1957 Series – Waterproof – 8″ Briar Pitstop Safety Toe – Moc Toe MAXWear Wedge™

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Enjoy the classic, hard-working style of mid-century America in our re-issued 1957 boots. Rich Briar Pitstop leather in these Built in the USA boots are a smart look with your work uniform or your favorite weekend clothes. Sturdy Goodyear Storm Welt construction means worry-free wear for years and easy re-soling over the lifetime you’ll own these boots. The MaxWear wedge outsole provides traction on slippery surfaces like mud and grass. A soft lining and waterproof, breathable membrane keep your feet dry, while the removable, memory foam footbed molds to your foot for maximum comfort. Classic styling for the modern man who appreciates quality workmanship.

  • Briar Pitstop, full-grain leather
  • X-Stream Waterproof
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption™ footbed
  • Fiberglass shank
  • MAXWear Wedge slip resistant outsole
  • Goodyear storm welt construction

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  • 804-3800
  • N/A
  • Work,Lifestyle
  • Composite
  • Goodyear Storm Welt
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Waterproof™
  • 8"
  • Waterproof Membrane
  • No
  • MAXWear Wedge™
  • Briar Pitstop
  • Made in the USA
  • Ultimate Shock Absorption™ Footbed
  • Safety Toe


71 reviews for 1957 Series – Waterproof – 8″ Briar Pitstop Safety Toe – Moc Toe MAXWear Wedge™

  1. John Catoe

    As awesome as expected. Still the best boot I ever bought.

  2. Chris Caudill

    So far, so good! A little tough to break in, but my feet feel much better after a day on concrete than with all the other boots I’ve worn.

  3. Bill L.

    Ive been wearing Thorogoods for almost ten years now and love them. For me they are a bear to break in (mainly the stiff stitching across the back of the heal) but once you get them broken in they are excellent. They hold up well in all environments and can really take a beating.

  4. Scott R

    Let me start by saying that I love both pairs of Red Wings that I have been wearing for the last 10 years. But, I am hopeful that these Thorogoods will treat me just as well.

    I have had this boots for about a month. I really like the fact that they are made in the USA. The leather use is awesome, very soft and hopefully quick to break in. I spend my days on a hard concrete floor so I was looking for a boot that would provide long lasting comfort. So far, I am extremely happy.

    I do have one question, if someone can enlighten me: why does this boot have eyelets after three speed laces? It seems like it defeats the purpose of the speed. Most often I don’t use the last eyelets and tie off after the speeds. Anyone know the benefit? It has to be something since there is so much thought in the construction.

  5. Cory Eberhard

    3.5 since that’s not an option.

    I’ve had two pair of these. In both instances the fit, trim, etc. has been great and they’re nice boots.

    First pair had an issue with one of speed lace rivets not being completely cut/spread on the inside, which when lacing the boots tight, made it pull out. This was noticed after the second or third wear, but it was a defect, so I’m sure it was there from the beginning.

    The local retailer/Thorogood made it right. Retailer was out of stock for my size, but a replacement pair was sent immediately and exchanged without issue.

    Second pair has a small pop/clicking noise in about the middle of the left boot. Sounds/feels like it’s between the sole and the footbed, but I don’t really know. Currently waiting to see if this improves/disappears with more wear. This may sound insignificant, and it is when working outdoors. But, when out and about I can hear and feel it, which is annoying and not something one should expect with a boot that costs this much.

    Again, I love the boot, the look, the wedge sole feel, etc. Are these minor quality issues just a coincidence that I’d get two in row? Based on the other reviews, it appears so, who knows. Just trying to give an honest review.

  6. Simon Antiporda

    I really wanted to like these boots. They look good, are made with clear quality in mind. Ideal pair I’ve been looking for right? Well, here comes the problem. My pair is a size 9 2E. Extra wide. The boot fits that bill… Save for the steeltoe. That steeltoe cuts into my pinky toes, and makes it hell to wear. For a while, I thought that maybe they just hadn’t broken in yet. But I’ve come to realize that’s where it hurts. Every. Single. Time. Maybe I picked the wrong size. But really, it saddens me that such a nice pair of boots are so unbearable to wear.

  7. Jon Steiner

    Has only been 3 weeks but at 50-60 hours a week these boots are amazing!

  8. John

    Having a problem with them leaking.. only a week old but other then that they are good boots

    • Brad Will

      Please contact your dealer or our customer service team, and see if we can solve the problem or get you a pair that don’t leak.

  9. Jonas

    I’m a 20+ year Danner fanboy. I’m from the NorthWest so it’s always been my thing. Decided to try something new since Danner mock toe just wasn’t doing it for me. Took off my 2 year old well broken in Rainforrest to try these on and out of the box were surprisingly more comfortable. After a month of 60hr work weeks I have no regrets! By no means will I be throwing my Danners out, they have their time and place, but find it easy to say my future purchases will be Thorogoods.

  10. Jacob Kelley

    These boots are well made, good looking, and pretty comfortable so far. I feel like the criticisms I could offer are really more concerning my own foot needs, not the boot itself. I’ve only just begun wearing my pair so maybe they will increase in comfort, however, I think these boots would benefit from an insole with or without added arch support. Very comfortable to walk in around the machine shop, but standing comfort is about the same as with my previous worn out Wolverines.

  11. Spencer

    Love the boots easy to break in I won’t be going back the redwing after these nothing better than comfortable boots when your on concrete all day

  12. Tony Gallardo

    Love my boots 🥾 easy to break in , so Comfortable very styling

  13. Rob vigil

    I’m going on my second week of wearing these and so far so good I haven’t had any issues with them they’re comfortable they broke in really well I would definitely buy them again thank you for a great quality product Local 619 Carpenter

  14. Brent

    The boots fit well and are comfortable to be in all day. They stay dry inside and require very little break in. The only issue I have with these boots are that the tongues do not want to fall into place too easily. I feel that they have too much material which causes the leather and liner to bunch up which creates a harsh pinch point right at the bend of the foot. Maybe that will sort itself out over time?

  15. Neal Vizy

    Best boots. Have been buying Thorogoods for years. Customer for life! Keep up the quality craftsmanship!

  16. Gary Lee

    Love them! This is one comfortable work boot! Industrial work isn’t a walk in the park, I put these boots through the toughest conditions every day!

  17. Bo

    Boot is rough on break in but my feet feel better every day

  18. Jed

    Leather was just right out of the box. Had to get used to the wedge sole but now they are are perfect!!!!!! Would definitely buy these again!!!

  19. H2odog

    Man, these are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had! I am on my feet all day on concrete, and since purchasing these, no knee pain whatsoever! Great purchase, glad to support American workers!

  20. Larry Collins

    Most comfortable boot i have ever owned. Boots ready to wear right out of tbe box.

  21. Jeremiah

    It didn’t take long for these boots to break it and it’s been a long time since I’ve had a pair where they actually feel good to slip my feet into. Excellent on hard surfaces .

  22. Sean R Dreibelbis

    I love these boots. Not only are they extremely comfortable for work and everyday wear but they’re also very durable. I work a pretty dirty job that has a tendency to beat up boots but these have helped up nicely. I did use Obenauf Heavy Duty LP so I’m sure that helped a lot. I also replaced the insole with Thorogood “Shock Zone” and haven’t had any comfort issues at all. I really do love these boots. Just wish they had black!

  23. Josh

    Great work boots! I work on a water department maintenance crew so I throw everything at them. Between the mud, water, asphalt and concrete these boots are handling everything great and feel great. No break in period. These are only my second pair of the Thorogood family but I’m a fan for life now! Highly recommend.

  24. John Johnson

    American made with union labor . The craftsmanship is amazing. I’ve been wearing Thorogood boot for years. I also have been convincing my coworkers to try them. Not one person has ever been disappointed!! The best boots you can buy!

  25. Bill L

    Best boots I have ever worn. And keep getting better the more I wear them

  26. Nick Ferrell

    Best boots ever purchased. Worth every penny due to quality and comfort.

  27. Ben

    Seem relatively comfortable out of the box except for the heel. There’s really not much of a heel cup at all, but maybe that will stretch and form with more wear? We’ll see..

  28. William S. McIntosh

    These are the best boots I’ve ever put on my feet. I know that my next pair will be from now on.

  29. Andrew

    Comfortable, waterproof, stylish, durable.

  30. Erik

    Comfortable right out of the box, it took about a week to get the tongue sitting correctly. Very happy with these boots!

  31. Stephen M

    I have been working in the paper making industry for a few years and had many different boots. These out perform all of I’ve ever tried. Proud to know that hard working people put these together right here in the USA. Will never wear another boot. Job well done!

  32. Kelly

    The best I’ve ever had. Excellent quality and very comfortable.

  33. Nick

    Really like the boots, they are all class and comfort. I can wear them to work and then out on the town. I’ve picked up way more babes in these boots than I ever had in my red wings. The only downfall that I can think of is my girlfriend doesn’t like them now. (Just because I pick up other women, nothing to do with the boots.) I highly recommend these boots.

  34. Building Trades Union Member

    03/31/2019 – 1957 series 8” Excellent. Wore boots 2 weeks with standard insole no complaints, just put ergo shield inIoles will update review. would like to see the 8” in black with speed lace eyelets. Or be able to custom order Thorogood.

  35. Jason Penney

    Best boot I’ve ever worn. Like walking on pillows all day. Recomend them to everyone i work with.

  36. Cory Fisk

    These are my first pair and honestly I’m upset I haven’t had them for years. By far the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had on my feet. The quality is top notch and backing a USA MADE product is a great feeling. From one union brother to another, GREAT JOB!!!!

  37. Donald Harney

    Awesome boots. Union made with union quality. I wore Red Wings or Double H boots for 25 years. Bought my first pair of Thorogoods this winter and will never look back.

  38. Jon Petersen

    Great boots. Comfortable right out of the box. These boots should be the industry standard

  39. Patrick b

    By far the best pair of boots I’ve ever owned.. I’ve tried countless brands ,and these hands down out preform all of them.. Thorogood is the only boot I’ll by from here on.. and besides can’t bet American made..

  40. Danny A.

    Thorogood makes the best boots.. hands down.. no questions asked. I wore red wings for years until I started to notice a decline in their quality. After some research I found that red wings are not all Made in USA anymore, some are 100% manufactured in China and Korea. Ordered a pair of Thorogood 804-3800’s and they out-performed any other boot I have ever owned, by a long shot. I will never buy a pair of red wings or any other boots ever again. I highly recommend these boots!

  41. Matt S

    Comfortable from day 1. Almost no break in required. Boots are comfortable and stylish. They clean up well but the light color sole will show more dirt and stain. I’ve had these boots for a couple of months now and have worn them regularly. Feet stay dry in wet weather. They are not “insulated” per se though. If you are planning to wear these in cold weather it might be good to look for an insulated boot. I wore this boot outside in single digit weather for 15-20 mins and my toes were starting to get cool (not cold).

    Great boot. I would buy again.

  42. Devin Forman

    Great boots. Much better than any of my previous red wings!

  43. Mike M.

    Really good boot! Classic look and can take a beating! Thorogood is a really good company and takes great care of their customers! Excellent customer service!

  44. Ken Quarels

    These boots are great very very comfortable. I even wear them on weekends when I’m not working The breaking times very quick, just a couple of days. I’m a fan of thorogood for life now.

  45. Chris

    The best boots ive ever worn. This is my 6th pair and I plan on buying many more. Only boots ill wear.

  46. Daniel Manick

    Most comfortable pair of Safety Toe boots I’ve ever owned. High quality craftsmanship, great waterproofing!

    IUOE Local 49

  47. Jeremy

    So far so good. I clean sewer lines and I constantly refill our vactor trucks and get my boots wet. They are staying dry so far, only had them a month. They are very comfortable even though I still put some insoles in them, I need extra arch support. They look very good.

  48. Derek Creamer

    Great pair of boots. I will definitely be buying another pair.

  49. ALEX

    Perfect boots. Handled the midwest winter and summer no problem. Highly recommend!

  50. BryantHaz

    Comfortable, quality waterproof steel toe work boots. I’m quite happy with them. This is my second pair. And my purchases help to support other American craftsmen.

  51. Miguel J Gomez

    From the purchase to the actual wearing of this product, the experience has been phenomenal and gratifying. The attention to my needs and level of the sellers willingness to get the most comfortable, competitive boot and pricing was second to none. Wearing these boots has solidified my faith in the american union made industry. Best comfortable and well made boot I’ve ever owned.

    IBEW LU 34
    Peoria, Illinois.

  52. Dom

    Boots are comfortable once broken in which took a few weeks and they are definitely waterproof. They run a little narrow for me, but all in all a great made in America, Union built boot that I’m proud to have on my feet for 12 plus hours a day. Only complaint is the eye hooks for the speed laces, can you please make them bigger so they’re easier to lace? Love the boots though, they are beautiful comfortable and seem very durable so far!

  53. Eric Henderson

    Awesome boot! Very confrontable . I just wish a compost toe was available over the steel. This is the only thing I would change, and the only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars . Great American made boot!

  54. Dennis

    Best boots I’ve ever seen on any job site. Beautifully crafted work boots. Work of art, fit true to size. Wish I had them years ago. I love these boots!

  55. Tyler Hooper

    Awesome boots I’ve worn them everyday since I received them in the mail.

  56. MJ Gosciewski

    Wear my Thorogoods with pride. All about quality and American pride.
    Amazing comfort, look cool, and are tough. I have converted several buddies from Chinese boots by Red Wing.

  57. Chris Margolis

    Amazing boots… waterproof in 4.5″ of standing water, super comfortable right out of the box, I walk about 12-15 miles a day and I choose these over my tennis shoes most of the time. And overall great looking boots. I have recommended and will continue recommending to anyone looking for new boots.

  58. Ashton Boes

    Most comfortable pair of boots out of the box! Like you don’t even have to break them in! Quality craftsmanship also!

  59. Christopher DeMartino

    I’ve only been wearing these for a few weeks, but so far I very pleased with the comfort and overall appearance. Hoping they last a while I’ll definitely look at buying again when these wear out.

  60. John Delgado

    Very waterproof. Fit slightly different than my moc toes.

  61. Sean

    So far this is a excellent boot as far as comfort. Still a bit skeptical about the waterproof of the boot but not going to give up all hopes yet ….

  62. Will Klein

    Excellent boot the workmanship really shows!! Union pride!!!

  63. mike

    Have worn Red Wing Irish setters for the last 25 years. These boots are more comfortable never thought that could happen. Great Boots

  64. Ken Larsen

    Great feel right out of the box. Very comfortable and very durable.

  65. Gene Diaz

    These boots are definitely the most comfortable boot I’ve owned and I love the fact that they are basically broke in straight out of the box. The only reason i didn’t give them a 5 star is because the sole of the boot is way too soft and chip to easily. Great boot over all!

  66. Keith Harkleroad

    A buddy recommended these boots to me. Great quality that feels good all day. Sometimes I wear these instead of my asics if they are closer. They’re that comfortable plus waterproof. Highly recommend

  67. Nate

    Nice color good fit don’t hurt my feet easy to slip on waterproof just a good boot all around

  68. Jason

    Comfortable out of the box. Great boot! First pair of Thorogood…..but not the last.

  69. Chris P

    Awesome boots! Super comfortable and very durable. Highly recommend them

  70. El Guapo Frank

    Real Quality Surveying Boots!
    I’m a Surveyor and put my boots thru hell, Especially Surveying in south Texas. Perfect fit, extremely waterproof, tough as nails leather (can withstand Cactus). Horns, Thorns, and Fangs is everyday day life for Texas Surveyor. These are my second pair!

  71. Chase

    These Boots are amazing ! I love the way they feel and they look awesome too.
    If there was a downside I’d say they are hot in the Summertime but come Winter it will be a different story.

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