The fundamental differentiator of the Infinity FD is the combination of Flex-drive construction, the anti-fatigue, high-rebound midsole, and the multi-traction rubber outsole. The patent pending Flex-Drive utilizes a 51% welt at the rear of the boot creating a stable platform in the heel, and flexibility in the forefoot allowing for better flexibility and comfort while maintaining superior durability. The proprietary Infinity FD compound delivers excellent shock absorption and fatigue-fighting energy return. The combination of seemingly endless flexibility and the energy-returning outsole create an effect of driving you forward while retaining energy and momentum. This allows for extended hours of comfort in the boot without sacrificing performance or durability. 

  • High rebound Infinity FD technology adds flexibility
    and energy return to propel you forward
  • Patent pending Flex-drive construction provides
    stability, durability, and flexibility
  • Anti-friction insole dramatically reduces
    friction, which means fewer hot spots
    and blisters
  • Waterproof, moisture-wicking
    membrane for added comfort
    and durability
  • Zero break-in period
  • Styles available in
    non-insulated and insulated
    with 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation



The Infinity FD rubber boot is a flawless fusion of simplicity and complexity. Inside of this classic rubber boot silhouette is cutting edge technology that will bolster performance and enhance comfort in the most challenging conditions. The Infinity FD Flex-drive anti-fatigue, energy return system absorbs shock while propelling you forward. A NASA-inspired SOLARCORE aerogel lining added to the toe cap and bottom of the boot has been tested to retain 50% more heat to provide cold-crushing insulation and minimal bulk. The body of the Infinity FD rubber boot is constructed from a scent-free rubber, perfect for the pursuit. With zero break-in, the Infinity FD rubber boot gives you infinite mobility and protection from the elements for limitless pursuits.