The vast majority of the footwear sold in this country is not made in this country. Meaning most consumers are not buying or demanding Made in USA.

Thorogood® must compete against to maintain market position as one of the leading producers of quality occupational safety footwear. We must use globally sourced materials to produce select styles of footwear; about 1/3 of our inventory.

Proudly, 65% of Thorogood® Footwear is made at one of our two Union factories located in Wisconsin; our home since 1892. Our Made in USA footwear accounts for 72% of our sales.

Our Employee owners at Thorogood® are committed to maintaining Made in USA production, It is what we work towards every day.

Thorogood’s product development team developed an outsole better than the competition. After a material study and jobsite testing our bootmakers created a sole material that could give a longer life without giving up the comfort and safety features desired by our customers. Using man made materials they were able to replicate the characteristics of natural blown rubber.

Thorogood’s® MAXWear Wedge™ and MAXWear90™ Outsoles are the best options for comfort and durability. MAXWear™ provides an estimated 20-30% longer life compared to the competition and they’re Made in USA.

Our factories currently process tens of thousands of square feet of leather per week. To meet this demand, we purchase leather from several different tanneries that can meet our needs and specifications.

Variations within the same pair can be difficult to match up due to the slight variations in color, markings and wrinkles of each hide. No two hides are the same. Natural color variegations, markings, wrinkles due to animal’s growth pattern, and oil migration within each hide may be visible. Each boot takes on the natural personality of its hide. Every hide absorbs the color, oils and tumbling effects of the tanning process differently.

No two hides are exactly alike.

Nobody has a boot that looks exactly like yours.

Thorogood® is proud to add our “Built in USA” line of footwear. “Built in USA” footwear uses globally sourced uppers that are bottomed and packed at our two union factories located in Central Wisconsin. New technologies investments to our factories allow us to build boots in the United States that we previously needed to completely manufacture outside the USA. “Built in USA” continues Thorogood’s® commitment to American manufacturing.

Thorogood® is always searching for the highest quality boot components and materials. Whether it’s Italian eyelets or outsoles from Spain, occasionally, Thorogood® must purchase globally sourced materials to meet the quality and quantity demands of our customers. Every effort is made to purchase domestic materials for our “Made in USA” footwear. Thorogood’s® “Made in USA” footwear exceeds “Made in USA” federal standards and can proudly be labeled “Made in USA.”