First pair I have owned, they are certainly a high quality product and very comfortable. I have owned them about a month no issues at all they are getting broken in and I like them more daily, wished they had speed laces though.

  44. David South

    Best boot I’ve owned

  45. Gabe

    I’ve had these for about a month now and so far I love them. The only issue I’ve had was finding the right insole for them. That isn’t their fault though, I broke my foot a couple years back so I have to have the extra support on top of being a bigger guy on my feet up to 12hrs a day 6-7 days a week. These boots are sturdy, well built and comfortable pretty much right out of the box. I have gone through several brands only to be disappointed. The past 5 years I have gone through 2-4 pairs of boots a year(Top of the line boots at that) so I hope these will last a long time. I like the fact that you can send them in to be resoled, stitched or pretty much anything can be repaired.
    Needless to say, 5 star rating. I’m happy with them

  46. Tom

    The Best Boots. “Thorogood” without a doubt. Fourth pair. I wear these things constantly. If you’re on your feet much at work, better get ’em.

  47. Jason S.

    I’ve worked in the Machine Tool trade for the past 20 years. I’ve mainly wore Redwing boots but finally got tired of paying there prices so a year ago I bought these Thorogoods…..WOW……I’d been missing out on the best boot ever. Comfortable right of the box. Soft durable leather. Amazing boot. Today, 13 months later I just purchased my 2nd pair. Now these boots are still good but I work hard and treat my feet to a new pair of work boots yearly regardless if my boots are worn out or not. I will never buy any other boot for the machine shop unless Thorogood quits making these boots.. Best bang for my buck..

  48. Travis

    Bought the safety toe for work and I love them. Gonna get a regular pair for everyday wear. Most comfortable boots I’ve ever own…soft leather is easy to break in and they just get better with every step

  49. Dane Sorensen

    Alright first off, let me say I know boots. I’m in mud, sharp steel, wet and dry concrete for 8 plus then I come home jump on the welder for another couple hours. I mostly had timberland pros but also had Redwing and others. I recently bought these Thorogood American heritage, and I will never wear anything else. By far the most comfortable, and look the best. I absolutely love them. I’m getting another pair to wear out.

  50. Joe Gert

    Nice, almost the same as Red Wing , but 100 bucks less. Takes a while to break them in. I went for a walk of about 1 1/2 mi and developed two horrible blisters on my heels. Last thing the wife said before I left was “careful you don’t get blisters”. She was right as usual. I’m going to try superfeet insoles, I think the ones that came with them are too cushiony and my heel wasn’t locked in properly. Other than that, they seem very well made and are attractive as well.

  51. Sam

    Soles started coming apart from the boot after 2 weeks of medium use. Currently working with the vendor to get a refund or new pair.

  52. Dave

    I love the boots. Fit great and perfect for work

  53. Randall

    First pair and I can’t complain I’m on my feet 12 hours a day and my feet doesn’t hurt at all

  54. Juan C Robledo

    First time Thorogood boot buyer. These boots are soft and very comfortable. Initially , the boots fit a tad tight.
    Fortunately, the boots were able to be stretched by the dealer I purchased from. These are not the water repellent model but I made them into a water repellent boot. After a few months of wearing, these boots are only wearing and feeling better. Very happy with this U.S. /UNION made tool..

  55. Jake fogle

    Most comfortable boots ive ever owned. Most boots have to break in these are great out of the box

  56. Nathan

    My first pair of Thorogoods. RedWing wearer for many years. Hands down much more comfortable than the RedWings. Look really well made, but a little more time will tell. Important to me that they are made in the USA.

  57. Trevor

    Unbelievably comfortable for the job site

  58. Gary Boyd

    After having had surgery on both of my feet for plantar fasciitis, finding proper fitting and comfortable is essential. I have gone through big $$$$ learning what shoes will work and what won’t. This is especially important at my job. I essentially an equipment operator (bridge cranes, forklifts, pallet trucks, spotter trucks, etc) and am on my feet constantly. Most of my boots will wear out or break down in the sole within 6 months and become VERY painful to wear. What I can tell you after wearing the boots for almost a month is that they are, without a doubt, the most comfortable boots (or shoe of any kind for that matter) that I have experienced. Time will certainly be the ultimate judge, but thus far these boots have out-performed them all. They also accommodate my heavily arched orthotic insoles which is essential. You would be surprised how many boots will not work because of this. I have high hopes for these boots. They also look very nice and receive complements constantly. My hats off to the folks at Thorogood for building a superior boot!

  59. Jody

    It was my first time buying Thorogood and also first time with a wedge sole. I must say they are the most comfortable boots I ever owned and after long hours on my feet at work , no complaints. I find myself even wearing them as a casual boot outside of work, classic design and great craftsmanship. Keep up the good work !

  60. Raul A

    These boots are great! I almost felt bad using them as work boots, that’s how good I feel about them.

  61. JD Ellis

    Lifetime Redwings fan, but not anymore I love these boots. Never buying redwings ever again. Thorogoods for life!!!!!

  62. Andy

    Wear these boots for an average of twelve hours a day five days a week. My feet always feel great. Planning on getting the non safety model for off work.

  63. Greg Weiss

    Have worn Redwings for 30 years this is the most comfortable boot I have ever worn absolutely no break in time. Definitely recommend to anyone who works on concrete all day. Best of all made in USA and union made.

  64. Marcus

    Switched to these from another brand after I had ankle surgery. Haven’t had any discomfort like I had in previous boots I tried. Very comfortable and a worthwhile tool for the job.

  65. Joe L

    Great so far, comfortable from the start . I ve not had them long but so far so good.

  66. Forrest

    Boots are really comfortable, much more so than my last pair of Red Wings. I work in a rough environment, and the leather started to show wear and fairly quickly, not entirely unexpected but would like to have a more durable leather. Still will definitely buy again just for the comfort.

  67. Larson Singer

    Tried all other kinds of brand out there. You name it. Bought my first pair of Thorogood and I feel in love with you my first day with them at work. They are the most comfortable pair of boots that I ever bought. Comfortable all day long. Everything is well over my expectations. I can’t find anything wrong or bad to say about them. All I can say is that you need to make the switch now. You won’t be disappointed. They had me sold and well keep buying them from now on.

  68. Chris J

    This is My first pair, (the last 4pairs have been red wings) Just breaking the works boots for now. I replaced the insole with a “Spenco full length orthotic” insoles. I use these insoles in my other work boots also, recommended by my doctor. Because of an achy heel issue. It Made the boots more comfortable. Gave it a 4 stars because of the insoles.
    Boot is made very well.

  69. Cody

    Very comfortable boot took me about a week to break them in for the price u cant beat them good quality boots that are made in the USA will buy again

  70. Fermin carrillo

    Great quality boots very impressive fit and construction. Boots are extremely comfortable out of the box.

  71. Pat

    Definitely one of the most comfortable pairs of boots I’ve ever worn. I really didn’t even feel like I had to break them in. Good to go right out of the box!

  72. Phil R.

    Most comfortable pair of boots I have worn yet. I will be a Thorogood customer for here on out. I would definitely recommend this company.

  73. Brandon

    The pair I purchased
    The tungs were different on every pair in the store one was stiff and the other was really broken in making them uncomfortable to the point I regret my purchase unfortunately all sales were final because of the defect

  74. Corey W

    Most comfortable boots I’ve ever put on, my only complaint is that a month in, the toes of both boots had worn all the way down to the steel toe, leaving the metal exposed. The rest of the boot seems fine.
    I work concrete construction and I’m hoping the boots hold up for at least a year, but I have my doubts after the toe wear. I would still purchase again, they’re that comfy!

  75. Chuck Griffin

    The boots are comfortable and preform as advertised. It’s my first pair of thorogoods, but I will definitely be a repeat customer. The only thing that needs changed is the strings, they keep coming loose. Not a big deal I usually change my boot strings when I buy them anyway.

  76. Dan

    Have always wanted to buy “Made in America” boots and am glad I did. Have worn all kinds of boots and these have been the best so far. Literally can’t wait to put them on. I’m considering buying a pair just to have after work. Great job!

  77. Brian Lang

    Had a lot of different work boots by far the best all around. Thank you to all the fine men and women that make these boots so America can work in some comfort.

  78. Keith Smith

    SO far so good, comfortable right out of the box, other than that too soon to tell.

  79. Alex Turner

    Overall very comfortable. Pinky toe starts to hurt at about 9+ hours, I don’t have a wide foot, been measured several times. They seem like they will last a long time.

    Waterproof? Not so much. Very disappointed on the first shift a hose splashed across my toe, quickly, and a few seconds later I could feel my sock getting wet.

    The smell. My biggest complaint. I have been wearing work boots or various brand for decades and this is a first. They literally smell like cat pee. Other people come over and comment. Other guys at work complain in the locker room. I literally cannot wear them anymore because I can smell them whilst wearing them, even at work in a dog food plant. They stay in the garage now.

  80. Todd K.

    So this is the most expensive pair of work boots I have ever purchased . I generally wore Rocky brand tactical type boots (CS4 and 5s ) as I am a comfort and creature of habit type of shopper . I was at a Boot Barn shopping western wear when I came across these and realized I better start putting my money where my ass is instead of shipping it out to other countries ( take note every so called patriot with American flag stickers etc on your foriegn cars and trucks ) Great work boot in every way I was at first a bit concerned about the weight of them but omg after initial beak in they are just as comfortable as my sneakers and I work long hard hours on my feet up and down ladders etc etc … hey some and keep our money and labor stateside you won’t regret it I promise .

  81. Pat Ridenour

    Just purchased my second pair. First pair lasted 2 years. Never had a pair of work boots last more than 7-9 months. Boots are still in good enough shape to send in for a tune-up. Very happy with them and tell anyone and everyone looking for boots to check them out. Bought some insoles with new pair and wish I would have done that the first round.

  82. Cory V

    They are the best pair of footwear I have ever purchased. Even after a 16 hour shift, its hard to take them off. I liked them so much I almost immediately bought the soft toe pair and I am equally as happy.

  83. Dennis Stessman

    Stylish, durable, and extremely comfortable. My only problem is the bottom of the shoe. When I worked on ice I might as well have been ice skating. Traction seems to be on the soft side, but the comfortability makes up for it.

  84. Alan Ralph

    I been wearing Red Wings for 30 years and have been pleased.
    I seen the Thorogood boots at a work boot event and liked the look and knowing USA made was important to me!
    Most Redwing boots are made in Vietnam or Malaysia know.
    I have been wearing to Thorogood boots for 3 months and I must say it’s the best pair of boots I have ever worn.

  85. Jeff

    Moved to thorogood after wearing redwings for years. These boots are much more comfortable while working on concrete for long hours. My last pair of Thorogood lasted over 3 years, I only replaced them because the tread was gone. I should probably have them resoled. I’m a Thorogood lifer

  86. Adam Kies

    These are the best boots available on the market and even beats boots at a higher price point. Looks, comfort and affordability are all aspects that will encourage me to buy again. Durability is also top notch. I’ve had these boots for two years and they are still maintaining comfort. Well done thorogood. Also very important that they are USA and union made.

  87. Brycen

    Feel great, fit great, great boots

  88. MichaelG

    First time wearing Thorogood.
    Have to say I’m well pleased, great comfort and support. I’ll do a long term at six months. Then see where the stars fall.

  89. Marc Eagles

    Good solid boots. Comfortable out of the box. Very pleased with the purchase.

  90. Dick

    own a construction business with about 15 employees — buy each 2 pair of boots per year as a perk. Tried these for all recently and only comment is metal pieces are all discolored – rust after a month. Went back to store and showed a few pair to owner and said that is normal?
    Looked at a few pair in boxes and noted same crude or crust. Nice boots though.

  91. Mike gaglioti

    More comfortable then the red wings I usually wear, high quality materials, true to size and would 100% recommend

  92. R Savercool

    Super comfortable, just applied mink oil made them look great. Being retired military these really help with support with my flat feet .
    Just a little concerned with the speed laces, they look as if they could pull off. Still a excellent set of boots

  93. Chris K.

    Wore this boot for years, even going back to when they made them with the vibram sole and not the max wear. Best work boots ive ever had. Have a pair of 814-4200 now for a casual boot. I switched companies and now i need a boot with a heel so once the boots i had to buy in a pinch wear out (not thorogoods unfortunately) im going to give the 804-4375 boots a try. As long as Thorogood keeps up the high level of craftsmanship and comfort, they have a life long customer with me.

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