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Building America isn’t a job for the faint of heart and Thorogood’s® Job-fitted footwear is a trusted tool you can count on to get it done. Lace up and go to work with confidence. Quality, crafted footwear for people who still work for a living.

Albert in front of the origanal store in Milwaukee that would later create Thorogood.

Our Story

Simply put, we make boots. As an employee-owned company from Wisconsin, Thorogood® takes pride in creating high-quality crafted products designed for hard-working people around the world. For over 125 years, Thorogood® has been dedicated to delivering safety and comfort to our customers.

We’ve created a legacy of industry-leading footwear. Our boots are tough and can support you throughout the day to help you get the job done – from firefighters to carpenters, or anyone else that works for a living, our boots will get you through the day. We source the finest materials to create a comfortable, tough, and supportive boot you can trust.

our customers

“These are the boots of one of the hardest working Ironworker daddy’s around! Today, on Father’s Day, Lee finally decided it was time for a new pair of Thorogood Shoes. I think the new ones look great and they are much needed, but there are so many memories with the old ones that I won’t let him throw them out! more”

-Ashleigh M.

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