War Fighter 8″ Coyote Safety Toe – Military Footwear

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When the only possible outcome is Mission Accomplished, rely on these 8″ War Fighter Made in the USA Military Boots to carry you through. Rugged triple-stitched upper in Coyote leather and 1000 denier Cordura® leads to a Vibram® V4 fast-roping compound for superior abrasion resistance and fast-roping. Stay comfortable in any weather with Temper-Dri® lining impregnated with Silpure antimicrobial for fast drying and protection. Venting helps drain water and circulate air, and the removable, Comfort 125 polyurethane insole features a contour heel cup and arch support to protect and cradle your foot. Feel the quality of support from back home in these Berry Compliant and union made boots.

DA PAM-670-1 compliant

Berry Compliant

Tested and certified to meet the rigid standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), all of our safety footwear meets or exceeds the highest ASTM F2413-11 or ASTM F2892-11 ratings (where applicable). Please refer to our product catalog or speak to a customer service representative for details.

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  • 803-8800
  • N/A
  • Military
  • Fiberglass
  • Cement with sidewall stitch
  • DWR/PTFE-coated for flame- and water-resistance
  • N/A
  • Water resistant
  • 8"
  • Temper-Dri® lining impregnated with Silpure antimicrobial for fast drying
  • -
  • Vibram® cup outsole with TC4 rubber
  • Coyote
  • Made In USA - Berry Complient
  • Removable Comfort 125 polyurethane foot
  • Steel Safety Toe


4 reviews for War Fighter 8″ Coyote Safety Toe – Military Footwear

  1. Justin

    So freaking comfortable but a little warm. I had to use a zipper lace pattern to make them fit better. I am really Impressed with these over my lace up leather moc toes boots.

  2. K

    This is a very good boot, and very well made. The outsole is very grippy and after 9 months is showing minimal wear. The insole is “thicc” very comfortable, and will make you wish it was in all your work boots. These boots are “water resistant” as marketed. I had to work outside in the pouring rain for 6hrs one magical night on the flightline. My feet stayed dry for about 2.5-3hrs of that 6. After that the boots were soaked all the way through. It took about 72hrs for these boots to fully dry… so not really “fast drying” per say. On 1 boot the leather has separated from the steel toe in several spots. On both boots there are few minor blowouts. But only 2 go all the way through the triple stitching. The leather on the boots seem are kinda thin, which seems to be a blessing and a curse. Enough pressure did end up on my left foot at work and the steel toe did cut through this thin leather in 2 small spots. If I were to improve on these boots i would only add a few things. First would be a leather protective toe cap to help support that thin leather especially on the front of the steel toe. Second get rid of that protective liner for fast roping that’s on the inner portion of the boot. It is not breathable at all, and your foot will be significantly hotter on that portion which is extremely uncomfortable, especially in a humid environment like SC. I would A make it a full on hot weather boot or B make it actually waterproof. Overall on a scale of 1-10 I’d give them 6.5.

  3. Martinez

    I worked with these in the desert for 7 months, they were tough and comfortable the entire trip, though the mud and sun the still came home in good shape keep up the quality and I will continue buying.

  4. J

    The insole is very comfortable. But the seams on the inside of the boot are very uncomfortable and dig into the tops of my feet. I’ve been wearing these for a month and they still hurt.

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