1957 Series – Waterproof Safety Toe – 8″ Crazyhorse Moc Toe – MAXWear90™

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Enjoy the classic, hard-working style of mid-century America in our re-issued 1957 boots. These Built in the USA boots are a smart look with your work uniform or your favorite weekend clothes. Sturdy Goodyear Storm Welt construction means worry-free wear for years and easy re-soling over the lifetime you’ll own these boots. The MaxWear90 outsole provides traction on slippery surfaces like mud and grass. A soft lining and waterproof, breathable membrane keep your feet dry, while the removable, memory foam footbed molds to your foot for maximum comfort. Classic styling for the modern man who appreciates quality workmanship.

  • Trail Crazyhorse, full-grain leather
  • X-Stream Waterproof
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption™ footbed
  • Steel Safety Toe
  • Fiberglass shank
  • MAXWear90 slip resisting outsole
  • Goodyear storm welt construction

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  • 804-3898
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption™ insole
  • Work
  • Composite
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • EH
  • N/A
  • Waterproof™
  • 8"
  • Waterproof™ Membrane
  • No
  • MAXWear 90™
  • Crazyhorse
  • Made in USA
  • Ultimate Shock Absorption™ Footbed
  • Steel Safety Toe


54 reviews for 1957 Series – Waterproof Safety Toe – 8″ Crazyhorse Moc Toe – MAXWear90™

  1. Harold C Langlois

    I’ve had these boots for a few weeks. I wear them everyday and work in construction. I am impressed so far with the quality and surprised how easily these boots were to “break-in”. My last three or four boots have been Timberland Pros. They never lasted very long and at the price, I understand. I decided to spend the money for these boots and have not been disappointed.

  2. Jimmy

    Very comfortable right out of the box. Very little break in required. I’m on my feet on concrete 10 hours a day and so far my feet feel as good at quitting time as they do when I put them on in the morning

  3. Bob

    Comfortable right outta the box as always. Good quality and made in the USA!

  4. Chuck

    My wife bought these boots because all of our stores were closed due to the pandemic. She ordered them from Midwest boots. Felt great out of the box wore them for 2 weeks. I work for a mechanical plumbing company so I’m on my feet all day in all variations of weather. So good boots are recommended. Within 2 weeks the sole in the stitching began to split, so I contacted Midwest and sent them off to be repaired. They sent them back saying nothing was wrong with them that no defect was found. $250 is way to much to pay for a boot that is supposed to have replacement soles. And Then get them sent back saying nothing is wrong with them. Sorry Thorogood, but unless this can be resolved, I won’t be buying another pair of these.

  5. Phil Stolz

    These work boots are by far the best boots I have ever had. I have worn Thorogood boots for 20 years and they discontinued my style so I tried this one.

  6. Kevin

    Overall a good boot, short break-in period. 3 stars because the front right toe has weep holes in the stitching that water gets in. After layering in mink oil and waterproofing spray they have been better, just wish they came full waterproof.

  7. Mark

    Wow is all I can say! These boots are worth every penny. Very comfortable right out of the box. I would definitely recommend these boots. Also love that they are made in the

  8. Scott Ramsey

    Really pleased with fit. Very comfortable from the first time you put them on to the end of shift. Only complaint is the tongue bunches up and is to thick when lacing up. But very happy with them so far.

  9. John

    I have had my boots for about 2 weeks and I love them I will definitely be purchasing another pair and recommending them to all my coworkers

  10. david

    poor design, liner was bunched up at tongue stitching could not tighten up without pressing into ankle. sent back for a refund

  11. Brian

    Worst boot I’ve ever bought. Not waterproof, leaked the first day I wore them. Very disappointed! Not worth the amount they cost.

  12. Scotty

    The boots were pretty comfortable out of the box, the steel toe feels like it needs to come back further because it only covers 3 of my toes and rubs on the others pretty bad, I work doing landscape construction and I’m on my feet usually 10+ hours a day and my feet kill at the end. The waterproofing also is horrible, I spent about an hour pressure washing a patio and the mist from the pressure washer was enough to drench my entire foot.

  13. Willie

    I did a lot of researching with different makes of work boots ,I’ve owned a few pair of other brands . The truth is you get what you pay for .The others we’re good for awhile but , in a harsh environment of what nature can dish out , this will separate the good ones from the not so good ones .So far this is my first time trying Thorogood boots ,and so far I’m sold . So if your looking for a good work boot ,you’ve come to the right place.

  14. Gause

    Awesome boot & comfortable & well made !

  15. David Larson

    I still don’t know If the boots I purchased are non-insulated, they have a lining in them just like the Carolina boots I purchased last fall and they seem to be quite warm on the feet. The tongues are very large and do not fold into the boot very well, bunch up and become uncomfortable. As far as comfort of the actual boot, it’s like putting on slippers, they’re very comfortable.

  16. Dave

    Best boots I’ve ever had. Been wearing them for about a month now and they keep getting better. A little stiff at first but wear wear them for a day or two, wash them and hit them with some mink oil and they are perfect. I use these things hard every day and they just keep asking for more.

  17. Josh M.

    These boots where very stiff for the first couple days and then I soaked them in mink oil, they soften up and feel great now , don’t want to take em off at end of the day

  18. Raymond Jones

    Best boots I’ve ever owned. Hands down. This is my third pair. The last pair lasted me two and half years of heavy use. I’ll never buy another brand again.

  19. Manny863

    Best shoes to walk on iron n so comfortable, n don’t hurt my feet from having them on all day love them so much 🥾

  20. Lafie

    Best work boots I’ve worn. I’m usually a Ariat man but since wearing these boots I doubt I’ll go with anything else. I work for my local utility company in the water division and these boots hold up great in the worst conditions. I’d love to have a pair of the insoles to try but as of now the original insoles are comfortable.

  21. James Tyson

    Received my new boots and wore them to work the very next day and they wore very comfortable to my surprise! Didn’t hurt my feet at all! I would highly recommend these boots!
    Thanks Torogood!

  22. Matt Hamilton

    I’ve owned other pairs of thorogood boots in the past without any complaints but these are by far the most comfortable pair. look good, broke in fast and I’m comfortable all day. It’s also a huge plus that they are Union made in America, Thanks from Teamsters local 710

  23. William Thompson

    I’ve worn Thorogood boots for many years and have always been extremely satisfied with their boots. As a welder, then welding inspector these boots always provided extreme comfort. The boot uppers often last many years and I would have additional soles put on as the original wore out. As a high school welding teacher now, I do not see them being out through the extreme wear and tear as they were in the field but I feel confident they will keep my feet comfortable and protected for many years to come.

  24. Jeremiah

    Five Stars…. I’ve never owned boots that feel so good to put on. I look forward to wearing them for hours. The boots have kept my feet dry here in Tacoma Washington. I will only buy Thorogood from now on. Thank you for making such a great boot.

  25. Randy

    These boots are outstanding I love em comfortable , probably the best boots I’ve owned and I’ve had some top of the line boots before but none like these……….

  26. Rhodric

    I’ve worn Red Wings for the last 23 years, quality started going down hill so I decided to try Thorogood. My regret is I didn’t discover these boots sooner, by far the most comfortable, best fitting boot right out of the box I have ever owned.
    Thank You Thorogood boots

  27. Scotty

    Darn good boots so far, I guess sometimes you do get what you pay for.
    Fit and support work well as I’m usually on my feet all day.
    with other boots I can’t wait to get out of them when the day is done,but I wear these all the time.
    The tounge lays a little funny under the laces but not so much to notice after the laces are tied.
    These have me eyeballing those 8″ flyways for hunting.

  28. Stephen MacLeod

    Very comfortable boot from the get go.
    Don’t want to take them off after 10+ hours.
    Keep my feet dry better than other boots in the past.

  29. Kenny

    Bought these boots not really knowing what to expect other than word of mouth . I have to say I’m very impressed with them. I’m on my third week and working in the oilfield as a mechanic is hard on boots but so far so good . They are very comfortable and walking on uneven surfaces are a breeze . The only thing I haven’t tested is how waterproof they really are.

  30. Nick

    Broke in quick. I had been having a lot of pain in my feet and left knee. That’s gone now. Favorite pair of boots so far, hands down.

    Thorogood, my feet thank you!

  31. Tom

    These are those first set of boots i bought that did not need any added insoles they are comfortable as is i wear them everywhere. Break in time was minimal-average time like most boots. I will buy these boots again and again whenever my current ones wear out which will be a very long time.

  32. Bobby H.

    Most comfortable out of the box boots I’ve ever owned….tried on over 15 different pairs of boots from other companies before I found these and they were far and away the most comfortable and best fitting boot I’ve ever had.
    My first pair of Thorogoods but definitely won’t be my last…..first work boot in over 20 years I don’t dread putting on the next day

  33. Tim

    Got these boots on 7/22/19 and wore around the house for break-in about 3 weeks on and off. I have worn to work now daily for 7 weeks being on my feet a average of 10 hours a day up to 16. These boots are by far the worst pair of Thorogood boots I have worn. My feet hurt so bad at the end of the day I dread putting them on the next day. The leather looks worse than my 1.5 year old Thorogood boots these replaced. I have recommended all the Thorogood boots I have worn however I would say don’t buy this one.

    • Brad Will

      Hello Tim, thank you for your review. The Crazyhorse leather is a little stiffer than the tobacco leather, I’m assuming you had in your previous purchases. It will also age differently. Please contact your dealer if you feel they are defective or our customer service team.

  34. sean welsh

    got these boots for a back up pair, I normally wear danner quarry boots but after putting these on and wearing em for a few days.. the Thorogood’s have became my go work boot! so comfortable and a little stiff I used so mink oil and they look even better now! ill definitely be getting more thorogoods in the future! hopefully they hold up!

  35. Peter M Eskra

    Very comfortable, true fit. Very pleased with them. Highly recommend

  36. Haigan Hancock

    I decided to buy this pair of Thorgoods after much research and debate about the best boot for me. I’m currently a college student who spends a lot of time on my feet on campus and work. When I’m not on my feet between classes I’m spending time outdoors or hunting, this boot has handled both situations and dresses up for any occasion. Since wearing these boots I have had 0 (and I really mean this) back or foot pain that I had acquired wearing previous boots/shoes. They felt snug at first but 4-5 days of wear and they were like slippers. Amazing boots and very pleased with my purchase.

  37. Joe Ramos

    The best boot I’ve ever worn and I wear work boots Thanks for a great product

  38. Derek

    Best boot I’ve ever owned. Comfortable! Little to no break-in time. Lots of support for the foot and the ankle. Find myself not wanting to take them off.

  39. Mario Garcia

    Please keep this style of boot available🙏🏼,ive worn thorogood boots for the last 3 years and have always been satisfied although ive never been fond of the vanilla colored sole in the style i wear so when i saw these i jumped on them and they are equally comfortable and well built,i waited 2 months for these boots on back order and it was worth it👍🏼,keep up the good work and again please keep this style available as i usually stick to one style if i like it .Thx UFCW 717 crew

  40. Jonathan Bennett

    My first pair and I love the way they took no time at all to break in. So comfortable right out of the box!

  41. Matt

    This is my first pair of Thorogood boots and I love them.

  42. Nolan

    Fantastic craftsmanship, but I feel they run a little small. I ordered the size that I get all my boots in and they are killing my feet. Felt great walking around on the carpet, absolutely miserable once I started working them. I feel a size larger could remedy the issue.

  43. Joseph Audi

    Best pair of work boots I’ve owned. They’re replacing my Danner quarry nmt waterproof boots that I’ve had two pair of. Break in time is minimal, tongue of the boot bothered my ankle for a week or so as do almost any boot I buy. These are so comfortable I actually look forward to putting them on and they look great for going out on the weekends.

  44. Luther

    Comfortable out of the box and very little break in time. Seem to be holding up well after a month of use. I went off the sizing guide/worksheet for Thorogood but ended up exchanging for one size down. I really like the thinner profile and lining of the boot too. This allows for a non overly sweaty pair of feet at the end of the day. They have replaced my top of the line Redwings as of now.

  45. Tim

    First pair of thorogood boots. No break in period. Fit well and Great pair of boots so far with no problems. Quality boot!

  46. Brett Clarkson

    Broke in quick, sofar no sign of the sole breaking down which happens with other brands because I do alot of ladder work. They look good scuffed up. Worth the money if they last the year.

  47. Calvin

    So far 4 weeks in these 3898’s have broke in really well. The fiberglass shank provides great support, as a lineman I’ve even climbed in them with no problem at all. Through working all night in a thunderstorm my feet stayed dry the entire time. The Thorogood brand quality is right there with this boot, I’ve been highly impressed so far.

  48. Kevin

    I have been wearing Thorogood’s for the past 10 years. This is my first pair with the 90 degree heel. And just like all the others it fit great and the comfort is great. UBC LU 255

  49. Luke

    The best boot I’ve have bought yet . I’ve bought them all . 27 year pipefitter. I’m on my feet 12 hours a day…..

  50. Michael c

    These boots look great and have a great fit. My only complaint with these boots are the insoles. I am on my feet 12 to 14 hours a day and my feet literally hurt almost everyday by the end. I will probably buy some timberland PRO insoles and see if it makes a difference. If not this may be my last pair of thorogood’s.

  51. Eric hodowanic

    These are the real deal..comfy right out of box

  52. Brandon Thompson

    Only worked in my boots for 4 days before they started to come apart

  53. Diego

    Great boot, comfortable and quality craftsmanship, best pair of thorogood’s thus far. Ibew l. U. 11

  54. Mike

    Picked these up last summer at their factory outlet store. It was my third pair of Thorogood work boots and by far my favorite. The combination of 90 degree heal, waterproof and steel toe was something I’d been waiting for Thorogood to release. So far, they are holding up strong. And like most Thorogood’s, almost no break in period. A+

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