Composite toe vs. Steel Toe Boots

What is composite toe boots made from? Usually made of kevlar, carbon fiber, plastic, or fiberglass.

What is steel made from? Well… steel.

Your reasons to choose one over the other is often related to occupation, and what your safety director has specified for your job.

Examples of occupations that wear composite toe boots: electricians, welders, project mangers, warehouse workers…

Examples of occupations that wears steel toe boots: Ironworkers, mechanics, builders…

Benefits of Composite Toe Boots:

  • Poor conductors of electricity
  • Poor conductors of heat – less likely to get hot feet or frozen toes
  • Will pass through metal detectors on work sites or airports

Benefits of Steel Toe Boots:

  • Offer stronger protection – if something falls or run over your foot
  • Are often cheaper than some composite toe boots
  • Will not crack like composite can

All Thorogood safety toe boots, either steel or composite, are ASTM and OSHA approved.

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